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No Omelet, Please – Emea Village Quest – Outcast: A New Beginning

After finding the artifact egg in the previous Emea Village Quest “X Marks the Spot”, the egg has now to be hatched!

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This graphic shows the whole incubation process with the three sub-quests: Zeedog Zap, Covvar and Twon-Ha.

1 – Gather Zeedog Sap

The Village Quest “No Omelet, Please” starts right after Cutter talks to Kureg in Emea. To keep the egg warm, Kureg wants Cutter to collect at least 5 Zeedog Sap. Collect 10 if you want the egg to hatch quicker!

Zee dogs are long worms that attack you if you get too close to a swampy area. There are always a lot of attacking at once. On top of that, they only drop the Sap when you melee kill them! Make sure you manually pick up the Sap after the kill. That does not happen automatically. The general hunting area is highlighted in blue on the minimap.

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As soon as you have at least 5 Zeedog Sap, return to the village and use your scanner. You have to bring the Zeedog Sap to a stockpile just next to the egg.

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2 – Talk to Haza about Covers

This is the second step to warm the egg. We took care of the Zeedog Zap, now we have to cover it to keep it warm. Haza is the village chief and can be found on his big round balcony. Ask him about covers.

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3 – Talk to Zotil about Covers

Zotil is Emea’s weaver. You can find him high up in the village. Climb all the staircases and cross bridges to get higher up in the village. Zotil will produce the covers for free if you get him the materials – of course.

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4 – Gather Covvar

According to Zotil, there is a hollow tree in the west, where covvar plants grow. As soon as you’re there, either climb up to the top of the hollow tree or use one of the blue glowing bounce plants. Those will catapult you straight to the top. Be aware that there are aggressive birds up there that will attack you when you get close.

Make sure to use the scanner when you’re there to highlight the plants! Gather at least 10. You can collect and hand over up to 20 for faster hatching.

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The deposit shelf is at the ground level. You can use your scanner to highlight it. Zotil will then start to work on the covers and the second part to warm the egg is completed.

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5 – Talk to Kureg about the Bubbles

For the next step, you have to open your in-game map and select Emea to pick this part of the quest. There is a head with a question mark image above the Zeedop Sap picture. Select it and you will get this quest step.

Talk to Kureg near the egg. He will point out the parasites on the surface of the egg. Normally, the mother would take care of that, by eating those parasites. Now we have to procure an alternative: Twon-Has.

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6 – Talk to Dhaak and Morr about Twon-Ha Merchants

Dhaak is at his usual spot, near the egg, Morr is a bit further away. Both will help you to find Twon-Ha Merchants.

7 – Talk to Khartak about Twon-Has

Activate this quest to get the marker on the minimap. You have a bit of a walk ahead to the Village of Bidaa – toward the north. You can find Khartak next to the Twon-Ha enclosure outside of the Village.

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8 – Escort Twon-Has

After the conversation, you are transported somewhere between Bidaa and Emea, together with a herd of Twon-Ha. Stay on the road and the Twon-Ha will follow you. Fight off all the attacks and guide them safely to Emea, where they instantly will start eating the parasites on the egg.

This is all you can do for the egg. Now you just have to wait for it to incubate to finish this quest. You will be notified when the egg is incubated.

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Release: March 15th, 2024
Developer: Appeal Studios
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Official Website: