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Southern Reach, Koboh: Where are all Collectibles?

Welcome to Camzillasmom’s complete Collectibles Guide for the Southern Reach at Koboh. This hilly area in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor can be found between RAMBLER’S REACH OUTPOST, DERELICT DAM, RIVERBED WATCH, HARVEST RIDGE and RIVERBED QUARRY.

From the Top of an old Silo building, you can also get to the CORRODED SILO, which leads to the CHAMBER OF FORTITUDE deep down.

We’re going to start at the Southern Reach Meditation Point and work our way towards Rambler’s Reach Outpost to pick up all 33 Collectibles in one direct flow. There are 3 Chests, 1 Essence, 3 Databanks, 7 Treasures and 19 Seed Pods. Here’s where:

Finding collectibles gets easier if you have all Map upgrades that show the collectibles on your in-game map. Follow the HOW TO GET ALL MAP UPGRADES guide to get the map upgrades you need!

Chamber of ClarityChamber of Connection Chamber of DetachmentChamber of DualityChamber of Reason
Basalt RiftBilemaw DenDiagnostics CorridorForest ArrayObservation DeckObservatory UnderstructureRift PassageSwindler’s WashWinding Ravine


An overview map showing all collectibles locations at Southern Reach | camzillasmomcom
Southern Reach – All Collectibles Overview Map

1 – SEED POD 1 OF 19

From the Southern Reach Meditation Point, enter Southern Reach. There is a Relter that we will take in a bit but before, there is a Seed Pod Plant a little bit down the path to cut down.

2 – SEED PODS 2-6 OF 19

For these 5 Seed Pods, you have to take the nearby Relter over to the high plateau, which is Seed Pod Heaven!

Cut all the trees and bushes in this area an you will get 5 Seed Pods.

3 – SEED POD 7 OF 19

Still on the plateau, close to the previous cluster is this Pod Tree.

4 – SEED POD 8 OF 19

On the plateau, stay high and go up to the longer of the two dead ends. The Seed Pod Tree is hidden behind a rock pillar.

5 – SEED POD 9 OF 19

Nearby is another Seed Pod. Look for it near the precipice where the waterfall is.


Go to the dead end cave on this side of the plateau and you’ll find a Treasure piece.


Stay on the plateau, but go down to the roof of the big Silo building with its hatch. There is a Treasure item at the border of the Silo’s roof.


Title: Amphibian Blues

Climb back up onto the plateau and look for a waterfall to the left. Go through it and look down. There is an Echo right at a beautiful vista.

| camzillasmomcom
Databank #254 – Location on the map

9 – CHEST 1 OF 3

Contains: Weapon Materials – Kashyyyk Paint

From the vista and its Databank collectible above, look back and you’ll see a parkour pole and a chest near a waterfall.

10 – TREASURE 3 OF 7

From the chest, go back to the vista and use the pole to swing over to the other side. From there, follow the path – you’ll have to cut some vines on the other side to get out.

You now have to do a lot more parkouring. Right after the vine cut, there is an cliff with a wall-run to the left and two poles to reach the far other side, where this Treasure is.

| camzillasmomcom
Treasure location on the map.

11 – SEED POD 10 OF 19

Drop down from where you’ve found the last Treasure item, to ground level. Walk into the direction of Mosey’s small camp, where the first chest is in this guide. There is a plant near some wild animals.

12 – SEED POD 11 OF 19

Go back towards the big silo building. There is a passageway next to it, going below the plateau. Here in the corner is another plant with Seed Pods.

13 – SEED POD 12 OF 19

On the other side of the passageway is a Bilemaw area. Defeat it to pick up the Seed Pod nearby.

14 – SEED POD 13 OF 19

The next Seed Pod is just above the Bilemaw area. There is a rope hanging down but it’s too low to reach. Head back towards Mosey’s small camp. You can climb back up where you’ve picked up Treasure item 3 in this guide.

Use the swing poles and the wall-run to the right to get back to the other side, where you can reach the above mentioned rope.

Swing up to the higher platform from here, where you can cut the sparkling plant to get the Seed Pod.

| camzillasmomcom
Seed Pod location on the map


Title: Besotted

From the previous collectible, you can already see the Echo glowing on a smaller platform below.

You can easily drop down and climb up the small platform to get the Databank entry.

16 – ESSENCE 1 OF 1

Contains: Skill Point

From there, walk a bit further towards the end of the map and you will find the Essence.

17 – SEED POD 14 OF 19

Drop down to where the droids and the roller mines are. At the very end of the Southern Reach map is another glowing plant.

18 – TREASURE 4 OF 7

Head back to the base of the big silo, where you can find a Scavenger Droid digging for treasure. Catch and destroy it to get this Treasure piece. – In case it gets away, find the next Meditation Point, rest and come back for another go.


Title: Unusual Silo

Next to the Scavenger Droid’s location you can scan the Silo’s wall to get this Databank Entry.

20 – CHEST 2 OF 3

Contains: Beard – Full Beard

Now it’s time to get a rest at back at Mosey’s camp to pick up the chest. You probably have done that already when you came past here for the story…

21 – SEED POD 15 OF 19

Follow the path down towards RAMBLER’S REACH OUTPOST and you will see a sparkling plant to your left on this location.

22 – SEED POD 16 OF 19

Further down from the last Seed Pod is a big bunker building. There’s another Seed Pod Plant near it.

23 – SEED POD 17 OF 19

Head down to the river. At the map border is a Pod Plant ready to be cut.

24 – TREASURE 5 OF 7

Follow the river towards RAMBLER’S REACH OUTPOST to the small dam. You can open up the gates with the Force. Behind it is a Treasure piece.

25 – SEED POD 18 OF 19

Look for a glowing Seed Pod Plant next to the dam’s flood gate.

26 – TREASURE 6 OF 7

At the RAMBLER’S REACH OUTPOST Meditation Point, look towards Rambler’s Reach Outpost. The entrance gate has an animal skull at the top. Tear it down with the force and you can pick up the Treasure that is hidden inside.

If you can’t reach, use one of the Relters in the area to land on top of the gate.

| camzillasmomcom
Treasure location on the map

27 – CHEST 3 OF 3

Contains: Blaster – Quickdraw

Near RAMBLER’S REACH OUTPOST is a tower that is covered with Koboh matter and you can’t enter it. We need to find an Orb and a Coupler to burn the matter off first.

Head over to HUNTER’S QUARRY. You can open a gate with the Force at this location:

Enter and you will see a slide-down wall at the end of the room. Use it and you will land in an area with an empty Coupler. It is pointing to the exit wall that needs to be burnt off as well.

To find the Orb, go towards this Koboh Matter wall that you need to burn away. Walk on the side to avoid the Koboh dust. You can jump down to the shiny, round platform in the center of the room. From there, you can see the Orb in a small corridor.

You can grab the Orb from the round platform, but the Coupler is too far away to connect it from there. Just throw the Orb into the direction of the Coupler and be quick to follow it, so you can pick it up again and put it inside the coupler. If you’re not fast enough, the Orb will go back into the initial Coupler.

The Koboh barrier will be burned off and you can follow the beam back to Rambler’s Reach Outpost and the impact point.

You can now lay a path with the Koboh Grinder that leads to the entrance of the tower to burn away the Koboh matter. The tower will explode when you’re successful.

Enter the tower and open the chest.

28 – SEED POD 19 OF 19

Stay at Hunter’s Quarry and get onto a plateau on this location. Use a Nekko to jump higher up.

There is a Relter up here. Fly with it to get on top of the high platform at Southern Reach. After you’ve landed, look for a glowing Seed Pod plant near the Relter here.

| camzillasmomcom
Seed Pod location on the map

29 – TREASURE 7 OF 7

Head over to the Relter now. It is guarding the last Treasure piece.

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