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Foothill Falls, Koboh: How to find all Collectibles

Welcome to Camzillasmom, your ultimate destination for game guides and walkthroughs! In this guide, we’ll be exploring the Foothill Falls at Koboh and showing you how to find all of the collectibles hidden within.

With our detailed instructions and step-by-step guidance, you’ll be able to easily navigate through the level and uncover all of the hidden treasures it has to offer. So whether you’re a completionist looking to 100% the game or just a casual player looking to enhance your experience, our guide is here to help.

The Foothill Falls at Koboh are just above RAMBLER’S REACH OUTPOST and is the entrance point for the mountains. There are 12 Collectibles in total – 4 Chests, 4 Databank, 2 Treasures and 1 Seed Pod. In this guide, I will follow the path that Cal takes in the story, doing the right side with the cargo elevator first, and then go over, with the flying creature, to do the Abandoned Shack.

By picking up all collectibles, you will also solve the “Investigate the Abandoned Shack” Rumor.

There is no Meditation Point, so I come up from the Rambler’s Reach, as Cal does.

Finding collectibles gets easier if you have all Map upgrades that show the collectibles on your in-game map. Follow the HOW TO GET ALL MAP UPGRADES guide to get the map upgrades you need!

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1 – CHEST 1 OF 4

Contains: Hair – Slicked Back

From RAMBLER’S REACH OUTPOST, take the path up to the mountains and turn left at the crossing. There is a prospector with a Nekko and a zipline up into the Foothill Falls.

Take the zipline up. At the other end is a prospector standing at the entrance to a house. The chest is behind the house.

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2 – DATABANK #168

Title: Cargo Elevator

Check out the industrial area next to the house. It is a Cargo Elevator and will be the shortcut to the top of the mountain after you’ve been there and used it.

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3 – DATABANK #175

Title: A Curious Pair

Head towards the Relter (the bat-bird that you can fly with). There is a small step down with a long, cylindrical pod, where you can scan this Databank enty.

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4 – CHEST 2 OF 4

Contains: Patience – Pommel

Take a dive into the water. At the bottom of this pond is a chest.

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Follow the pond shore to the very back. On this patch is a round container with the Treasure on it.

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6 – SEED POD 1 OF 2

Contains: Koboh Spiker: Nabooan Green

Take the Relter (flying transport) over to the other side of Foothill Falls, where the Abandoned Shack is. Land on the yellow platform right at the ledge, where you would fall down the canyon. With the canyon in your back turn left. There are a couple of plants and one of them has seeds.

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7 – DATABANK #191

Title: Child’s Hideaway

From the recent plant and the seed pod, follow the path down to a small cave. There is a small construct to the left to scan.

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Take the wall-run from the right to the left in the cave to reach a patch of land higher up. There is a Treasure.

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9 – SEED POD 2 OF 2

Go back outside and up to the Abandoned Shack. Near the basement entrance of the shack is a plant with red leaves. That’s the sparkly one with the Seed Pod.

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10 – CHEST 3 OF 4

Contains: Weapon Materials – Droid Paint

Above the Abandoned Shack is one of the hovering “balloon” grapple points. Climb onto the shed’s roof and from there, jump on the chimney to reach the balloon grapple point.

Direct it to drop you high up to the right, where the Relter (flying animal) is. There is a chest.

This is a round container chest. It is attached to the floor. Use the Force to lift it and slam it to the floor to open it. If you don’t know how to do it, check your Abilites Menu in the game under “Force”.

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11 – DATABANK #192

Title: Prospecting Network

Cross the platform to get to the other side from the chest above. Scan the big metal construction there. You have to look up to do so.

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12 – CHEST 4 OF 4

Contains: Stim +1

The last chest is behind the burned destructible wall inside the Abandoned Shack down below. When you open this chest, you will solve the “Investigate the Abandoned Shack” Rumor.
To destroy this wall, you need a “Roller Mine”.

There is a Roller Mine dispenser just below the previous Databank collectible. So, from the platform high up, you have to drop down one level to get to the metal platform below.

Interact with it and BD-1 will go and dispense a Roller Mine. Lure it to the edge of the metal platform, where you can look down onto the shed and – through a hole in the roof – the destructible wall.

Pick up the Mine and throw it from this edge into the hole in the roof to destroy the wall.

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