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Bon Appetit, Baby! – Emea Village – Outcast: A New Beginning 2024

For the Galenta to grow, it has to eat! In “Bon Appetit, Baby!” Cutter will set up a Kwort Farm so Galenta can eat its favorite food.

1 – Talk to Morr about Hazo

Make sure the quest is active by selecting it in the Emea Village mission screen. Then, get to the location marked on the Minimap and talk to Morr. He will tell you that the village of Sappa has been quite successful at training their Ventilopes to fish.

The Location of Morr in the Emea Village | camzillasmomcom

2 – Search Sappa for a Ventilope Trainer

Travel to the Village of Sappa. It is in the southeast of the map, and if you haven’t unlocked a lot of fast-travel gates, it is quite a way.

Once you arrive, you are faced with quite a big area to search on the minimap. Ask villagers – specifically, look for a villager that has the topic “Ventilopes”. They won’t update the quest to find a Ventilope Trainer faster, but they will tell you that “Dolotai Guardians, “fishertalans”, and members of the Ventilope Club ride them.

Short info: This sub-quest is also part of the Sappa Village Quest: A Ventilope for Everyting”

Continuing with the quest, all you have to do now is look for speaking bubbles on your minimap. One of them is a “fishertalan” – a fisherman – called Barram. He’s at the beach near the boats. He carries a fish on top of his hat. Ask him all available questions.

A screenshot showing the location of Barram the fisherman in Sappa | camzillasmomcom

3 – Find Clues about the Missing Tamer

Next, you have to find Zaleb, the healer of Sappa. According to Barram he has healed even a Gamor once. You can find him in one of the huts.

The location of Zaleb who lives in one of the huts in Sappa Village | camzillasmomcom

4 – Kill Gamors

You are now sent off to Kill Gamors. It is the first quest step of the “A Ventilope for Everything” Sappa Village Quest.

The location is highlighted on the map. At this location, there are two types of Gamor – a wild, vicious dog-like creature – an armored type and an unarmored type. You can only kill the armored ones with melee attacks. Kill all Gamors inside the blue circle on the minimap.

A screenshot showing the two types of Gamor dogs The blue ones and the brown ones | camzillasmomcom
The blue Gamor is armored, but the brown one isn’t.

5 – Talk to Zaleb about Yunair’s Disappearance

Return to Zaleb in Sappa Village and ask him about Yunair’s Disappearance.

The location of Zaleb who lives in one of the huts in Sappa Village | camzillasmomcom

6 – Find Yunair

Yunair is being kept prisoner at the “SAP-0” Prison Base in the southeastern tip of the map. It’s one of the bases you have to destroy the generator of so Kizaar can get to the Helidium. Let’s do this as well while we’re there.

An overview map of the game highlighting the location of the SAP 0 Prison Base southeast of Sappa | camzillasmomcom

There are a total of 4 terminals that have to be turned off to destroy the generator. Three of them to free Yunair from his prison cell.

Terminal 1 is outside, on the ground floor just by a building entrance, as highlighted in the screenshot below:

A screenshot of Terminal 1 on the ground floor highlighted looking from above | camzillasmomcom

Enter the building, taking the entrance just next to Terminal 1. Inside, take the staircase up. Turn right at the top of the staircase to find Terminal 2.

A screenshot of the highlighted Terminal 2 inside the facility | camzillasmomcom

Stay on this level and go over to the other building using the skybridge. On the other side, you can find a locked office that requires all 4 terminals to be unlocked. You should see two green ticks and 2 red crosses on the door. Head downstairs. Here is the generator that you have to destroy for the “SAP-0” Prison Base task on the in-game map. It is not necessary for the village quest – but when in Rome…

Terminal 3 is just next to the generator, as shown in the screenshot below. Deactivate Terminal 3 to expose the generator’s core. You can now shoot it to destroy it. This will also be the last Terminal to deactivate to free Yunair from his prison.

A screenshot of the generator room with Terminal 3 hightighted just next to the generator | camzillasmomcom

To free Yunair, go back to the other building, where you deactivated Terminal 2. He’s on ground floor behind the wall next to the exit.

A screenshot showing Yunair | camzillasmomcom's prison cell with Yunair in it. He can now be freed.
Yunair’s Prison Cell. He can be freed now.

Optional: Open the Prison Bases’ office. Remember, above the generator is still an office that is locked. It needs four terminals to unlock and we only unlocked three so far. If you want to quickly do that, here’s how.

Terminal 4 is on the roof of the generator building. You can exit the prison cell building and take a staircase up to the generator building’s roof. As soon as you interacted with this last terminal, you can enter the office above the generator room.

A screenshot of Terminal 4 the last terminal to open the office door | camzillasmomcom
Terminal 4 is the last terminal

7 – Talk to Yunair about Emea’s need for Ventilopes

Return to Sappa and talk to Yunair about Emea’s need for Ventilopes. A cutscene of Yunair returning will start as soon as you’re close to the village but you still have to find Yunair and talk to him at the beach. Ask him about “Ventilope Watering”.

A screenshot showing Yunair back in Sappa village | camzillasmomcom
Yunair is finally back in Sappa.

8 – Lure Female Ventilope

Follow the blue minimap marker to a location where you can find an orange larva hole / ball high up on a rock formation. Shoot it to start luring the Female Ventilope. As soon as the Ventilope is eating the larvae, you can go to the next orange larva hole to shoot it. Repeat this process until you have reached the village. The Larva Holes are highlighted one-by-one on the minimap.

A screenshot showing the first larva hole that has to be shot to start luring a Female Ventilope | camzillasmomcom
Shoot those orange Larva Holes / balls.

9 – Fetch some Ventilopes to Help Water the Kworts in Emea

Talk to Yunair again to hopefully get some Ventilopes for Emea! His location is highlighted on the minimap.

A screenshot showing the first larva hole that has to be shot to start luring a Female Ventilope | camzillasmomcom
Shoot those orange Larva Holes / balls.

10 – Gather Makaari Feathers

After all that work of freeing Yunair and luring a female Ventilope to the village, I still won’t get Ventilopes for Emea for free! This time, he wants me to gather Makaari Feathers.

The Makaari are nesting northwest of Emea, high up in big tree. Once you’re there, scan for the big jump-plants that catapult you up into the air when getting close. It’s the fastest way up to the nests. The feathers are inside the nests and you have to collect 3 feathers for Yunair. They will show up as squares on the screen when you scan for them.

Return to Yunair when you’ve collected three Makaari Feathers. He will then send Ventilopes to Emea. The last Emea Village Quest is done!

A screenshot of one of the nests that have a Makaari Feather inside | camzillasmomcom
One Makaari Feather inside the nest.

Release: March 15th, 2024
Developer: Appeal Studios
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Official Website: