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A Delicate Matter | Side Case | Complete Walkthrough | The Sinking City 2019


June 28 2019

Pick up the side mission after finishing the "Lost At Sea" Main Case from Robert Throgmorton.

1 | Herbert Glover's Address

Location on the Map;

In the lounge on the table is a newspaper and a letter to pick up.
- Letter to Mr. Throgmorton

Upstairs is a dead body. Behind the body, in a corridor on a small paper is a piece of paper.

Picture of a Mirror.

Use the Mind's Eye and a Rift will appear in the area where the body is.

Enter it. There are 3 blue blobs to investigate. Here's how to arrange them:

First, the conversation with the mirror.

Then the scene near the safe

Last the scene where the body is.

Evidence found:
- The Art Collector's Demise


Go down to the basement. There is a statue head on a desk. Take it.

Go back to the lounge at ground floor and place the head on the statue.

Correct the head of the other statue so it looks straight.

Now you can enter the room (where this statue is looking at) and loot.


Go to the Police and use the archive.

Choose Evidence:
The Art Collector's Demise

Select Three Search Criteria:
Crimes - Property Crimes
Subjects - Suspects
District - Oldgrove

You'll find the mentioned "Squint".

- Squint's Police File

Squint's Residence: northern Salvation Harbor, west of the intersection of Moorland Rd and Salvation Rd.

Residence of Sidney Stokes

There's a body upstairs.

Investigate the body, take the knife and activate "Mind's Eye" to get the vision.
Still with "Mind's Eye" take the bottle on the table and do the same.

Then, still in Mind's Eye, a crow appears near the body.
Follow the crow to a hidden door.

Evidence found:
- The Woman who took the Mirror
- Sidney Stokes' Testimony

Return to Mr. Throgmorton and talk to him

Case Closed

This can lead to a follow up Case called:

--- Follow Camzillasmom's Steam Curator ---

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