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Corroded Silo, Koboh: How to get all Collectibles

Welcome to Camzillasmom, your ultimate destination for game guides and walkthroughs! In this guide, we’ll be exploring the Corroded Silo at Koboh and showing you how to find all of the collectibles hidden within.

The Corroded Silo is a mysterious round building at the SOUTHERN REACH. To get inside, you can parkour up from its base or take a Relter from the Southern Reach Meditation Point, which is right at the border to DERELICT DAM. At the top of the Silo is a hatch you can open with the Force and then drop inside.

In this guide, we’ll start collecting from the very top of the Corroded Silo and work ourselves to the bottom of it to reach the CHAMBER OF FORTITUDE.
There are a total of 6 collectibles in the Corroded Silo: 3 Chests and 3 Databank entry. In this guide we collect them all.

Finding collectibles gets easier if you have all Map upgrades that show the collectibles on your in-game map. Follow the HOW TO GET ALL MAP UPGRADES guide to get the map upgrades you need!

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A map of the Corroded Silo with all Collectibles locations highlighted | camzillasmomcom
All Collectibles Overview Map


Title: Curiosity Sours

Drop down into the Corroded Silo from the entrance point shown at the top of this guide.

Follow the path down, where you can lift up a gate with the Force. Behind it is a green force field, where you can dash through.

Behind the green force field is a wall-run to the right that leads to a small room with two enemies. After you’ve defeated them, look for a shiny tablet in the corner of this room.


Title: New Acquisitions

Continue on by crossing a gap onto a yellow platform. From there you can wall-run to the right and drop down onto metal beams. Just drop further down onto the beams.

From here you can swing down onto the yellow platform below, where you have to fight a B1 Droid before you can pick up the collectible.

3 – CHEST 1 OF 3

Contains: Beard – Goatee and Mustache

This chest is just a few steps away from the last collectible.

4 – CHEST 2 OF 3

Contains: Body – Arakyd Heavy

From the last chest, there is a wall-run to the left that you can drop with the Force. Wall-run twice, left then right to reach a metal grate wall at the end.

The metal grate wall will drop down and you climb down to the next platform. From here, take the zipline over to a metal grate wall and climb up where there’s just one enemy.
Defeat him and stand on the ledge where you just climbed up from. There is a wall-run to the right on the other side.

Up here is this chest. It is a round cylinder that is chained to the floor. Lift it with the force and smash it to open.

5 – CHEST 3 OF 3

Contains: Weapon Materials – Bumpy Rubber

For the last chest, stay on the platform of the previous chest. This chest is also a cylindric chest. You don’t have to be close to loot it.

Look down to where you arrived with the zipline and climbed up to defeat the enemy. Just behind the metal grate that you used to climb up is a chest. Use the Force to lift it and smash it from up here.


Title: Whispered Words

Go back down to the platform above the just looted chest – where the single enemy was – and follow the corridor further in. There is an elevator at the end – take it.

You’ve reached the bottom of the Silo and the entrance to the CHAMBER OF FORTITUDE. You can Force-lift a wall-run to the right to cross over to collect the Echo that is right next to the Chamber elevator.

Release: April 28th, 2023
Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
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