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Chamber of Duality, Koboh – All Collectibles – Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

The Chamber of Duality is the first Chamber you find on Koboh. In this chamber, you get to rescue the droid “Zee” in the story. RAMBLER’S REACH OUTPOST is just above it. Before you leave, make sure to pick up the collectibles. There’s 1 Chest, 1 Essence, 1 Databank and 1 Treasure to be found.

Finding collectibles gets easier if you have all Map upgrades that show the collectibles on your in-game map. Follow the HOW TO GET ALL MAP UPGRADES guide to get the map upgrades you need!

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Title: Disaster

Coming from the COLLAPSED PASSAGE Meditation Point, head towards the Chamber of Duality.

Before you squeeze yourself through a gap to actually get inside the chamber, there is a wall to the left that BD wants to scan.


After you’ve met Zee, look around. There is another bridge with one Coupler and a bridge that needs two Orbs – two Couplers. First, grab the Orb out of the entrance bridge coupler and put it into the coupler of the bridge that only needs one Orb.

Cross the bridge and look for the door opener above the golden door. You can pull and put it into a socket nearby.

Get inside and take the second orb to put it into one of the two couplers of the bridge that needs two orbs.

This was preparation for later… go back to the chamber you’ve just picket up the orb. The Treasure is in there around the corner.

3 – CHEST 1 OF 1

Contains: Weapon Materials – Jedi Paint

Go back to Zee and pull the orb out of the 1-Orb-Bridge to put it in the second coupler of the 2-Orb-Bridge.

Now you can cross the bridge with the two orbs. The ornate golden door is the elevator and will open after you’ve freed Zee. Facing the elevator, look to the left. There is a wall-run you can make to get to the other side from there to get to the chest.

4 – ESSENCE 1 OF 1

The Essence is the reward for “beating” the Chamber of Duality.

From the chest above, turn left. You should see white paint smears on the wall. Here you’ll have to do a side-to-side wall jump up until you reach the top.

At the top, look at the mechanism at the ceiling. There is another disk you can pull to put it in the slot nearby. This will free Zee.

Jump down through the big “O” to meet with Zee. She will open up the Essence Reward Device.

Release: April 28th, 2023
Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
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