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Prudence in All Things – Haunting Case – Banishers Ghosts of New Eden

Antea and Red have unfinished tasks at the Hunter’s Camp as they make their way back to New Eden. Kate Newsmith has requested Red to investigate Prudence Hake’s peculiar behavior. It’s time to visit Prudence and solve the haunting case known as “Prudence in All Things – The Cook” in the video game “Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden”.

1 – Start: The Cook – Haunting Case

The Hake’s live in the south of Hunter’s Camp.

2 – The Hints at the Hake’s House

Knock on the door and enter the house. There are a couple of things to look at: The map on the table, the fireplace with the cooking pot, the letter on the table, a letter on the small bookshelf, and the bucket on the floor. To be able to interact with the bucket, you have to it as Antea. This will reveal numbers written all over the house. Interact with them to find your first hint.

3 – Follow the map to the “Three Oaks”

Destroy all the barriers and crates that lead to the back of Prudence Hake’s house. There is a secret passage to the forest. From here you can go all the way to the west until you reach the “three oaks”. There you’ll find Prudence Hake and you can talk to her.

4 – Follow the Trail of Numbers

Play as Antea and you will see the same numbers that you saw in Prudence Hake’s house shining brightly in the wilderness. Look around and follow those numbers, leading westward. Soon, you will see the ghost for the first time. Just where the ghost was is a barrier you can destroy playing as Red. Inspect the book on the floor to pick up “Prudence’s Cypher”.

Continue to follow the glowing trail and the numbers until you reach this bowl shown in the screenshots below. You will get the next hint, when you interact with it.

5 – Track Down the Ghost

Continue to follow the trail and the shining numbers. You will have to climb up a yellow wall at this location to continue:

Continue to head north towards the waterfall. You’re at the right place when Thomas appears and ghosts attack you. Pick up the glowing chisel at this location:

Now Thomas Hake is ready to talk. He’s standing near the water to the north. You will get the last hint from him and then get to decide what to do with either Prudence or Thomas Hake.

Walkthrough Video

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden
Release: February 13th, 2024
Developer: Don’t Nod
Publisher: Focus Entertainment
Official Website:
Written by: Camzillasmom