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Al-Rabisu – Investigation Walkthrough – Assassin’s Creed Mirage

This is the complete walkthrough of the Al-Rabisu Case Investigation. Walkthrough with all clues that you need to complete this case for the Hidden Ones.

Release: October 5th, 2023
Developer: Ubisoft Bordeaux
Publisher: Ubisoft
Official Website:


You’ll receive the investigation into AL-RABISU in the two Investigations AHMAD IBN MUSA CASE and AL-ZARIK, the book burner investigation. Al-Rabisu is a leader of the order in ac mirage. The clues of the sub-case The Great Work are found in those two Investigations. There are no other sub-cases. So the quest objective is all around Al-Rabisu’s assassination.

“Attend the Symposium at the House of Wisdom”


“Al-Rabisu is hiding in the House of Wisdom.”

Travel back to the House of Wisdom – don’t forget you can of course also fast travel to a nearby synchronization point – and talk to the man, Kahraman, in the courtyard.

The Symposium at The House of Wisdom

Time to use Eagle Vision and find opportunities. There is a group of people in the ground floor courtyard that you can interact with. Just follow the main quest map marker.

Turns out that they are poetry fans and you have to eavesdrop on them. Get seated at the nearby bench and start the EAVESDROP activity. You’ll find out that the poet Arib is resting in the eastern outer courtyard.

Find Nehal in the courtyard and follow her. She has found something interesting. She will lead you to Ahmad’s workshop to look at unusual diagrams. There is one near the Historic Site Orb, but also one in the center aisle / next room. Just open up your Assassin Focus to find them.

The third one is also close to the Historic Site Orb and a tall one at the back of the room.

The investigation in the workshop is over. Time to find the poet in the outer courtyard. Just exit through the workshop’s window and you’re there. Talk to her.

A horn will sound – a sign that the lecture is about to begin. Return to the center courtyard. Speak to Kahraman again to attend Fazil’s lecture in the lecture hall, where Fazil is unmasked as the target. There are various Intels and possibilities to help you reach your goal to eliminate him. Let’s see what we can find.

Look for where he went. There are two opportunity markers on the map. One of them is an EAVESDROP at the center courtyard. There are rumors of secret tunnels. You will get a hint that the rooftop gardener has the key to the basement. This is one way to get there. Before I scan for the key, I investigate the other opportunities.

Talk to his assistant in the courtyard about the hidden basement. He will only help when you bribe him with one of the merchant favor tokens.

There is another opportunity in the room just behind the Kahraman. He’s the gatekeeper guarding the door behind him, waiting for a secret phrase. It is the second way to get to the basement.

Since you don’t know the secret phrase to answer the gatekeeper, look up and you will see another EAVESDROP opportunity. Use the staircase next to the gatekeeper to get up there and sit down on the bench to start the activity. Turns out the librarian has lost Fazil’s book with the secret passphrase! You can now follow him through the staff entry – RESTRICTED AREA.

In the first corridor of the staff area, where the enemy Captain stands, is a note pinned on a wall that someone left a book in the stairwell. With your scanner, look down below and you can see the document. The mentioned staircase is just down the corridor around the corner. Picking up the book will give you the hint that a book on astronomy contains the passphrase for the guarded room.

Go back up. At the end of the corridor is a room that is guarded by another captain. In this room is a note that mentions a private reading balcony. Unbar the door in this room and continue on at the other side of it.

You are now in the two library wings where you’ve been to find THE CARETAKER OF BOOKS. Go all the way to the back where the last staircase is coming up from the ground floor. With the scanner on, you can see the location on the book, outside behind the wall.

That’s where the private balcony is. You can access it from the second floor library, pretty much in the middle is a door that leads out. Read it to get the passphrase at the gatekeeper. Answer: … ARE THOSE WHO SHALL RETURN.

Inside the gatekeeper room, there is a document you can read to learn about a Secret Entrance. There is a bookshelf in this room that you can pull out to go down to the basement.

The basement is restricted area. Go through the basement, past the enemy Captain. He’s guarding a passage to a room with an opportunity. It’s a note about robes that gives Basim the idea to wear one.

There is a deceased with a robe behind the barred door. You have to reach the location by going around. Just enter the prison next door and slide through to the robes from there.

Basim is now wearing a WHITE PATIENT ROBE disguise. With it you can take the nearby exit towards the guards. Follow the guard who sees you as the “next subject”.

Walk to the center of the circle where Fazil is and “Blend in” to assassinate Fazil.

This will close the investigation. Return to the Abbasiyah Bureau. The way out leads through Fazil’s office where you can read some more documents.

One letter called “THE PATH AHEAD” contributes to the Head of the Order – Al-Bahamut Investigation.