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Toxic Humanity – Desan Quest – Outcast: A New Beginning

In the Quest “Toxic Humanity” in Desan Village to the northwest of the map, you have to clean up a junkyard and heal the floating creatures called “Nom-Nom”s. Here’s how to complete the quest.

Desan is high up on a pillar in this desert area of Outcast: A New Beginning. The best way to reach it when coming here for the first time is with the Galenta from the Emea Village Quest Line. Make sure to find Desan’s Daoka Core and repair the Daoka fast-travel gate before you start any quests. Traveling will be so much easier. As with any village, you can select the center quest in the village quest menu to guide you to the outpost that has the Daoka Core.

Make sure to free the prisoner while you’re at the Daoka Core outpost. To free the prisoner, interact with three terminals and then with the prison cells. You can scan for the terminals to find them better.

1 – Find and Talk to Desan’s Chief

There are two chiefs in Desan. Brom, the Rebel Leader, and the former Village Chief, Naduul. Brom doesn’t trust you when you get to Desan. Talk to Naduul about everything he offers (Nom-Nom, Desan, Invaders, Recycle). Naduul is also one of the villagers who have a scroll for the “Keep Scrolling” – Prokriana Village Quest.

When you talk to Naduul about “Recycle” he will also give you a secret phrase so the villagers will trust you.

An in game screenshot showing Brom the Rebel Leader in the lower levels of Desan Village | camzillasmomcom
Brom in Desan Village
A screenshot showing Naduul the former Desan Village Chief | camzillasmomcom
Naduul in Desan Village

2 – Clean the Junkyard

Open the Desan Quest selection menu and choose the quest that has the sub-quest: Polluted Environment – Clean the Junkyard. You will now get a marker on the minimap, that leads you way down below the village. Once you’ve reached the inside of the blue circle on ground level, scan for the Krakit Burrows/Nests and Toxic Barrels. The barrels are highlighted yellow and the Krakit Burrows are red in scanner view. You have to destroy 8 of each to complete this subquest. You can shoot the Toxic Barrels to destroy them, but the Krakit Burrows have to be melee attacked twice to destroy them.

The best strategy for the Krakit Burrows is to kill all the Krakit around it first, then rush in to hit the Krakit Burrow twice to destroy it, and then kill the rest of the Krakit around it.

A in game screenshot of the junkyard Two burrows are highlighted in red two barrels are highlighted in yellow | camzillasmomcom
Burrows: red, Barrels: yellow in scan view.

3 – Destroy Spy Drones/Free Desan’s Shamatz

Select the Nom-Nom sub-quest in the Desan Village Quest selection. It is in the same quest as the previous Junkyard sub-quest. If you’ve walked around in the village and destroyed the roaming drones there already, you can probably skip the “Destroy Spy Drones” part. If not, you can select it and you will get a minimap marker of where to find the drones to destroy.

After that, select the “Free Desan’s Shamatz” quest. He is being held at the outpost in the northeast of Desan. I chose to fly there with the Galenta and worked my way down from the top. As always in outposts: Scan for the terminals, then go there to deactivate them.

A in game screenshot that shows the scanning view of the outpost where the Shamaz is being held The terminals and terminal connections are highlighted | camzillasmomcom
The terminals and their connections are highlighted in the scanner view.

The Shamaz prison cell is in the main building. Deactivate three terminals to open the prison cell, and four terminals to open the Officers’ Quarters to get a weapon upgrade.

An in game screenshot of the Desan Shamaz Prison Cell | camzillasmomcom
Prison Cell. Needs 3 terminals to open.

4 – Talk to Makan about the Nom-Nom Races

This step is not part of the “Toxic Humanity” Village quest. You can find it in the “3… 2… 1… Go!” Village quest, which is in the bottom left corner of the village quest selection menu. Makan is the Nom-Nom Race Organizer in the village. You can find him when you scan the area. He will tell you that races are not taking place because the Nom-Noms are ill. With the Shamaz now back in Desan, we can now look for a cure.

A screenshot of Makan the Race Organizer in Desan Village | camzillasmomcom
Makan the Race Organizer

5 – Talk to Zannat about a Nom-Nom Cure

Zannat is the Shamaz we’ve just freed. You can find him at the lowest point of the village, in the hospital below Naduul, the former village chief. He’ll tell you that he can’t heal animals, but Zaleb in Sappa Village probably can.

A screenshot of Zannat Desan Village | camzillasmomcom's Shamaz
Zannat the Shamaz

6 – Talk to Zaleb about a Nom-Nom Cure

Zaleb can be found in the village of Sappa, in his hut. If you have done the “A Ventilope for Everything!” Quest Line in Sappa, you should know him already. Talk to him about the Nom-Nom.

The location of Zaleb who lives in one of the huts in Sappa Village | camzillasmomcom
Zaleb the Shamaz

7 – Gather Black Algae

Zaleb told you that the only ingredient for a cure Desan won’t have is Black Algae. You can find it underwater, northeast of Sappa Village. You have to dive for them, avoiding the aggressive fish. You need three, but the stockpile can hold ten. While you’re here, may as well collect the maximum.

A screenshot of Black Algae underwater and how to collect them | camzillasmomcom
Black Algae underwater

Once you’re done, return to Desan and deposit the Black Algae in the Black Algae stockpile inside Droad’s house. He’s the village’s Alchemist and Philosopher, living at the very top of the village. The stockpile is highlighted in yellow when you scan for it.

8 – Talk to Zannat about Black Algae

Return to Zannat at the hospital in Desan Village and talk to him about Black Algae. He will send you to Draod, the Alchemist.

A screenshot of Zannat Desan Village | camzillasmomcom's Shamaz
Zannat the Shamaz

9 – Talk to Draod about Black Algae

Return to Zannat at the hospital in Desan Village and talk to him about Black Algae. He will send you to Draod, the Alchemist.

A screenshot of Zannat Desan Village | camzillasmomcom's Shamaz
Zannat the Shamaz

9 – Talk to Draod about Black Algae

Droad is still at his house at the top of the village. Talk to him about Black Algae and he will start to brew the Nom-Nom Cure. There is a rack inside his house, close to the Black Algae stockpile, where you can pick up the cure.

A screenshot showing Draod in Desan Village | camzillasmomcom
Draod in Dusan Village

10 – Heal Nom-Noms

Here comes the tricky part. The ill Nom-Noms are the animals that float around Desan village. To cure them, you have to land on the back of a red Nom-Nom and interact with it to administer the cure.

Once again, I found it easier to fly close to a Nom-Nom with the Galenta from the Emea Village questline. A great ability to help you land on the Nom-Nom is the Gravity Helper from the Jetpack. It helps you slowly put yourself into the right position. You have to heal 5 Nom-Noms to complete the quest. The Nom-Noms are now ready to race!

A screenshot of Cutter landing on top of a floating Nom Nom to heal it | camzillasmomcom
Just landed on the Nom-Nom

Release: March 15th, 2024
Developer: Appeal Studios
Publisher: THQ Nordic
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