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Outcast – A New Beginning Game Guides 2024

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Herding on the Prairie!

Ozak’s Bon-Bars are Garondar snacks, if Cutter doesn’t help the poor Bon-Bar-Boy get his herd back into their pen. There must be a way to keep the Garondars from eating them.

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Lampé for Everyone!

Lampé is the most relaxing drink on Adelpha, and Bidaa is the main supplier, thanks to the unmatched expertise of Marzo, the local brewer.

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Say Goodbye to Garondaphobia!

Mirko told Cutter how he could rid Bidaa’s region of Garondars and use these underground creatures as allies against the WFA forces.

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Toxic Humanity

The former chief complains about the toxic fumes emanating from a WFA junkyard. They make the Nom-Noms sick and an even easier target for the WFA to shoot at.

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The Quest symbol for the Cutter Wants Home Emea Village Quest | camzillasmomcom

Cutter Wants Home

Open a Path to Kizaar by reactivating the Daoka Gate in the Village Quest.

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X Marks the Spot!

Cutter must help Dhaak recover an Ancient Artifact supposed to help the Talans in the fight against the invaders. His father told him so.

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No Omelet, Please

Dhaak is excited by the idea of a baby Galenta cracking that ancient Egg open, but to incubate it right, Cutter must follow Kureg’s Instructions.

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Looking for a Galentasitter

The Galenta is still young, and Dhaak is only starting to learn the ropes of parenthood. His daughter needs protection and daycare from an experienced father, Guess who is qualified for the job?

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Bon Appetit, Baby!

Cutter must find a way to grow the Galenta’s favorite plants in the treetops of Emea.

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Research that Sting!

Rhifar has asked Cutter to help him complete his research on domesticated Asciors.

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Keep Scrolling

Kureg is determined to return every borrowed scroll to the Dano Library in Prokriana, but he’s too old to do it himself.

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Something Fishy!

There’s something fishy about Barram’s current technique for feeding the village. Currter realized that he could use his Jetpack in a much more efficient way.

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A Ventilope for Everything

Ventilopes are the most useful animals in Adelpha as long as they are taught what to do. However, there is only one Ventilope tamer around, and he won’t work for free.

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Explosive Idea

Barram believes that with the Ventilope Club on board and everyone working in the same direction, the Ventilope riders could easily bomb the enemy from the sky.

Release: March 15th, 2024
Developer: Appeal Studios
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Official Website: