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"Charon" Ship | All Evidence | Grimhaven Bay | The Sinking City 2019

"CHARON" SHIP - All Evidence Collected

June 28 2019

The Ship "Charon" is at the Port of Grimhaven Bay. It's the ship you arrived with.
Inside the cabin, there are two pieces of Evidence to find to complete the location.

Evidence 1 - Frosty Welcome

This is a letter from J.Van der Berg. It's in your suitcase on the table. As soon as you pick it up, it will be part of the Main Case in the Case book.

Also pick up the gun and the camera. You need the camera for the Fish on the wall.

Evidence 2 - Photo of a trophy plate

There is a mounted sea creature on the wall behind the desk.

To collect this evidence, which goes to the City Lore section, open the Items Wheel (L1 on PS4), select the camera.

Then make a picture ("aim" L2, "shoot" R2) of the creature.

Get out, talk to J. Van der Berg and move over to the Fishermen's House

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