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Easy Guide for the Winding Ravine, Koboh – All Collectibles – Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

The Winding Ravine at Koboh is adjacent to the Derelict Dam. You have to get to the Winding Ravine in the Rumor Quest: Find the Gorge’s Secret. So before we start with the Collectibles, I’m showing you how to get there first!

Finding collectibles gets easier if you have all Map upgrades that show the collectibles on your in-game map. Follow the HOW TO GET ALL MAP UPGRADES guide to get the map upgrades you need!

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So, at the Derelict Dam / Gorge Crash Site is this big friendly creature, right? Just stand below it and use your “Mind Trick” ability (R1 on PS5 – but you can easily look up what you have to use on your system when you go to your “Abilities” menu).

The creature will lower the head and Cal can jump onto one of the overgrown tusks to hang onto it. The creature will move over to the Winding Ravine’s entrance, where Cal can just drop down.

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Now you’ve reached the Winding Revine, let’s start with the 11 Collectibles. There are 3 Chests, 1 Essence, 2 Treasures and 5 Seed Pods to collect here.

1 – CHEST – 1 OF 3

Contains: Weapon Materials – Warm Metal

Follow the Winding Ravine in. At the end there are two ways you can take. Go to the left first. Clean the area of the wildlife first. They would just bother you…

Then, look around. There is a block that you can move with the force and there is a wall-run with a blue ledge near it. Ignore this for now. Uphill in this area is another blue ledge. This one you can reach when you move the big block below the ledge. So push or pull the big block below the ledge so you can jump up there.

Up there is an alley with just wall-run left, right and center. There is a hole in the left wall-run wall. The chest is there, in a small cave.

The cave is a wall-run alley as well.

2 – ESSENCE – 1 OF 1

Contains: Maximum Force Increase

Leave the Wall-Run Cave and head higher up to the left, where you find more beasts to defeat and a second block. Push it down with the force. Now you have two blocks on the same level. And as you go down, you will see the Essence high up on the other side.

You will have to push one block into the gap – so you can push the second block over the gap to the other side to reach the Essence.

3 – CHEST – 2 OF 3

Contains: Beard – Goatee

Time to head over to the second blue ledge. With the two blocks we have to build a double block tower.
Jump down from the essence and move the “bridge” block to the ledge around the corner so the tower will be closer to the wall-run ledge that we’re trying to reach.

Then, push the essence block on top of the bridge block.

Now push and pull the tower below the wall-run ledge. Make sure only to push and pull the base block.

Now you can wall-run on top of the tower to reach the ledge and the chest.

4 – TREASURE – 1 OF 2

We’re done in this area and go to the other side of the Winding Ravine. Exit to the Winding Ravine passage and enter the dark cave on the other side. Wall-Run to the other side, where the exit is.

Don’t go out yet. Turn around and Wall-run some more up to a platform. You’ve basically did a wall-run a 360 now.

5 – TREASURE – 2 OF 2

Now do the first wall-run again after you’ve entered this cave. This time you can exit to the other site.
There is a 3 times wall-run onto a hanging rope (rope pull). The Wall Run is left-right-left-jump-dash onto the hanging rope.

Stay on the rope and don’t swing ahead. Look back to where you came from and swing onto a patch of land on top of the stone pillar. There’s the last Treasure piece of the Winding Ravine.


Next, we go for the rare Cactus Ball Seed Pods.
Get back onto the rope and this time, swing to the other side. There is nothing to collect up here but you can take the bat/bird. Head for the big plains down below.

All 5 Cactus Ball Seeds are in this area. Look for green sparkles and attack them with your lightsaber to collect.

7 – CHEST – 3 OF 3

Contains: Lightsaber Customization – Hunter

The last chest contains the Rumor Quest “Find the Gorge’s Secret” Reward.

After you’ve collected all the seeds jump up a ledge towards the Winding Ravine’s exit, where a shortcut and the chest is…

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