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Research that Sting! – Prokriana – Outcast: A New Beginning 2024

In Outcast: A New Beginning’s “Research that Sting!” you have to collect Larvae, catch Ascior Queens, and develop an Ascior Beacon in the Village of Prokriana. Talk to the University Dean, Rhifar, to get this quest started. And here’s how to do it.

A screenshot of the hole quest process flow as shown in the ingame quest menu for Prokriana Village | camzillasmomcom
Research that Sting – Quest Overview

1 – Harvest Larvae

To harvest Ascior Larvae, you first have to go to one of the tree Ascior hives that are placed around the village of Prokriana. Follow the blue mission marker to one of them. This is how it works: There are pinkish-purple bushes scattered all over the area. If you go inside a bush, you will be painted in bright colors. Those will protect you from the Ascior bugs. Since it is raining, you have to do that a lot when climbing around the hive. Fortunately, there are plenty around.

So, after you have a bush bath, jump up to one of the hive platforms and start collecting larvae. They look quite cute and are sitting inside small nests, as shown in the screenshot below. You need at least 5. Collect as many as possible, since you have to go back later to reach the maximum of 10.

A screenshot of a larva in the Ascior Hive The larva is a quest item and is highlighted | camzillasmomcom
One of the larvae to collect.

Back at the university, you have to add the larvae to the stockpile of 10 larvae. Look for a big round nest-like area at the back.

| camzillasmomcom
One of the larvae to collect.

2 – Ascior Queens

You can do the quest for the Ascior Queen together with the larvae. While the larvae can be found around the hive, the queen sits on top of the hive.

To lure the queen back to Rhifar at the university, you have to first reach the top of the hive and interact with the “Ascior Jelly” that you can find inside the Ascior Queen’s nest.

As soon as you pick up the Ascior Jelly, a timer of 02:30 starts. That’s the time you have to reach the university with the Ascior Queen. If you glide too long, jump, or fall too wide, you will lose the queen, and you have to restart. On the way back to the university, look for the pinkish-purple bushes. Make sure you’re always coated in color to avoid the Asciors’ stings.

A screenshot of the Ascior Queen | camzillasmomcom's nest with the Ascior Jelly inside.
The Ascior Jelly inside the Ascior Queen’s nest.

As soon as you reach the university, you will be rewarded with a cutscene and the queen is automatically added to a hive inside the university. There is no need to deliver the queen.

3 – Talk to Nhurkan about the Ascior Beacon plan

Nhurkan has his shop inside a building that is just next to the Daoka Fast-Travel gate. Talk to him until you get the option to “Open the shop”. Amongst other potions, you now have now gained the possibility to craft an “Ascior Beacon”. You will need 1 Zeedog Sap from the Zeedogs at Emea Swamp, 25 Red helidium that you can find everywhere in the world, and 1 Ascior Queen Pheromone. The pheromone is produced by the queens in the university. The more the better. So make sure you catch all 3 queens for the university for faster pheromone production. You can collect the pheromone at the university, from the shelf that is close to the queen’s nest.

A screenshot showing the recipe of the Ascior Beacon that can be crafted with the Ascior Queen | camzillasmomcom's pheromone.
The Ascior Beacon Recipe.

4 – Search for a Beacon Launcher in the Museum

Not part of the “Research that Sting” Prokriana Quest, but it is essential to be able to use a crafted Ascior Beacon. Rhifar will tell you that there is a Beacon Launcher in a museum. You can select this quest at the Prokriana Village Quest Menu, in the center of all quests.

The museum is above the university, where you dropped off the queens and the larvae in Rhifar’s room. When standing in front of the university staircase, you have to go towards the right side of the university. Look up. There is a stone bridge. This stone bridge leads to the museum entrance above Rhifar’s room.

The Beacon Launcher is on display. Just pick it up and the quest is completed.

A screenshot of the museum with the beacon launcher highlighted on display | camzillasmomcom
The Beacon Launcher on display in the museum

Release: March 15th, 2024
Developer: Appeal Studios
Publisher: THQ Nordic
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