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How to solve the Chamber of Reason on Koboh – All Collectibles

Welcome to my guide on how to solve the Chamber of Reason on Koboh in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. Here we’ll not only solve the chamber’s puzzles and mysteries together, but also pick up all the 8 collectibles in the process.

As you may know already, there are a total of six Jedi Meditation Chambers on Koboh that Cal has to find and solve to finally be able to open a locked chest in the Alignment Control Center that will give you the ability to get a map upgrade that shows all Essences Collectibles on your ingame map.

The Chamber of Reason has a total of 8 collectibles, consisting of 1 Chest, 1 Essence, 5 Databank entries and 1 Treasure. As in all of the Jedi Meditation Chambers on Koboh in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, the Essence is the last collectible, the prize for solving the puzzle.

The access point to the Chamber of Reason is BASALT RIFT on Koboh. See map below.

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Finding collectibles gets easier if you have all Map upgrades that show the collectibles on your in-game map. Follow the HOW TO GET ALL MAP UPGRADES guide to get the map upgrades you need!


An overview map that shows all collectibles location in the Chamber of Reason | camzillasmomcom


Title: Talk of the Future

Get to the access point to the Chamber of Reason is BASALT RIFT on Koboh, enter the elevator and travel down.

After you exit the elevator, look for the rope, grab it and slide down to the bottom. There is a globe socket with two settings. Use the force on the lever to change the setting. Put the nearby globe into the Orb Coupler and use the first setting – the one that is closer to the entrance lift.

This will make a force bridge appear. Cross the bridge. The Databank Entry #200 is an Echo on the other side of the bridge.


Title: The Goals of Khri

From the last collectible, you can take an elevator platform up. It’s automatic, so as soon as you step on it it’ll go up.

At the top is another coupler and a switch with two settings. Same as the coupler at the entrance of the Chamber of Reason.

Just behind the coupler switch, at the glowing wall, is this Databank Entry #199..


Title: A Secret Meeting

Next, take the same elevator platform down again and cross over the first bridge you created with the orb. You are now back at the start of the Chamber of Reason. Use the coupler switch so the bridge moves to the other position (further away from the Chamber Entrance).

It looks like this bridge is leading to a dead end, but we’re now going to get a second orb.. Just destroy the wall at the end of the dead end bridge and you can see the second orb.

Take this second orb out of the slot, carry it across the bridge and put it into the slot where the first orb was – for now as a “parking slot”.

Use the coupler switch again to move the bridge to the first position – the one to reach the elevator platform.

Take the second orb out of the parking slot and carry it over to the elevator platform. Take the platform up with the orb in your hand and put it in the coupler up there, where the previous collectible was.

The bridge mechanism of this couplers’ first setting is broken. It flickers on and off, which will make walking on it a bit challenging. Cross it anyway but time it so you can do a left wall-run in the middle of the bridge. On the other side of this wall-run is another left wall-run and and a steep wall run up to reach the Chamber of Reason’s next level up.

As you come up from the steep wall run, the collectible is a wall scribble at the top.


Stay on this top level but head towards the broken bridge orb below, so you can look down to it. Here in the corner of the top floor is the treasure collectible.


Title: In Good Time

Stay on the same top level of the chamber and go to the other side, where the fourth Databank entry collectible is.


Title: Dead End

The last Databank Entry is just below the previous one, but it would be too easy now to just jump down, wouldn’t it?

Head over to the broken bridge coupler and use the switch to get to the second setting, an intact bridge. Walk towards the other side. On the way across, pull the orb out of the entrance’s coupler and take it with you.

On the other side, put the orb into the third coupler you’ve encountered so far. This will activate a bridge to the other side of the wall, where the collectible is.


Contains: Lightsaber – Diligence – Emitter

Go back to the orb in the third coupler and use the nearby switch. This will raise the platform where the third coupler is sitting on. Make sure the third coupler is now on the top level.

You can now go back to the broken bridge’s coupler and switch it from the intact to the broken bridge. Then, do the wall runs again to reach the top level of the Chamber of Reason, where the wall scribble collectible number three is, the Databank Entry.

From up here, you can look down to the broken bridge coupler and pull out the orb from the top level.

Carry the orb on the top layer to the other side.

Look up to the left wall. There is a golden, round opening, where you have to throw the orb in.
Since you’ve previously sent the orb in the third coupler with the platform up to the top level, you now have a bridge you can stand on. While standing on the bridge, throw the orb into the golden, round opening.

A gate below the round opening lowers and you can see the orb behind the now lowered gate. You can now jump over to the orb.

The chest is just around the corner.


Contains: Dexterity Perk

Finally we go for the big Essence Prize of the Chamber of Reason, the last collectible!

Jump over, back to the bridge through the lowered gate opening. From here, pull the orb to you out of the socket and cross the bridge towards the third platform elevator coupler. On the other side of the gap is a fourth coupler that you haven’t used yet. Throw the orb into this fourth coupler. A bridge will activate and you can cross over to where the Essence is.

Once across the bridge, turn left and go upstairs to claim the Essence.

To get out, all you have to do now is use the switch of the fourth coupler and it will get you to the exit.

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