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The Beast – Haunting Case – Banishers Ghosts of New Eden

After successfully taking care of the Hauntings of the Blacksmith in “Hammer and Tongs” and “Prudence in All Things – The Cook”, Red meets up with the camp’s leader, Thickskin to discuss the next task. There’s a rumor that a beast is somewhere in the Dark Woods and Thickskin wants Red to take care of it to lift the Settlers’ spirits…

1 – Start: The Beast – Haunting Case

After Red has talked to Thickskin at the highest building of the Hunter’s Camp you will get the first hint:

Now, find Kate at the location shown below. Red is supposed to obtain Kate’s musket. Thickskin would protect Kate and hence she doesn’t need the rifle anymore. Talk to her and you will receive the rifle as a tool. But you will hear Kate’s side of things and receive a hint about Thickskin.

2 – Hunt the Beast

Before you run off to hunt the beast, you should check if you can upgrade the rifle that you’ve just received. If you can, quickly return to your house and upgrade it at the campfire.

Then, head to the bridge in the southeast to talk to the guard there – Beloved. He will lower the bridge so you can leave the camp, but also give you a hint about Kate:

Follow the path into the Grim Groves, a sub-region of the Dark Woods. Here, you’ll engage in target practice with your new rifle. Keep heading southeast along the path until you reach a small house containing a chest glowing in blue.

3 – Find a Way through the Mines

To reach the beast, start by passing through the mines. Shoot a beam above you to unlock the entrance. Once you’ve dealt with the ghosts, you can proceed further into the mines.

Inside the mines, head down and through the passage going northwest.

At the end of this passage, you have to push a mining cart forward to enter a new room in the mine. This is the room where you will exit the mines, but you’ll have to do a couple of things first.

You have to reach the highest point in the mines so Antea can use Leap to get you out of here. But first things first. Notice, that there is another mining cart in this room but it is stuck. You can’t push it. As you move to the side, you can see that another mining cart is hanging onto it. The glowing joint indicates that you can shoot it to free the mining cart from its burden.

The ghosts will attack if they’re unhappy with your actions. After defeating them, you can move the mining cart backward and use it as a step to reach the higher level. Move further up and you will reach the level where Antea can use “Leap”. But a hanging bunch of logs are blocking the way – of course!

Cross the nearby bridge to the other side. There is another mining cart that you can push away to get to a corridor that has a climbable wall to reach a platform from where you can shoot the logs down.

After another fight with unfriendly ghosts, Anthea can now use Leap to get the both of you out of the mines.

4 – Investigate the Area

Outside the mines, head northeast along the path. Antea will point out unusually large tracks in the muddy path. Keep going and you’ll come across a group of wolves that were not killed for their meat, but by specters, as Antea suggests. Further ahead, there’s another group of wolves with puppies that were slain by the beast. Look for a small puppy on the ground and interact with it. This will provide a hint about the beast.

After defeating the ghosts, head east and proceed towards the beast. You will reach an area with an echo. When Red’s hand starts to glow, it indicates the presence of something lurking nearby. Switch to Antea and search for green lines that lead to a special object. As you approach, an angry ghost-settler named Nicholas Doolan will appear. Defeat him and investigate the spot where he appeared while playing as Antea. This will give you a new hint about Thickskin.

5 – Track the Beast

Continue on, climbing up until you reach “Kate’s Bivouac” campfire. Make sure to light it, before you continue – for fast travel purposes.

Inside the same cave, look out for Kate’s burned journal. It is just a few steps away from the campfire. It will give you another hint for Kate:

With Kate’s intent now complete in the case, you can exit the cave to continue to track the beast.

Outside, make sure not to ignore the Altar down below. It will enhance Antea and there is also a collectible next to it.

Continue to follow the path to the north to a destroyed bridge. Switch to playing as Antea to look for the Leap point. In the screenshot below, you can see it with the destroyed bridge in the background.

6 – Find the Lost Settlers

Once you’ve crossed the bridge, it’s recommended to keep playing as Antea. Follow the green glow to a small valley where you’ll discover the remnants of the settlers. Pure devastation. Here, you have to find three locations and scan them before you can continue. As Antea, look for a glowing tree stump:

After she removes the glow, Red will instantly start to scan it. Then, look for another glowing, concealed location not far from the tree stump:

The last location is south of the other two:

For the last scannable location in this area, head now to the north. Look for a wooden cart that you can push forward. Then, scan the location that was under the cart before:

This will give you the last hint for Thickskin:

7 – Find the Beast’s Lair

Press on to the north, where you will find some more of the beast’s tracks. This time they’re much smaller than before. This will give you the 8th hint:

You’ve soon arrived at the Beast’s lair and can summon it at this location:

This boss fight consists of three parts. To defeat the beast, target the glowing head in the first part; that’s the weak point. In the second part, focus on the glowing leg as the weak point. The final part has the hind leg as the weak point. During this cutscene and fight, you will get the last hint for this case, before it ends in a conclusion and your choice of what to do…

8 – Walkthrough Video

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden
Release: February 13th, 2024
Developer: Don’t Nod
Publisher: Focus Entertainment
Official Website:
Written by: Camzillasmom