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Ahmad ibn Musa – Case Investigation Walkthrough – Assassin’s Creed Mirage

This is the complete walkthrough of the Ahmad ibn Musa Investigation / Case Walkthrough with all the clues found that you need to complete this case for the Hidden Ones in the city of Baghdad, all wrapped into a comprehensive guide.

Release: October 5th, 2023
Developer: Ubisoft Bordeaux
Publisher: Ubisoft
Official Website:


After finding found the ABBASIYAH BUREAU as Basim ibn Ishaq, this is the first, new case investigation that I have received. Ahmad, a member of the Order of the Hidden Ones, is missing and has to be found. Let’s go find our missing brother.

“We have not heard from Ahmad ever since he returned to his workshop at the House of Wisdom”

This investigation has 3 clues that have to be found. The first one was given at the ABBASIYAH BUREAU when this investigation became active. Open the investigation tab and you will see that Basim is sent to the House of Wisdom. This is the only place we can look for at the beginning. There are a total of 4 sub-cases that have to be solved before Ahmad ibn Musa can be found:



“Ahmad ibn Musa has a workshop in the House of Wisdom”

Travel to the House of Wisdom. It is marked on your map. At some stage, Basim will point out that there is smoke coming out of the House of Wisdom. When you arrive, it is said that someone burnt some books. In the conversation, ask for Ahmad.

Two new cases are revealed. One, directly attached to the Ahmad ibn Musa Investigation called Ahmad’s Workshop. And the sub-case THE CARETAKER OF BOOKS for THE BOOK BURNER Investigation.

This closes this case. Next is Ahmad’s office and workshop.


“Ahmad’s workshop could reveal his whereabouts.”

Activate this case now and start by using Eagle Vision to look for opportunities. At the center courtyard, there is a highlighted opportunity. A person to talk to.

He will tell you that the workshop is right behind him and the quest marker updates to a door at the back. As you want to enter, Nehal turns up and hands over a book. The Investigation can now start!
Examine the extensive document on the table, the leather bag, a stack of books, and a document in a secret, small office behind the bookshelf at the back of the room. Push the shelf in and then to the left to get inside. Screenshots see below.

This will now trigger the Assistant coming around the corner and you can talk to him. He asks you to follow him to the garden, where he calls for the guards. Defeat them and speak to the Assistant. He will tell you that a masked man threatened Hamid to keep quiet. He will then give you the map to an EXCAVATION SITE in the Wilderness, new evidence to continue the Investigation.


“Hamid provided a map to the House of Wisdom’s dig site.”

Before we get a comfy quest marker to the Excavation Site, you have to read the map first that Hamid provided. Open your Investigation Tab and click on the Excavation Site case. In the bottom left corner, under “Related Clues” you can look at the map. Now open the entire map and you can find the location below:

We’re leaving the bustling streets of Baghdad to travel to the empty desert. When you arrive, send the eagle up to find the next map marker just at the excavation site entrance.

As you get closer, the Eagle Vision can also make out two opportunities: A person sweeping the floor and a group of mercenaries standing together near a crane.

So I now go over to the mercenary leader and talk to him. He wants a power Favor Token though. Either do that or use your Eagle Vision to scan for the chests mentioned. There will be three chests highlighted. With or without help from the mercenaries, you have to go open them. Use your Assassin Focus ability to identify patrolling guards and stationed guards. Also, look for a group of guards. Some of them are standing right under a crane, where you can use a throwing knife to drop their load. You can use a variety of weapons. If you have a smoke bomb, these are a great way to use to sneak around undetected.

Here at the Excavation site, I can finally experience again the stealth-focused gameplay style that the Creed games are famous for: Covert assassinations by sneaking through high grass, and air assassinations with the goal of practicing the art of stealth. Thank you, Assassin Focus!

The two visible chests in the camp contain nothing. But there is a marker down at the bottom floor of the Excavation Site. A movable shelf is nearby. Move it to the left, there is a chest behind it with a note in it. This will close the Excavation Site case. The previously undiscovered fourth case, THE DOCTOR is revealed.


“Doctor Hassan uncovered an artifact at the dig site.”

A document found at the Excavation Site leads us to Doctor Hassan. On the world map, can be found in the south of the Abbasiyah District, at a location called The Great Bimaristan.

Use your Assassin Focus to find Doctor Hassan’s office. It’s a red glowing door with a sign in front of it. Since it is locked, you have to find another way in.

Find the Head Nurse to get the key. Again, use your Assassin Focus to find the nurse with the key. Then you can just pickpocket it from her and enter the office.

Inside the office,ce you now have to search for clues to the doctor’s whereabouts. Examine a leather bag on top of a scroll shelf and a letter on a table. See the screenshots below.

Doctor Hassan is an Order member named Al-Azhdaha. You’ll now get Doctor Hassan as an assassination target. In front of the office, you get an eavesdrop opportunity. Sit down at the bench inside the circle and start the Eavesdrop activity.

You’ll hear that Doctor Hassan always locks his laboratory. Open your Assassin Focus and look for the key symbol. That’s the locked laboratory. Unfortunately this time, it seems to be on the upper floor where the guards are. The upper floor is a restricted area. As you move around on this floor, keep an eye out for enemy archers. They can spot you easily. Look for a window on the other side of the barred doors. You can sneak around the outside of the building to throw a knife at the lock. It is the room right next to the locked laboratory.

Now you can sneak past the guards into this room next to the locked laboratory.

There is one shelf that you can move around but there is some pottery in the way. Destroy it, then pull the shelf all the way so you can climb up the vent. See the screenshots below.

From up here you can destroy the barricade from the barred window on the other side of the room.

Now you can go back out to climb inside the laboratory from the terrace to assassinate the Doctor. In the cutscene, you will see a mysterious book. Leave the building after the conversation with Ahmad.

Leaving The Great Bimaristan will close the investigation. Ahmad ibn Musa has been found and returned to the Bureau. Based on Ahmad, the Order is building a dangerous machine, which is a case that is part of the Investigation AL-RABISU – MASTERMIND IN THE SHADOWS.