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Quid Pro Quo | Main Case | Complete Walkthrough | The Sinking City 2019


June 30 2019

Get the Case after finishing "Lost at Sea" from Mr. Throgmorton.

1 | Oakmont Police Department

Go to the Archives of the Oakmont Police Department.

Use the case:
The Fate of the Expedition

Then select those criteria:
Crimes -> Violent Crimes
Subjects -> Suspects
Evidence -> Instruments of Crime

Evidence received:
Police Report No 19-0451

In the report, there is an address. Go to this location.

2 | Fish Market

Enter the market and the conversation will start.
Talk Anna. She's the one in front of the "eye" poster.

Evidence collected:
- Anna's Request
- Oakmont is starving (Mind Palace)
- EOD is giving away fish (Mind Palace)

While in the Mind Palace, combine:
Oakmont is starving <-> EOD is giving away fish

3 | EOD Fish Storage

Go to the Location and talk to the guy in front of the storage building.

Evidence collected:
- The Guard's Testimony
- A Key to the Fish Storage

Go down to the basement and use "Mind's Eye"
Look at the dead fish and animal and activate the vision.

Evidence Collected:
- The fish is poisonous

You will get a ghostly vision to follow.
Follow it to a fish pile on the floor at ground level.

Look at the fish pile and investigate the bottle.

Evidence collected:
- Lab Flask

At Mind Palace combine:
The fish is poisonous <-> EOD is giving away fish

The vision rift will open at ground level and you can put the events in order:

First the event at the fish box:

Then the event at the fish pile on the floor.

Then the upstairs event.

Last one is at the stairs

Evidence collected:
- The Events in the Fish Storage
- A mention of a professor (Mind Palace)

In the Mind Palace combine:
A mention of a professor <-> Lab flask

Evidence collected:
- The Poisoner and the University

Now go down the basement again and activate "Mind's Eye".
There is a hidden passage close to the locker.

Look at the tools on the table.

Evidence collected:
- A secret chamber in the warehouse

Talk to the guard outside and ask where the University is.

Evidence collected:
- The Guard's plea
- The Guard is afraid of Anna (Mind Palace)

Return to Anna at the Fish Market and talk to her.
Next stop University.

4 | University - Department of Medicine

When you arrive, the door has a big "closed" sign on it. Talk to the guy next to the door.

He sends you to the "Department of Medicine", which is at the south of the biggest University building.

Talk to the receptionist.

Evidence collected:
- The Sudent's Request
- A Key to the Lab

Stay on ground floor. Behind the receptionist there is a "EOD is banned" poster on the wall. Look at it.

Evidence collected:
- EOD is banned!
- The EOD ranks are swelling (Mind Palace)

Go down to the basement and clear it.
Talk to the receptionist again.

Evidence collected:
- Westerbrook has access to poison

You received the key. Go up the second floor now.

Melee the door with the locker on it and go inside.
Inspect the medicine cabinet and activate "Mind's Eye"
Follow the ghost to Dr. Cavendish's office and inspect the soap bar at his desk with Mind's Eye again.

Evidence collected:
- George Cavendish made a spake key (Mind Palace)

Go to Mind Palace and combine:
George Cavendish made a spare key <-> Westerbrook has access to poison

Evidence collected:
- The Poison Thief

5 | City Hall

Go to the City Hall and use the archives.

Choose evidence:
The Poison Thief

Select criteria:
Subjects: Citizens
Registry: Citizen Records
District: Advent

Evidence collected:
Gearge Cavendish Profile

6 | Apartment of G. Cavendish

Go to the second floor and melee attack the lock on the door to get inside.

Go to the bedroom / office.
There is a piece of paper on the desk.

Evidence collected:
The Professor's Fact List

Look at the pin board next to the desk and collect all you can.

Evidence collected:
- EOD's suspected crimes

Go to the Mind Palace and combine:
EOD's suspected crimes <-> Secret chamber

There is a door with a lock on it. Melee attack to open and get inside.
Activate Mind's Eye, pick up the empty picture frame and reveal the vision.

Enter the vision rift and put together the events:

First the one at the table with the ring

Then the one in the Kitchen.

Last the one by the door

After the conversation...

Evidence collected:
- The poisoning was a sabotage
- Anna's pregnancy was ordained

Go to Mind Palace and combine:
The poisoning was a sabotage <-> EOD ranks are swelling

Now combine:
Gearge sabotaged the EOD <-> The poisoned fish is spreading
Select your path.
I select: A desperate saviour

Go back and combine:
Anna is pregnant <-> The guard is afraid of Anna

Now combine:
The EOD helps prevent famine <-> A zealous servant of EOD
Select your path.
I select: A filthy liar

Now I combine:
The EOD's operations are shady
A desperate savior
A filty liar

Talk to George, choose your path. I chose: I'll help.

Evidence collected:
- I can report George
- A Full Flask of Ricin
- George Cavendish's Request

You can now go to either poison the rest of the fish, or report to Anna.
I did report to Anna, since poisoning innocents isn't my thing.

7 | Fish Market

Talk to Anna.

Evidence collected:
- I reported George to Anna
- High-Ranking Member of EOD

Go down the basement of the fish market. The entrance is next to the two guys who are looking at a map.
Fight the men.

Evidence collected:
- Note to Maurice

Exit the basement.
After the conversation: Go back to Mr. Throgmorton.

Case Closed.

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