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Nosedive | Main Case | Complete Walkthrough | The Sinking City 2019


July 4th 2019

This is the 5th Main Case and follows after "Fathers and Sons"

1 | Blackwood's Flooded Office

Go to Blackwood's Office. After you fought the thugs, go to the dead man on the floor and look at the knife.

Then activate Mind's Eye.
Follow the ghostly figure upstairs to the evidence.

Pick it up.

Evidence collected:
- Translation Notes
- One Savior (Mind Palace)

Then go and look at the other dead body on this floor.
Then look at the letter the body is holding.

Evidence collected:
- To Professor Dough
- Blackwood-Dough correspondence (Mind Palace)

Go back to ground floor and look at the hanging corpse.

Evidence collected:
- Note of warning
- Not the first, not the last (Mind Palace)

Also look at the bullet holes in the cupboard.

Then the rift will open. Go through and put the events in following order:

First the one upstairs by the stairs

Then the one upstairs in the back office

Then the one by the exit.

Last, the hanging man.

Evidence collected:
- Conclusion
- Hooded massacre (Mind Palace)

Go to Mind Palace and combine:
Hooded massacre <-> Not the first, not the last

Evidence collected:
- Fishfaces not Welcome

2 | Police

Search the police archives.

Choose evidence:
Fishfaces not welcome

Select criteria:
Crimes: Violent Crimes
Subjects: Suspects
Evidence: Instruments of Crime

Evidence collected:
- The Orion Club

3 | The Orion Club

Go to the Orion Club

After you entered, investigate the dead body on the floor.

Go downstairs and talk to the survivor.
Then use Mind's Eye on the sign behind him to reveal the passage.

Enter the secret room and look at the corpse in the cell.
Activate Mind's Eye.

Climb up the hole in the ceiling. You have to climb sideways to follow the bird.
Follow the bird to the table with a letter.

Before you climb up to follow the bird, hit the lock on the door for easier access.
Then climb up by the table to follow the bird.

Fight the monsters.

Then look at the symbol on the wall in the toilet.

Go to the tools on the table, near the dead body.
Look at them, then activate Mind's Eye, so you can see the vision of the corpse.

Look at the letter above the corpse.

Evidence collected:
- The Confession
- Blackwood and the Professor (Mind Palace)

In Mind Palace, combine:
Blackwood-Dough correspondence <-> Blackwood and the Professor

Under the letter is a key. Pick it up.

Evidence collected:
- Nickel Key

Here, also hit the lock so you can go outside.
Once in the corridor, you can hit the lock of the downstairs door so you can go down comfortably.

Now go upstairs.
Some more monsters here...

Then enter the  room to the right a conversation will start.

Evidence collected:
- The Hideout's Address
- EOD is dangerous (Mind Palace)

4 | Blackwood's Hideout

Go to the hideout

After the cutscene run away and come back.

Evidence collected:
- Another vision (Mind Palace)

Go in and look at the plates on the counter and the fish boxes.

Look at the map on the table.

Evidence collected:
- Markings on the map (Mind Palace)

Investigate the rest of the items on this floor:
- The bed
- The fish soup cooking on the stove

Activate Mind's Eye and follow the ghostly figure downstairs to a hidden wall.
Open it.

In the hidden room, investigate the corpses.

Go upstairs.

Here in the main room, look at the book.

Now you can enter the vision rift on the ground floor
Put the events in order:

First the one in the basement

Then the one at ground floor

Last, the one upstairs.

Evidence collected:
- Conclusion
- Into the sea (Mind Palace)
- EOD planned the kidnapping (Mind Palace)

Go to the Mind Palace and combine:

Markings on the map <-> Into the sea
EOD is dangerous <-> EOD planned the kidnapping

Evidence collected:
- Deep Dive

5 | Deep Dive

Go to the location and interact with the dive suit.

Follow the lamps up.
I managed to sneak past the nasty fish...

Enter the cave at the end.

When you enter, look at the corpse.
Then, fight the men in the cave.

Investigate the eggs in the middle of the cave

Go up the stairs and you'll meet the priest, Ebernote.

Evidence collected:
- Blackwood's Statement

Continue your path up through the round entrance.

Look at the fresco then use Mind's Eye to open the passage.

Follow the path down to the next fresco. Interact with it.
Use Mind's Eye again to open the passage.

Follow the path to the 3rd fresco. Interact with it.
Use Mind's Eye again to open the passage.

Go to Professor Dough.

Evidence collected:
- The Prophecy (Mind Palace)

Go to Mind Palace and combine:
The Profecy <-> Another Vision
The Profecy<-> One Savior
Here you can choose. I chose "Only one may remain"

Combine the 2 remaining ones and then you can combine all the conclusions into one.
My conclusion is "I must save Harriet". The other one is "Kill Harriet"

I killed her anyway and used the shell statue in the center.

You wake up in hospital.

Case Complete.

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