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Looking for a Galentasitter – Emea Village – Outcast: A New Beginning

After the egg is successfully incubated in the “No Omelet, Please” Emea Village Quest, the small Galenta is vulnerable and needs a babysitter! Cutter is up to the task!

The Village Quest line “Looking for a Galetasitter starts off with only one quest available – An outline of a head with a question mark.

1 – Talk to Dhaak about Drones

Dhaak can be found near the center of Emea Village, close to the now-empty egg. He will not only task you to destroy nearby drones but also walk Galenta to make her happy! – The goal for this quest is Galenta’s growth.

The location of Dhaak near the Emea Village center | camzillasmomcom

2 – Walk the Galenta

The Galenta wants to go for a walk around Emea. Follow it and make sure to defeat all enemies that want to harm her – and you. Especially those nasty Zeedogs in the swamp and the roaming Drones!

As soon as you’re back in Emea village, this part of the quest is completed.

3 – Destroy the Drones

Select this part of the quest by opening the in-game map, clicking on Emea Village, and selecting “Looking for a Galentasitter”.

Follow the blue minimap marker to the drones. There are four groups in total and you have to destroy all of them to finish this part of the quest.

During the quest, you will get a notification that there is “Something wrong in Emea”. You can finish destroying the drones or come back later if you choose to head back to Emea now.

Aiming at one of the drones that have to be destroyed | camzillasmomcom

4 – Stop the Incoming Attack

As soon as you return to Emea, you are faced with an incoming attack on the village. Fend off and survive 5 waves of drone attacks. There are also drone drop-ships that can’t be destroyed.

Cutter being attacked by a wave of drones in Emea Village | camzillasmomcom

5 – Find the Missing Galenta

Galenta was scared during the attack and floated away. Follow the blue mission marker on the minimap to find it. This part is easy. The mission marker will guide you to a location, where a cutscene will show you that you’ve found Galenta.

6 – Escort the Galenta

Now that you’ve found the Galenta, escort it back to Emea. There will be drones attacking.

Escorting Galenta back with aggressive drones approaching | camzillasmomcom

7 – Kill the Kamenai

After you’ve walked the Galenta and destroyed the drones, you now have to kill the Kamenai that are sitting on top of the Gelenta. The Kamenai are aggressive birds that will attack when disturbed.

Look up to see where the Galenta is. Then, use the staircases and bridges in the village to get as close as possible to shoot the Kamenai off the Galenta. After killing all the Kamenai, you have mastered the quest.

The Kamenai sitting on the Galenta | camzillasmomcom

Release: March 15th, 2024
Developer: Appeal Studios
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Official Website: