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Lampé for Everyone! – Bidaa – Outcast: A New Beginning

“Lampé for Everyone!” is one of 3 Village Quests in Bidaa. Here’s the step-by-step quest walkthrough to start up the Lampé production again! The quest “Herding on the Prairie!” will also make you do the quest, since it needs Lampé to continue.

1 – Talk to Mirko about Lampé Pistils, Morag and Twon-Ha Drool

First talk to the village chief, Hiron about everything he has to offer, then go talk to Marzo, the village brewer at the mill. He will send you to his son Mirko to talk about the Lampé ingredients. There are three ingredients for Lampé, as you will see in the village quest screen: Lampé Pistils, Morag, and Twon-Ha Drool. While you’re here, ask Mirko about all three.

An in game screenshot of Mirko in Bidaa village | camzillasmomcom
Mirko, the son of Marzo at Bidaa Village

2 – Gather Lampé Pistils

Set this quest step to active. This will guide you to a Lampé plant at the top of a hill. Before you interact with it, make sure to upgrade your Jetpack to “Glide”. You can’t do this part of the quest if you don’t have the “Glide” capability.

Interacting with the Lampé plant will start a gliding parkour where you have to glide through every one of the 12 Lampé Pistils to collect them. You can’t partially collect the pistils. It’s either all or nothing. Return to the Lampé Pistils stockpile inside the mill at Bidaa village. You can deliver up to 20. So, you may as well do the parkour twice while you’re there.

3 – Gather Morags

The Morag is a fruit that is hanging in the trees high above Emea village in the southwest of the map. Just climb, jump, or glide to the top of the village and scan the area. You should see the Morag highlighted. Get close to them by jumping or gliding and pick them up with the interaction button (triangle on PS5).

You need 5 for the stockpile, but you can deliver up to 10. The stockpile is inside the mill at Bidaa village. Scanning will highlight the stockpile racks.

An in game screenshot showing two Morag fruits hanging down from a tree at Emea village | camzillasmomcom
Two Morags hanging above Emea Village

4 – Collect Twon-Ha Drool

Go to the Twon-Ha Pen at Bidaa village and talk to Khartak about Drool. This will start the Won-Ha Drool collection minigame. Cutter has a fruit in his hand and the ten Twon-Ha will chase you for it and drool. The game ends if they get to eat the fruit or if you collected 10 drool.

Run and dodge-slide through the heard. Each Twon-Ha has a bar on top of the head. When it’s yellow, you’ve collected the drool from his one already. Focus on the white bars! You’ll end up having 10 Drool. Return to the Twon-Ha Drool stockpile at the mill in Bidaa. It can hold 20 Drool.

An in game screenshot of the Twon Ha pen with Khartak the herder | camzillasmomcom
Khartak at the Twon-Ha pen in Bidaa Village

After collecting all three ingredients and depositing them in the stockpile at the mill, Marzo will start brewing Lampé. You will be notified when he’s finished. Then you can continue with the Quests that require Lampé to continue. Like “Herding on the Prairie!”

Release: March 15th, 2024
Developer: Appeal Studios
Publisher: THQ Nordic
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