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Chamber of Clarity, Koboh: How to solve it – with Collectibles

The entrance to the Chamber of Clarity on Koboh up at the UNTAMED DOWNS. Just by the border to Fort Kah’Lin are some ruins with big, caved in entrance gates.

It has a total of 7 Collectibles: 1 Chest, 4 Databanks, 1 Treasure and 1 Essence.

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Untamed Downs – Chamber of Clarity is the black checkmark

Finding collectibles gets easier if you have all Map upgrades that show the collectibles on your in-game map. Follow the HOW TO GET ALL MAP UPGRADES guide to get the map upgrades you need!

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Overview Map


Take a closer look at one of the collapsed big entrances. One of them has a Treasure collectible. Exactly at this spot, you have to start climbing. Look for a wall covered in dry vines on the other side. From the treasure spot, you have to jump there to start climbing up.

Once on the dry vines, use the ledges covered in white paint to get to the other side. There is another wall covered in vines where you can climb up to the entrance the the Chamber of Clarity to take the elevator down.


“The World bends to the will of the Force. as such it may also bend to you.”
– Santari Khri

You’re standing at the entrance of an impressive golden hall, an abyss in front of you. Nothing you couldn’t handle with the Jedi skills, but not so fast – look down and you will see a big cube to the left of the abyss. You can pull it with the Force so it can be used as a bridge over the abyss.


Don’t use the bridge brick to cross. Instead, look down to where the brick was. There’s a secret path! Follow it and climb up while do so. At the top of that climb, look down and you will see the glow of the Treasure item down a step.

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Title: Tenacity

Get up that step you jumped down for the treasure above to keep on following that secret path.
The way forward is a wall-run to the exit at the top of the other side. The wall-runs are on both sides of this narrow alley with no floor. Make sure you jump up various times to get higher to reach the other end.

Climb up at the end of the wall-run and you will see runes written on the wall with the mysterious glow of an Echo. Interact with it to pick up this collectible.

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3 – CHEST 1 OF 1

Contains: Weapon Materials – Unique Non-Metal

As you continue to go deeper into the structure through the dark corridor, you get to another abyss. This one has two double rails for a big block each. The block is inside the left wall and can be pulled with the Force. When you do so, it will glide into a socket to the other side of the wall. So, this time you have a bridge but it moves.

Pull the first block out and jump on top of it while it moves.

Be quick and pull out the other block in the wall. Jump on this one, too to reach the other side of the abyss.

The Chest collectible is just around the corner from here.


Title: Trials

Jump down behind the Chest and you will notice that you are back at the entrance, where you pulled out the bridge brick. You’re now at the other side of the first abyss with the secret path entrance.

Ahead in this hall is another set of double rails but no block in the wall. The block must be on the other side – to the right and you can’t see it. But you can pull it without seeing it.

As you pull the block from right to left, you will notice the vines hanging on it. They are growing on two sides of the block. Pull the block, so it travels back to the right, jump onto the vines and move around to the turbine side of the block to get safely to the end point to the right.

On the other side, there is a second block parked inside a socket. Pull it out and investigate the empty socket. The Databank Collectible is inside.

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Title: Concerted Effort

Exit the block’s socket. There is a Databank entry to collect up to the right with the socket in your back.

Pull the block that you’ve just pulled out of the socket, back in again. While it moves, use its vines to climb to the top of it. From here you can jump over to the other side. You ‘ll see the runes of the Databank entry when you’re on top of the block.

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Title: A Candid Moment

Up here, from the last Databank Entry Collectible, follow the path to a right wall-run, through the door on the other side.

You’re now looking down to the room where the two blocks are. The door on the other side can be opened with the Force, when you’re close enough. With those two blocks in the area you have to build a ledge so you can reach this door.

This is how you do it:
– Send the block on the long rail from the left side back to the left, so you’re alone with the block from the socket.

– If it is not already, send the Socket Block back into the socket and leave it at its end point. The Socket Block acts now as a stopper and will keep the other block to travel too far.

– Next, pull the block on the far left back to you again so both blocks are side-by-side.

– Pull the Socket Block back into its socket.

– Now you need to be swift again. Pull the Socket Block out of the socket, climb on top of it and jump onto the other block.

– From here you can open the door high up and jump through it. In there is the Databank Entry as a glyph Echo on the wall.

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Contains: Fellowship Perk

Time to finish the Chamber of Clarity by picking up the last collectible, the Essence.

From the last Databank entry collectible, you can push down yet another block with the Force. You can use it to reach the Essence. Follow it down to the room where we started in.

Get on top of this new block and pull out a beam. Jump onto the beam and stand on it. Now you can jump over to the Essence chamber. Pick up the Essence and you’ve completed the Chamber of Clarity.

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Release: April 28th, 2023
Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Official Website:
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