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Basalt Rift, Koboh – All Collectibles – Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

Basalt Rift at Koboh is adjacent to SWINDLER’S WASH, which is right next to Rambler’s Reach Outpost. Basalt Rift is also home of the CHAMBER OF REASON.

Deep in the jungle, you have to find a total of 23 collectibles: 5 Chests, 8 Databank, 5 Treasure and 5 Seed Pods. In this guide, we start at the entrance to Basalt Rift, coming from SWINDLER’S WASH – like in the story, and work ourselves upwards until we reach FOREST ARRAY.

Basalt Rift is also home of the CHAMBER OF REASON.

Finding collectibles gets easier if you have all Map upgrades that show the collectibles on your in-game map. Follow the HOW TO GET ALL MAP UPGRADES guide to get the map upgrades you need!

Chamber of ClarityChamber of Connection Chamber of DetachmentChamber of DualityChamber of Reason
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1 – SEED POD 1 OF 5

Enter Basalt Rift from Swindler’s Wash through the big, white ancient gateway and follow the winding path up. In the first area, when you arrive at the top of the path, look to your left. There is a wall-run to the left. Cross over and go to the ledge. There is a yellow plant to cut down.

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Turn around and you will see the first Treasure on the floor in the center of the area.

3 – DATABANK #133

Title: Basalt Pillars

Head back to the Basalt Rift entrance by doing the Wall-run again. From the story, you should already have a zipline to cross over to go deeper into Basalt Rift.

Take this zipline. At the other end is a big rock pillar – you can even see it on the map. That’s the Databank entry.

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4 – SEED POD 2 OF 5

Turn around from the pillar. There is a stream with a sparkly plant. This is Seed Pod #2.


From the previous Seed Pod, continue your way into the Basalt Rift by wall-running up the slippery mud slope nearby.

At the top of the slope, don’t continue on through the white marked gap, but turn around. There is a higher wall-run to a patch of land to the right. That’s where the Treasure is.

6 – DATABANK #144

Title: Turf Wars

Next, we continue the collectible hunt at the BASALT RIFT MEDITATION POINT. You will see some Stormtroopers ahead, beyond a broken wooden bridge. On the other is a big metal ball – a drop pod. Scan it to get the collectible.

7 – DATABANK #132

Title: Same Story, Different Planet

Enter the nearby Stormtrooper’s cave camp.

Jump down there to pick up the Databank entry where the three Stormtroopers are in the cave. It’s an Echo on the floor.

8 – CHEST 1 OF 5

Contains: Hunter – Shirt

In the area of the Echo above, go back to the ledge where you came from and look down. There is a grapple point down there. Use it to get to the chest below.

9 – CHEST 2 OF 5

Contains: Hunter – Pants

From the Chest, head back up where the Stormtroopers camped in the cave and head further inside. At the end of the winding cave path, there is a mud slide down with a jump to the end. Two Stormtroopers are fighting a Bilemaw.

Investigate the Bilemaw’s Den (the cave behind it) to find the chest.

10 – DATABANK #136

Title: Bilemaw’s Revenge

At the entrance of the same cave is this Databank entry.

11 – DATABANK #140

Title: Risk and Research

Exit the cave and climb up by pulling out the 3 long stone bars with the Force. Then doing the wall run and use the overgrown walls to get to the top.

You’re now back at the camp, where you met Toa the first time. In the camp is a high, yellow metal plate. Scan it for this enty.

12 – SEED POD 3 OF 5

Look for the green sparkling plant in the same area – closer to the ledge where you came up.

13 – TREASURE 3 OF 5

From this camp, go back up towards the Basalt Rift Meditation Point.
At the arch, turn left and climb over the rock pillars to continue to follow the path up, where you fight a Mogu.

After you’ve defeated the Mogu, look up on the half circular structure. There are wall-run marks to get to the top.
From the climb up spot at the top, go to the other side to pick up the Treasure.

14 – CHEST 3 OF 5

Contains: Max Stim Increase

Continue to investigate this area up here on the half circular structure. When you go to the direction of the valley, you will soon see a big medical chest with a stim inside.

15 – CHEST 4 OF 5

Contains: Hair – Crew Cut

Leave this area and head back. Cross the fallen pillar and turn left straight after to go down. There is another Stormtrooper Camp down there, below the broken bridge, with a chest.

16 – DATABANK #137

Title: The Short Straw

Next to the chest above is this databank entry.

17 – CHEST 5 OF 5

Contains: Pommel – Diligence

From the last area, look down. There is a sleeping Bilemaw. Under your feet, on the same level but just on the other side of the Bilemaw is a small cave with a chest in it. You can get down there without waking the Bilemaw.

18 – DATABANK #143

Title: Bilemaw Pools

Exit the cave and take the left way to get back towards the Bilemaw. On the left is a small waterfall. BD will beep near it and point out these pools on the floor.

19 – TREASURE 4 OF 5

Have you seen a red Scavenger Droid running around in the same area as the Bilemaw, the Databank and the Chest? Yes? You have to chase and destroy it. If you can slow time, this helps a lot. But you can also do it without that ability. Just grab your lightsaber and try to slice it in half. It has the Treasure piece.

If it digs itself in, go to the Meditation Point and rest. The droid is back after this.

20 – SEED POD 4 OF 5

After you’ve defeated the Bilemaw, investigate the area where it slept. There is a green sparkling plant.

21 – SEED POD 5 OF 5

On the other side of Bilemaw’s sleeping place is the last plant.

22 – TREASURE 5 OF 5

We’re done in this area. Pull out the two big rock bars where the Bilemaw was sleeping and climb up to the higher area.

At the top you will see the first traces of Koboh dust – purple dust in the area that will kill you if you get in touch with it for too long. Follow the path down – avoiding the dust – until you reach a wider area with a lot of dust.

Here, to the right, is a small cave. Climb inside to get the Treasure on the floor.

23 – DATABANK #139

Title: Koboh Dust

Climb out of the cave to the other side and BD-1 will point out the Koboh Dust to scan.

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