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Explosive Idea – Sappa Quest – Outcast: A New Beginning

After having organized Ventilopes for the village in the “A Ventilope for Everything” Sappa Village Quest, it could be a good idea to procure bombs to throw them down on the invaders while flying a ventilope. Here’s how to complete the quest “Explosive Idea.”

1 – Talk to Barram about Bombs

After you’ve delivered the Ventilopes in the “A Ventilope for Everything” Sappa Village Quest, Barram will have the idea to develop bombs. This will unlock the quest in the Village Quest Menu.

A screenshot showing the location of Barram the fisherman in Sappa | camzillasmomcom
The location of Barram in Sappa

2 – Learn how to gain Desan’s Trust

Desan is the village in the northeastern part of the map, high on top of one of the rock pillars. The best way to get there is by riding the Galenta from the Emea Village Quest.

While you’re there I would advise you to do the “Activate Desan’s Daoka” Quest in the center of the Dekan Village Quest Menu to make fast travel possible.

Talk to all Desan villagers with a speaking bubble on the minimap. Those are Brom, Makan, Naduul and Draod. You can scan for them for easier detection. Then do one of the quests for them. Naduul will teach you a secret phrase to gain the villager’s trust if you ask him about “Recycle”. I decided to clean up the junkyard for Naduul. You not only gain the villagers’ trust like that but Naduul will also give you one of the missing scrolls for the “Keep Scrolling” Prokriana Village Quest.

A screenshot showing Naddul in the village of Desan | camzillasmomcom
Naduul in Desan.

3 – Talk to Brom about Bombs

Brom is the Rebel Leader in Desan and can be found on the lowest level of the village. He will send you to Draod with a secret treating phrase to learn more about Explosive Powder.

A screenshot of Desan village highlighting the location of the villager called Brom | camzillasmomcom
Brom in Desan Village.

4 – Talk to Draod about Explosive Powder

Draod, the Alchemist and Philosopher lives at the top of the village. You can use the elevator, the staircases, or the bouncy plants to get there. He will tell you about the Boogot Plants and the Dark Helidium. Ask him specifically about those two items and you will get two more sub-quests in the “Explosive Idea” – Sappa Village Quest.

A screenshot showing Draod in Desan Village | camzillasmomcom
Draod in Desan Village

5 – Gather Boogots

Boogots can be found south of Emea Village. You probably have already stumbled over the plants that explode when you’re trying to pick them up. Yes, those.

Follow the marker on the minimap, where you can find a lot of Boogots. The trick is to crouch slowly toward a Boogot plant until you get the indicator to pick it up. You only need 5 but while you’re there with so many of them, I would pick the maximum of 10.

A screenshot showing how to pick up an explosive Boogot Plant | camzillasmomcom
Picking up a Boogot while crouching.

Return to Dusan to deliver the Boogots to the stockpile. It is near Draod’s house at the top of the village. Scan the area for the yellow highlighted stockpile.

6 – Gather Dark Helidium

For the Dark Helidium, make sure that you have the sub-quest “Dark Helidium in Desan” active. This will highlight an area on the minimap, northwest of Desan Village.

The region is teeming with nasty creatures, and the Dark Helidium clusters are located near them. Use your scanner to locate the yellow-highlighted Dark Helidium clusters. Simply melee attack these clusters to collect them, as you would with any Helidium cluster.

Return ten Dark Helidium to the same stockpile area as the Boogots before.

A screenshot highlighting a cluster of Dark Helidium north of Desan Village | camzillasmomcom
The Dark Helidium in a scan. Highlighted in Yellow.

7 – Talk to Brom about Trading Bombs

Return to Brom and talk to him about trading bombs with Sappa. Bron will then start making bombs. You will be notified when he’s ready to deliver. Return to Desan when you do.

A screenshot of Dusan village highlighting the location of the villager called Brom | camzillasmomcom
Brom in Dusan Village.

8 – Talk to Barram about Boms Arriving in Sappa

Head back to Sappa, speak to Barram once more. The quest ends as Cutter informs Barram about Desan’s offer to exchange Bombs for Fish. Barram agrees and begins the preparations. This will complete the Quest “Explosive Idea”.

A screenshot showing the location of Barram the fisherman in Sappa | camzillasmomcom
Barram in Sappa Village.

Release: March 15th, 2024
Developer: Appeal Studios
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Official Website: