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X Marks the Spot! – Emea Village Quest – Outcast: A New Beginning 2024

1 – Find Dhaak Outside the Village

Make sure you open the map, select Emea, and then pick this quest step. You will get the blue waypoint marker on the minimap to better find Dhaak.

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2 – Get to the Location Marked on the Minimap

The marker on the minimap will get you back to Dhaak. Talk to him when you arrive.

3 – Find the Artifact

Jump into the lake and dive down in the center of it. Look for a big, green orb. Interact with it to get it on land.

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4 – Talk to Dhaak about the Artifact

Get to the location marked on the Minimap and talk to Dhaak.

5 – Move the Artifact

Bring the Artifact to Emea. You can move it by Melee attacking the big orb. The direction is marked on the minimap. Make sure you keep an eye out for enemies in the path and fight them before you continue to move the orb.

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6 – Talk to Dhaak about Identifying the Artifact

Get to the location marked on the Minimap to talk to Dhaak. He’s standing near the artifact.

7 – Talk to Nemet about the Artifact

Nemet is in the Emea village. He’s wearing a red robe and is the village’s elder.

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8 – Convince Kureg

Find Kureg, the old librarian of Prokiana, and ask him to come to Emea. Fortunately, there is an active fast-travel portal (Daoka) near Prokriana in the northwest that Cutter can use. Follow the blue minimap marker to the village. Kureg is in the destroyed library. He would love to go with you to Emea, but the Daoka Portal is broken and needs fixing. If you have already fixed this portal, you can skip this step.

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9 – Find and Talk to Rhifar

This step is actually a Prokriana Village Quest, but it is essential to do this step to continue with the “X Marks the Spot” Quest.

Rhifar can be found west of the village inside a big council building. Follow the minimap marker to find him.

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10 – Find Prokriana’s Daoka Core

There is a big complex to the east of the village. Inside is the Daoka Core. The blue glowing core box is at the top of the building, but you have to interact with the terminal on the ground floor to open it.

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11 – Reactivate the Daoka in Prokriana

Return to Prokriana Village and use the Daoka core at the Daoka in the village.

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12 – Talk to Kureg about Emea’s Artifact

You can now go back to the library to talk to Kureg again. Talk about Emea and he will come back with you.

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13 – Meet Kureg in Emea

Finally, Kureg has arrived in Emea. You can meet him near the orb artifact. This is the last step of the “X Marks the Spot” Quest. You’ve discovered that the artifact is an Egg. Continue with the Quest: “No Omelet, Please”

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Release: March 15th, 2024
Developer: Appeal Studios
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Official Website: