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Rambler’s Reach Outpost, Koboh: How to get all Collectibles

Rambler’s Reach Outpost at Koboh is Cals base on the planet, where the crew can all relax at PYLOON’S SALOON. It is surrounded by the areas HUNTER’S QUARRY, SOUTHERN REACH, HARVEST RIDGE, UNTAMED DOWNS, SWINDLER’S WASH and FOOTHILL FALLS.

Rambler’s Reach Outpost is very large and has a total 37 Collectibles: 10 Chests, 2 Essence, 6 Databanks, 2 Force Tear, 7 Treasures and 10 Seed Pods. Here’s where they are and how to get them.

If you’re just looking for a specific single item, check out the maps by collectible type and scroll down to the according number.

Finding collectibles gets easier if you have all Map upgrades that show the collectibles on your in-game map. Follow the HOW TO GET ALL MAP UPGRADES guide to get the map upgrades you need!

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A map of Rambler | camzillasmomcom's Reach Outpost with all 37 Collectibles marked.
Overview Map of all Collectibles at Rambler’s Reach Outpost


These are the collectibles overview maps by type. Numbers on the maps correspond with the numbers below in the detailed descriptions. Maps are clickable to enlarge.


In this guide, I will start at the entrance to Rambler’s Reach Outpost, where Cal arrived from SOUTHERN REACH, until we reach the other side, the border to SWINDLER’S WASH.


I’m starting off at the building closest to the water, when coming from Swindler’s Wash. If you have already rescued the Jawa’s, that’s the building where the Jawas are. There’s a group of them at the closed building entrance. Around the corner is a shut gate where you can see that there’s an Essence inside this building. In front of this shut gate is the Treasure.

| camzillasmomcom
Location on the map


From the previous collectible, the Treasure at the Jawa building, just cross the road. In one of the shelves of the neighbouring building is another Treasure item.

| camzillasmomcom
Location on the map

3 – CHEST 1 OF 10

Contains: Blaster – Swoop

The chest is just behind the shelves where the previous collectible is. Above the shelves, on the outside of the building, is a BD-1 Electro Dart Slot. Shoot a spark in to the slot.

This will open the door of the building, where the Electro Dart Slot is. Inside is this chest.

4 – ESSENCE 1 OF 2

Contains: Skill Point

We can now use this power of the last Electro Dart to power the Jawa building. For this, get onto the roof of the previous collectible, where the chest is. There are various ways to get onto the Rambler’s Reach Outpost Roofs. For this, I jumped onto the nearby Chamber Elevator’s clack tarp to get to the top.

From the roof, jump over on top of the chest’s building. Here you can see a power tower on top of the Electro Dark Slot and a cable that leads to the chest building. You can unplug this cable and carry it across to the Jawa building, where you can plug it in.

The entrance door below will open and you can get the Essence.

5 – CHEST 2 OF 10

Contains: Material – Duelist

Across the road from the Jawa building is a big, lonely house with a locked door. To get inside, you have to help the droid T-1N8 in the Abandoned Shack Rumor mission at FOOTHILL FALLS. After you’ve helped him out, he will stand in front of the house, where he will give you access to the house.

Inside is this chest.

| camzillasmomcom
Chest location on the map


Title: Forever Curious

Now we’re heading to this ominous building with the gatekeeper eyes coming out all around (those eyes on a stick). BD-1 can open the entrance by slicing it.

Lower another door inside with your Jedi Abilities and cut the cables. Dash through the green shield barrier to get inside.

In this first room, BD will point out the scanable item.


Title: Obsession

In a corner of the same room as the previous entry is a tablet with this Databank:


Title: Soont Madas

Talk to this building’s owner – Soont Madas. He’s also in this very room.

Talk to this building’s owner – Soont Madas. He’s also in this very room. Use Mind-Trick when prompted and he will open a secret staircase to the basement. Go down and scan his dead brother on the chair.

9 – ESSENCE 2 OF 2

Contains: Skill Point

After the fight with Soont Madas, you can pick up the Essence in the same room like his dead brother.

10 – SEED POD 1 OF 10

Exit Soont Madas’ building. Just behind the building is a green glowing plant with a Seed Pod.


Title: The First Move

From the last collectible, we’re climbing up the mountain. Look for a grapple point on the mountain wall with dry climbable vines going up.

At the top, behind a pillar at the very back is an Echo.

| camzillasmomcom
Databank location on the map

12 – CHEST 3 OF 10

Contains: Barrel- Arakyd Heavy

Close to the previous Databank Entry is a cylindrical chest chained to the floor. You have to lift it with the force and smash it down to open it.

13 – CHEST 4 OF 10

Contains: Shirt – Tactical

Take the nearby Relter (flying taxi) down and land on “Doma’s Outpost Commodities” roof to open the chest there.

14 – CHEST 5 OF 10

Contains: Stim +1

Enter “Doma’s Outpost Commodities” shop and buy the “Mysterious Keycode” for 10 Priorite Shards. You can now splice open the locked door in Doma’s shop.

Inside is the chest with the stim upgrade.

15 – FORCE TEAR 1 OF 2

Go back to Doma. Next to her is a frog-like creature with a glow, similar to the glow we know of Echo’s. Interact with it to reveal the Force Tear.

16 – SEED POD 2 OF 10

This Seed Pod is on the roof top garden of PYLOON’S SALOON. You can start using it, after you’ve found Pili on Jedah in the story. Then, a Seed Pod plant will grow on the roof top. Cut it down to get the seed.

17 – CHEST 6 OF 10

Contains: Map Upgrade – Seed Pods

After you’ve found Pili on Jedah, she will open a garden plot for you to plant your seeds. When you filled a plot with enough plants and when they are fully grown, more plots will open up until you have a total of 4 plots. With the fourth plot, Pili will also clean the vines off a terminal that is near the last plot she will open up. This terminal contains the Map Upgrade: Seed Pods. From now on you will be able to see the not yet collected seed pods on your map.

18 – FORCE TEAR 2 OF 2

From the garden, you can climb up some dry vines to reach the top of the tower, where the Force Tear is.

| camzillasmomcom
Force Tear location on the map

19 – CHEST 7 OF 10

Contains: BD-1 Materials – Rebel Paint

Behind and below the top of the tower is a plateau, where the chest is, overlooking the landing pad.
This chest you have to Force-lift and smash down to open.

20 – SEED POD 3 OF 10

From the previous chest, behind the gardening tower, use the nearby grapple balloon to get higher up the plateau, where you can find a Seed Pod at this location:

| camzillasmomcom
Seed Pod location on the map

21 – SEED POD 4 OF 10

There are more Seed Pods on this plateau. This one is closer to the Mantis.

22 – SEED POD 5 OF 10

Another Seed Pod on this plateau is very close. Jump down to a lower plateau area towards the Mantis and you will find a small, dry plant with pods.

23 – SEED POD 6 OF 10

We continue the Seed Pod chase up here on the plateau. At the highest point, towards the Relter’s nesting area, is the next Seed Pod.

24 – CHEST 8 OF 10

Contains: Pommel – Edgehawk

Turn around from the last seed pod and look towards the Relter nesting point. There is a chest you can lift and smash with the Force.

25 – SEED POD 7 OF 10

The last Seed Pod on the plateau is not far from the last chest that was smashed above.


Go to the very back of the plateau when the Relter nest to scan for this entry.

27 – CHEST 9 OF 10

Contains: Material – Bomber

We go down to where the Mantis is at the landing platform. Below the Mantis is a corridor – presumably for storage purposes at the landing platform. Just below the Mantis’ backside is a door that you can open with the Force. Behind this door is the chest.

| camzillasmomcom
Chest location on the map

28 – TREASURE 3 OF 7

Follow the corridor from the previous chest out, away from the Outpost center and you will discover a small cave at the back. Inside this cave are a couple of Gorger, but also a Scavenger Droid, who carries the Treasure piece. Destroy the droid to get it.

If you fail and the droid escapes, find the nearest Meditation Point, rest and come back to try again.

| camzillasmomcom
Location on the map.


Title: Turgle’s Shiny Shell

Head down to the river. Between the broken bridge and Swindler’s Wash is a shell on the river’s shore. Scan it for this Databank entry.

30 – TREASURE 4 OF 7

Near the broken bridge and the stables is a Scavenger Droid playing with those small fluffy creatures. Destroy the droid to get the Treasure. Slowing time helps. But if it escapes, go back to a Meditation Point, rest and try again.

31 – SEED POD 8 OF 10

Not far from the Scavenger Droid, you can find another Seed Pod Plant to cut down:

32 – SEED POD 9 OF 10

From the last Seed Pod, go up to the stable fence and walk along it to find this plant:

33 – SEED POD 10 OF 10

The last Seed Pod is also along the fence. It’s at the corner just by the building.

34 – TREASURE 5 OF 7

For this Treasure, mount a Nekko and jump to the top floor of the Stables. The Treasure is up there on the floor.

| camzillasmomcom
Location on the map

35 – CHEST 10 OF 10

Contains: BD-1 Materials – Unique Metal

On the ground floor of the stables is a chest in a locked room that can only be accessed from the Stable’s roof. Good thing we’re up here now, right? Look for a floor flap you can pull open with the Force. Drop down to open the chest.

| camzillasmomcom
Chest location on the map

36 – TREASURE 6 OF 7

Find yourself a Nekko and stable it in the stable that is furthest away from the fence.

Come back later and you will wind some droppings where you left the Nekko. Search the droppings with the Force to get the Treasure item.

| camzillasmomcom
Stable location on the map

37 – TREASURE 7 OF 7

The last Treasure is here for a reason. It’s the most complicated to get and you’ll have to leave Rambler’s Reach towards UNTAMED DOWNS to get it. It is on the tower roof of the closed up, big building right next to the stables.

| camzillasmomcom
Last Treasure location on the map

Mount a Nekko and jump up this cave at UNTAMED DOWNS:

Head to the very top of the cave. You’ll know when you reached the top when you see the Mogu. Defeat it and exit where it just stood. There is a Relter to your right that you need to take next.

Don’t fly to Rambler’s Reach Outpost, but to the other side.

Work your way to the top. There is another Relter. This one takes you to the Treasure.

Timing is essential here. Drop at the right time and you’re at the roof. Drop at the wrong time and you have to do this all over again! Good Luck!

Release: April 28th, 2023
Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Official Website:
Guides by camzillasmom