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Devastated Settlement, Koboh: How to get all Collectibles

Welcome to the Devastated Settlement on Koboh. An old civilization lived here but now the buildings are crumbled and the abysses seem deeper then they really are… This guide takes you to all collectibles and shows you how to get them. We’ll start at the entrance when coming from the VISCID BOG and work ourselves towards the other end of the map, where you can wall-run to the BOILING BLUFF, after you’ve freed the wall from the Koboh Matter.

Finding collectibles gets easier if you have all Map upgrades that show the collectibles on your in-game map. Follow the HOW TO GET ALL MAP UPGRADES guide to get the map upgrades you need!

Chamber of Connection Chamber of DualityChamber of Reason
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Overview Map of the Devastated Settlement area in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. All Collectibles locations are highlighted.
Overview map – Location of all Collectibles – Devastated Settlement


These are the collectibles overview maps by type. Numbers on the maps correspond with the numbers below in the detailed descriptions. Maps are clickable to enlarge.


Title: An Instruction

Coming from the VISCID BOG, you can drop down to a little entrance area to your left. In the story, you will take a Relter from IGNEOUS FISSURE to get to the Devastated Settlement. As soon as you land, you have to fight Korej Lim and after that you meet Caij, which unlocks Caij Bounties quests in the game. Just behind Caij is an entrance to a room.

Inside is a big closed door and an empty Orb Coupler. In the corner of this room is the Databank entry.


Title: Technological Deficit

Now climb back up where the Devastated Settlement exit to the VISCID BOG is. With the exit in your back, look to your left and you will see parkour paint indicators on a wall going up to an opening. Climb up and enter the room.

In this room is a purple beam, so there is an Orb here causing this. In the corner of this room is an Echo.


We stay in the previous location. The Treasure is in the room with the Orb and the Coupler. To get it, you need to paint a line from the beam’s impact point to the Koboh Matter with the Koboh Grinder.

You can now enter the room with the Orb and pick up the Treasure on the floor.

4 – ESSENCE 1 OF 5

Contains: Skill Point

Now you have access to the Orb. Take it down to the empty coupler in the room where the first collectible in this guide is. You have to be quick picking up the Orb after you’ve lost control of the Force, otherwise it appears again in the initial Orb Coupler.

Place the Orb in the socket.

The big door opens and you can go pick up the Essence.


Exit the room and climb back up to where the Relter is sitting at the end of the broken bridge. Take it to the other side, where the Devastated Settlement Meditation Point is. From here, you can grapple up to a small ledge marked with white paint.

While hanging on the ledge, move to the left, where you can climb up and cross over to the other side.

There is an opening in the wall here, leading inside a puzzle room with a beam – which we will cover in a bit. For now, go up the path to the right where the Relter is. Look for parkour paint stripes on the wall just near the Relter, straight ahead of the path.

The Treasure is on this wall. Jump onto the wall and pick it up. You’ll have to die.

6 – SEED POD 1 OF 7

After picking up the previous Treasure item, you will respawn near the Relter. Take the Relter next and fly to the Island at the far end. It is quite a stretch. Make sure you steer the Relter up to keep your height.

On this small patch of land, look for the green sparkle near a plant and cut it down.

7 – CHEST 1 OF 3

Contains: Switch – Harmony

On the same island like the last Seed Pod is a chest.


Title: A Patient Master

Take the Relter back to the Devastated Stettlement Meditation Point and climb up to the top.

Now we’re going to enter the puzzle chamber.

Inside is a round, rotating switch that you can use with the Force. It will pull a Coupler with the Orb in it to the other side of the rail. But a big cube is in its way. Pull the cube down with the force to clear the Coupler’s rail.

Now you can climb up the big cube to get up to the coupler and its rail. There is an echo at the end of the rail in the corner.

Location on the map


We’re still in the puzzle chamber of the last collectible.
There is a Treasure Piece in the room with the round switch. It is glued to a wall with Koboh Matter. You can use the beam’s impact point to draw a path with your Koboh Grinder to get it down. Here’s how to do it:

You first have to interact with the big round switch – use the Force, so the beam goes through the hole, burning off blocking Koboh Matter in the process. The beam impacts at the wall at the back of the switch room.

Use the Koboh Grinder to paint a path from the beam impact point to the Koboh Matter that keeps the Treasure in place. It will fall to the ground, where you can pick it up.

10 – TREASURE 4 OF 9

We’re still in the puzzle chamber of the last collectible.
In the story, you now have to transport the Orb from the inside to the outside Coupler.

Since you just got rid of the Koboh Matter that blocked a hole from one room to the oder, you now have access to a socket, where you can place the Orb.

Grab the Orb from the other side and carry it outside to place it into the outside socket.

Get back up to the outside coupler and move it around to burn off the Koboh Matter on the vents – as requested by the story.

Drop down to the Relter to fly to the island with the vents that you’ve just freed. You can find the Treasure lying under a tree.

Location on the map

11 – SEED POD 2 OF 7

The Seed Pod Plant is just next to the previous Treasure collectible.


Title: Thermal Vent

Scan the nearby vents that you’ve freed from Koboh Matter.

13 – SEED POD 3 OF 7

Take the Zipline shortcut back towards the Devastated Settlement Meditation point. At the other end of the zipline is a patch of land with this Seed Pod.

14 – TREASURE 5 OF 9

From the Seed Pod, you can climb back up to take the same Relter that you took to get to the Island with the vents. But this time, you can fly higher and reach the area to the far right – just how you progress in the story.

Enter the structure and cross over to the other side. In the story, the floor will collapse underneath you and you will fall down to a lower area with a Gorocco.

After you’ve fought it, take the orb out of the coupler and put it inside another coupler inside the wall next to a closed door. The closed door next to it will open and you can go through.

After you’ve fought it, take the orb out of the coupler and put it inside another coupler inside the wall next to a closed door. The closed door next to it will open and you can go through.

In the story, you have to interact with the equipment in this room to get BD’s Koboh Grinder.

Just above the Koboh Grinder pickup is a Treasure trapped in Koboh Matter. Use the Koboh Grinder to get it!

15 – TREASURE 6 OF 9

To get out of where you’re learned the Koboh Grinder Ability at the previous collectible, you have to burn off the Koboh Matter from where you entered the room. Then you can climb up and cross back over to the room where the Orb and the two couplers are.

Pull the Orb back out of the wall, where you put it to open the entrance next to the coupler. This can be a bit buggy when you’re close by and you won’t be able to do it. Try to stand further away, closer to the empty coupler.

As soon as you have the Orb, put it back into the coupler that you took it out from initially.

To get out of here you have to burn off the Koboh Matter on the Wall-run to your left and the wall with the grapple hook to get up to the wall-run.

Before you climb up though, make sure you also free a Treasure piece that is just below the horizontal wall-run above. It will fall to the floor, where you can pick it up.


Title: Idle Talk

Before you climb up, grab the Orb again from the coupler – we don’t need the beam anymore – and put it into the closed door coupler in the wall next to the vertical wall-run with the grapple.

Now climb up to leave this pit. At the top, there is an echo glowing in the right corner.

17 – ESSENCE 2 OF 5

Contains: Maximum Force Increase

This Essence is just next to the previous Databank Entry.


Title: Chamber Mural

Now we can exit this place, but we have to take the orb as well. Grab it out of the door socket and place it into the socket just above the horizontal wall-run towards the exit.

Use the wall-run to cross over and take the Orb at the other side to place it into the coupler outside.

Before you burn off the vents with this movable coupler now, look around in this outside area. You will find this databank entry here, close to the Relter:


Title: The Seeds of Concern

Burn off the Koboh Matter with the movable coupler before you take the Relter. We’re flying across the valley, where another empty coupler is. Use the now Koboh Matter free vents to give your Relter a boost.

There is an Echo on the left of this area. You can already see it when flying over with the Relter.

20 – TREASURE 7 OF 9

There is an Essence behind this Koboh Matter Wall high up to the right. This means we need an Orb and it’s impact point to burn this off first, then we’ll come back to it later. There is a gap you can go through on the other side of this Koboh Matter wall.

When you’ve come out of the gap, look up to your right. There is a cube you can pull out, so it drops to the floor. Align it, so you can climb up into the room where the cube was.

There’s this treasure.

21 – ESSENCE 3 OF 5

Contains: Perk – Precision

The orb is sitting on a coupler behind bars. There is another gap you can go through to reach the other side, but the Orb won’t fit – obviously. There is a big gate that closes as soon as you take the Orb out of the socket.

Go back to the cube we’ve pulled out for the previous treasure collectible. Push the cube underneath the open gate. Now you can carry the Orb through the gate.

At the other side, place the Orb into the coupler. This will generate a beam that goes through a window to the other side where the Koboh Matter wall is. Go to the beam’s impact point and paint a path to the Koboh Matter wall with your Koboh Grinder.

Now the Koboh Matter is gone and you can climb up to get the Essence.


Title: A World Away

In the room next to the previous Essence is this Databank Entry in form of an Echo.


Title: Central Manse

The next Databank entry is not in this area, but at the big building across the valley – The Grand Courtyard. To get there, we need to move the Orb outside into the beam coupler, so we can clean some more vents.

There is a big exit next to the Orb and the Coupler, but it is also covered in Koboh Matter. But the impact point is on the other side of the room!

Go to the impact point and paint a line with the Koboh Grinder so it just follows the beam back to the window that divides the two rooms.

You can paint through the window floor to get to the Koboh Matter at the exit.

You can now carry the Orb to the outside Coupler and burn away the Koboh Matter.

You can now carry the Orb to the outside Coupler and burn away the Koboh Matter. When you’re done, place the beam onto a balcony at the far end of the valley. This is essential for collecting the last Essence at the Devastated Settlement!

Take the Relter to fly over to the Grand Courtyard with its Meditation Point. Here, go to the left outside wall of the Grand Courtyard and scan for the Databank Entry.

Location on the map


Title: Training Courtyard

Enter the building, where BD will highlight a scannable wall.


Title: Devastated Remains

In the courtyard, BD can slice open a door to get inside. Turn left and BD will point out a piece of debris that looks like a big ladder.


Title: Dagan’s Descent

Enter the next room by the last Databank Entry and you will wind a scroll with this collectible on top of a desk.


Title: Theses of Yaddle

Slice the door near the previous Databank Entry. On the other side, you can find this one in a bookshelf.


Title: Cataclysm

Follow the corridor into the next room, where you can grapple up to the top of the building. But don’t do that yet – there is an echo in the corner of the room.

29 – ESSENCE 4 OF 5

Contains: Perk – Marksmanship

From the last Echo, use the grapple to get to the top of the building. From here, you can climb up some vines to get to the top of a tower with a Relter. Next to it is this Essence.

30 – CHEST 2 OF 3

Contains: Weapon Material – Hard Leather

Take the Relter down and drop into the pond of the little island ahead.
The chest is at the bottom of the pool. Dive down to open.

Location on the map

31 – SEED PODS 4+5 OF 7

Exit the pool and you can find a green sparkling plant just next to a tree. The second plant is right next to it to the right.

32 – TREASURE 8 OF 9

Look for the Scavenger Droid on the Pond Island. Destroy it to get the Treasure.

In case it gets away, go rest at the nearest Meditation Point and try again.

33 – SEED PODS 6+7 OF 7

Take the Relter to an area below the Grand Courtyard.

You can find two Seed Pod plants here. – Looking from above, here they are:


The Force Tear is in the same area as the Seed Pods above. It’s just in the center of the cube at the top of the stairs.

35 – TREASURE 9 OF 9

Now, at Collectible 23 of this guide, we placed the Orb beam on a balcony far away, remember?

This beam is now just below us – the Force Tear island.

To get here you have to fly a Relter. The Relter from the pond island worked the best for me. You can dive down with a Relter if you’re too high up. Check your controls on how to do a Relter dive.

Enter the structure to find the Treasure item in the corner of the room.


Title: Fallen Padawan

In the same room as the previous Treasure item, is also a Koboh Matter barred passage. Next to it, to the right, is a wall you can scan.

37 – ESSENCE 5 OF 5

Contains: Perk – Ambidexterity

The Essence terminal is behind the Koboh Matter Wall. Good thing that we previously steered one of the Beams onto the balcony in collectible #23 in this guide. You can now lay a Koboh Matter path from the balcony to the Koboh Matter Barricade.

You can now enter the room and pick up the Essence.

38 – CHEST 3 OF 3

Contains: Beard – Full Goatee and Mustache

Head back to the Grand Courtyard Meditation Point. Go up to the high Relter on top of the tower and fly over to the structure that you haven’t been yet – the one behind the pool island.

On the other side, drop down and enter the cave.

Inside, you can see a slide-down wall ahead. Slide it down and grapple to the other side from here to get deeper into the cave.

Wall-run here and jump over to get to the chest.
Regarding the way out: same way as you came!

Release: April 28th, 2023
Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
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