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Say Goodbye to Garondaphobia! – Bidaa – Outcast 2

In “Say Goodbye to Garandaphobia”, Cutter will take care of the threat that is posed by the giant earthworms called Garondars. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to do in the quest.

1 – Talk to Mirko about the Drilling Stations

First talk to the village chief, Hiron about everything he has to offer, then go talk to Marzo, the village brewer at the mill. He will send you to his son Mirko. You can then talk to him about the Drilling Stations to get the quest started. You will then get two Drilling Stations as a quest objective.

An in game screenshot of Mirko in Bidaa village | camzillasmomcom
Mirko, the son of Marzo at Bidaa Village

2 – Destroy the Drill of EGZ-0 or BDA-0

The absolute minimum to continue with the quest is to destroy one of the two Drill Stations (EGZ-0 or BDA-0). They are located around Bidaa. A Drill Station is set up like any other hostile outpost. Scan the outpost while you’ve infiltrated it and you will see a number of Terminals connected with yellow lines. In a Drill Station, there are 5 terminals. 3 have to be deactivated so that the big red generator opens up. Shoot the generator core to destroy it. This will deactivate the forcefield that protects the drill down in the mining hole. Destroy all of the terminals to be able to open all chests and the officer quarters for a new upgrade.

An in game screenshot of a outpost scan where all terminals are connected with a yellow line | camzillasmomcom
Scan the outpost to see the terminal location.

Once you’re down at the drill, shoot the bottom center part of the drill to start the boss fight. The fight with the drill has three parts, displayed by three individual bars at the bottom of the screen. Shoot the bottom center part of the drill until the first bar is depleted. Then, quickly scan and you will see which arm you can destroy. There is a target marker above one of the drill’s arms. Shoot it until the arm is destroyed. Repeat this until the drill is destroyed.

An in game screenshot of the vulnerable part of a drill that has to be shot in Say Goodbye to Garondaphobia | camzillasmomcom
Vulnerable bottom-center part of the drill
An in game screenshot of the exposed vulnerable part of a drill leg that has to be shot in Say Goodbye to Garondaphobia | camzillasmomcom
Vulnerable top-of-the-leg part of the drill

3 – Collect Fragments

Return to Mirko. The table next to him is now an output for White Heilidium Fragments. Pick it up and talk to Mirko. Ask him about the “White Stone”. Also, ask him about “Garondar Training” and “Fae Fruits” while you’re here.

If you haven’t found the last Recreator yet, he can be found in Prokriana. Finish the Quest “Research that Sting!” in Prokriana to meet him.

| camzillasmomcom
Scan the outpost to see the terminal location.

4 – Talk to Marzo about Mirko

You have now access to the “Fae Fruit” Sub-quest in the village quest menu. Set it active to continue.

Go back to Marzo at the brewing mill and talk to him about Mirko.

An in game screenshot of the location of Marzo the Brewer | camzillasmomcom
Marzo the Brewer in Bidaa

5 – Save Mirko

Marzo will tell you that Mirko has gone to have a little adventure. Hearing that Mirko went to pick Fae Fruit at the Fae tree, Marzo is worried since the Fae tree is crawling with Gamors. Time to save Mirko. Head to the location in the east of the village, marked on the minimap, and defeat the Gamors. Remember the blue Gamors can only be killed with melee attacks.

As soon as you have defeated all the Gamors, Mirko will come down from the tree and take the collected Fae Fruit back to the village. You don’t have to collect them.

An in game screenshot of Cutter shooting a Gamor | camzillasmomcom
Being attacked by a Gamor

This quest, “Say Goodbye to Garandaphodia”, is now on pause. You can continue with the “Hearding on the Prairie!” quest when the Lampé production in the “Lampé for Everyone” Village Quest is finally done!

6 – Talk to Mirko

Finish the quest “Herding on the Prairie!”, then go talk to Mirko again. Now you can talk to him about the “Anti-Gravity Beacon”. He will give you a beacon blueprint for a Recreator. This will unlock the quest step to activate: Garondor Beacon – Craft Beacon in the Quest Selection Menu.

| camzillasmomcom
Being attacked by a Gamor

7 – Create Bidaa’s Beacon

Travel to Prokriana. Next to the fast-travel gate in Prokriana is the house of the Recreator, Nhurkan. Open his shop and you will see what you need for the Garondar Beacon: 1 Gomar Meat, 1 Fae Fruit, and 1 White Helidium Fragment. All of those can be collected in this quest and should be in your inventory.

A screenshot of the shop here to craft the Ventilope Beacon in Prokriana | camzillasmomcom
Nhurkan in his house in Prokriana.

8 – Talk to Mirko about Taming Garondars

Return to Mirko. Now you can talk to him about Taming Garondars. After the cutscene, you can go to the location displayed on the minimap, where a Garondar will attack. Its mouth is very vulnerable to red Helidium attacks.

After its defeat, shoot it with the Garondar Beacon (R1+Circle on PS5). After having caught a Garondar, you can use it in battle. This will complete the “Say Goodbye to Garandaphobia” Quest in Bidaa.

A screenshot of the incapacitated Garondar | camzillasmomcom
About to shoot the Garondar Beacon.

Release: March 15th, 2024
Developer: Appeal Studios
Publisher: THQ Nordic
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