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Hammer and Tongs – Haunting Case – Banishers Ghosts of New Eden

Antea and Red arrived at the Hunter’s Camp on their way back to New Eden and started their work straight away at the blacksmith’s. In Hammer and Tongs, Red has to find out what secret the blacksmith and his wife are keeping and who is haunting them…

1 – Start: Hammer and Tongs – Haunting Case

Head over to the Blacksmith’s house after having a rest at your house in the Hunter’s Camp. The location can be seen in the map shown below:

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2 – The Hints at the Blacksmith’s House

Have a look at the outside workshop first. There is a drillbit and some nails that don’t look fit for purpose.

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Also at the workshop area, examine a water puddle on the floor next to the forge and the anvil. Then look for Nellie around the house. She’s the blacksmith’s wife. Talk to her about everything there is to talk about. This will give you the second hint of the case:

Nellie will grant you access to the house. Enter it and investigate the bed. This will trigger a round glowing circle on the floor, where you can perform the Harkening Ritual, so you can see what happened here. You will need 2 Pyrite and 2 Wild Chervil.

We will witness the blacksmith standing at the side of the bed with his hammer raised over his sleeping wife, fighting the urge to kill her. Instead of doing so, he runs off towards the workshop exit. Switch to Antea and let her interact with the tracks next to the outside workshop.

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3 – The Blacksmith

Playing as Antea, follow the brightly glowing tracks over the two bridges to the location that is shown on the map below. The blacksmith is at the house.

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After the fight, talk to the blacksmith. He will tell you that his tools are cursed and inside the house. Also, he will give you the third hint:

The blacksmith now returns to the Hunter’s camp, leaving you with the cursed tools inside the house. They’re on the table. You will get another hint once you pick them up:

4 – Meeting the Ghost

The flatter, the hammer that we have seen in the echo, is missing from the tool set. Time to find it! Exit the house through the back. Switch to Antea and examine another set of tracks just outside, as shown in the screenshot below.

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Follow the tracks to this location on the map:

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Once you arrive, you’ll notice a high platform ahead. However, there seems to be no visible path down. Simply turn back and take the next westward turn. You’ll come across a yellow-highlighted wall that you can climb. Once at the top, switch to Antea. With her, you can perform a Leap to cross the quarry and reach the other side. Look out for green rings along the way and align them all to execute the Leap (L1 on PS5), as shown in the screenshot below.

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Once on the other side, make your way down, where you have to fight another group of ghosts. Once they’re defeated, pick up the flatter/hammer on the floor. As soon as you pick it up, you will see what happened on the ship on the way to New Eden. The hint reads as follows:

Since you now have the flatter/hammer, you can summon the ghost with it at the bright circle on the floor. Choose the Make-Manifest ritual that costs the Flatter and 2 Hoof Fungus.

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The ghost will appear near the water. Talk to him to get to know his side of the story. Turns out, he’s the real husband and Nellie’s current “blacksmith” husband is a fraud.

5 – Return to the Blacksmith’s House

Return to the house of the blacksmith and enter. Nellie and her “husband” are already discussing what happened. Talk to them to get the rest of the story and the last two hints.

As the final task, you get to decide what happens to the Heaytons and ultimately – with Antea and Red.

Hammer and Tongs – Walkthrough Video

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden
Release: February 13th, 2024
Developer: Don’t Nod
Publisher: Focus Entertainment
Official Website:
Written by: Camzillasmom