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A Picture of Health – Haunting Case – Banishers Ghosts of New Eden

After successfully taking care of the Hauntings of the Blacksmith in “Hammer and Tongs” and “Prudence in All Things – The Cook”, and slaying The Beast, exit the Hunter’s Camp toward the northwest. After you squeeze yourself through a gap in a rocky wall, you are being attacked by Evelynne Fitcher…

1 – Start: A Picture of Health – Haunting Case

Evelynne Fitcher is starting this Haunting Case by attacking you at this location:

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She didn’t believe in ghosts, but now she thinks she was attacked by one while gathering plants in the woods. Evelynne is too scared to go back and get her bag with medical equipment and supplies that she dropped. Red offers to help.

Go northeast to find the bag on the other side of a precipice. Walk around the precipice to reach the bag. Start by heading north/northwest on the path. At the fork, turn northeast towards the barrier. Use Antea to blast away the wall. Keep going on the path, staying on the right side, until you can descend to the area where the bag is.

First, you should see and pick up a “Torn out medical consultation log”.

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Then, climb down into the pit, where ghosts will attack. After the fight, you can pick up the bag. It will give you the first hint:

Return to Evelynne Fitcher at her house. The conversation will reveal another hint.

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2 – Investigate Evelynne’s House

There are a couple of things to find in and around Evelynne’s house. At her back garden, you can pick up a “Torn Page from “Semptem Defensiones”.

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Inside the house is quite a mess. There are a couple of bottles on the floor that you can look at, an old letter on the table, and another pile of destroyed things next to Evelynne’s bed. Finally, an item that will reveal another hint. There is something on the floor next to the dinner table that Red can scan for the following hint:

That’s all you need from inside the house, before you leave though, pick up the Key to the Shed on the shelf next to the exit door. Now you can enter the previously locked shed. Inside is an empty easel in the corner. Antea can scan it and reveal a painting that Red can investigate. It shows a couple – Felicity and Gaufrey.

A red glowing circle appears in front of the painting. Use the “Make-Manifest” ritual with 2 Hoof Fungus and 2 Lilac Hyacinths to summon the ghost.

It’s Gaufrey Rawlings, the fiancé of Evelynne’s sister Felicity, and gives Red the following 2 last hints for the case:

3 – Save Evelynne

Evelynne went to hiding and the ghost – Gaufrey – is angry at her. Find both of them at this location in the south:

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After you fight off the ghosts, enter the house and meet both of them for your verdict…

4 – Walkthrough Video

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden
Release: February 13th, 2024
Developer: Don’t Nod
Publisher: Focus Entertainment
Official Website:
Written by: Camzillasmom