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Cutter Wants Home – Emea Quest – Outcast – A New Beginning

1 – Reach Emea

Reaching Emea is pretty easy. Just follow the blue arrow marker on the minimap to get there.

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2 – Talk to Nemet

In the village, you have to find and talk to Nemet. The villagers don’t speak your language. You can scan with the “down” button but you can also spot Nemet pretty easily. He’s the villager with the red hood.

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3 – Retrieve the Daoka Core from the Outpost near Emea

The Doaka Core is at an enemy outpost near Emea. Follow the quest marker to get there. Defeat all enemies, enter the building, and use the terminal with the red light to open the chest with the Daoka Core.

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4 – Reactivate the Daoka

Follow the blue minimap marker back to the inactive Daoka gate to activate it. In my case, with the triangle on the PlayStation controller.

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5 – Step into the Daoka to travel to Kizaar

This step explains itself. The Daoka is a fast-travel gate. You now have successfully finished your first Village Quest for Emea Village.

Release: March 15th, 2024
Developer: Appeal Studios
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Official Website: