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The Book Burner – Case Investigation Walkthrough – Assassin’s Creed Mirage

This is the complete walkthrough and detailed step-by-step instructions of the THE BOOK BURNER Investigation, also called AL-Zarik / Case Walkthrough with all the clues found that you need to complete this main mission for the Hidden Ones. Here we go, find and assassinate another member of the order.

Release: October 5th, 2023
Developer: Ubisoft Bordeaux
Publisher: Ubisoft
Official Website:


Basim was sent out to The House of Wisdom in the Ahmad ibn Musa investigation. When he arrives at the location, he witnesses that books are burned. While talking to a worker called Fazim nearby, he not only finds information about the Ahmad ibn Musa Case but also wants to know more about the fire and wants to ask the Caretaker of Books at The House of Wisdom in the city of Baghdad.

“Fazil knows nothing. I remember from my wanderings that there is a Caretaker of Books in the House of Wisdom. He could help.”

The main investigation is not revealed here. Basim is given a sub-case called THE CARETAKER OF BOOKS. There are a total of 2 sub-cases that have to be solved before the AL-ZARIK – THE BOOK BURNER Investigation can be closed with the assassination of the Book Burner:



“The Caretaker might know more about the fire.”

There are 3 more clues to be found:
The note at the burn site
Piece of Fabric
Last Words

First thing, follow the quest marker to the House of Book’s second floor. There is one entrance to the library’s bottom floor, but there is a group of guards that won’t let you in

House of Wisdom

Before you get going to find the Caretaker, have a look around the burned books pile. There is a note you can pick up near the burn site. This will give you the clue that the Caretaker might be in the Southwest Wing.

A note about the books

From the courtyard, you can see that there is another way to reach the second floor. Conveniently there is a scaffolding that goes right up to the second floor with an open window.

Scaffolding to the second floor.

Once inside, don’t go far but look around to see how the area is built up. There are basically two library wings next to each other. One entrance is guarded – which we just avoided by using the scaffolding – and has a double staircase. Sneak or fight to the other end of this second floor and you will see that there is another wing – and staircase. In this other wing, you can see through your assassin focus eyes, that there is a body in the far corner of the ground, lower floor.

Deceased Caretaker in the House of Books

As soon as you get close, you can take a detailed look at the Caretaker of Books’ deceased body, you find a Piece of Fabric from a woman’s gown. So his murderer could be a woman.

Investigating the body.

Also, examine the documents that are spread out on the floor. The Caretaker has written something on them. This new evidence will give you the sub-case SCRIPTORIUM in the investigation tab. This will conclude this case and we’ll continue with the SCRIPTORIUM.

Investigating the body.


“The Caretaker of Books alluded to this place”

This case starts with the clue LAST WORDS Basim found in the Library.

Open the world map and follow the mission marker over to the Scriptorium. It’s another building on the other side of the river. Time to find out, why the Caretaker of Books wrote this place’s name in blood.

The place is heavily guarded. There is a crawl space point right where the musician is by the entrance. There is a crack in the scriptorium’s perimeter wall.

Crack in the garden wall.

One of the heavy guards has the “Scriptorium Key“. To get rid of the guards, you can hide in the grass and whistle to lure them to your location, but there is also the option of corner kills: stand close to the wall with a corner, whistle and just when the guard would come across the corner, you grab and kill him.

This key is for a locked door on the other side of the courtyard – the ground floor. Inside is Hunayn, he tells of a woman called Zahra and shows Basim a mysterious book. He says that he was forced to translate it.

In Hunayn’s quarters, read the book on the table and the paper on the other table at the back of the room – see screenshots below. This will give you the clue that ZAHRA SEEMS TO RESIDE AT THE SCHOLAR’S ESTATE.

Then, head upstairs to read another paper on the table. This will give you the clue ZAHRA SEEMS TO GO BY THE NAME AL-ZARIK, another head of the order. This will close the case and we can now go for the main investigation’s new case.


“Zahra, the scholar woman who kidnapped Hunayn.”

Follow the map marker to the east of the district, where Zahra supposedly lives – Scholar’s Estate.

Enter Zahra’s estate – there’s no one home. Best to use your assassin scanner and Eagle Vision so you can see the items better. Interact with the training dummy outside. There is also one of the collectible loot items to be found here on the estate. It’s a gear chest.

The front door to the main building is locked and the back door is barred. Look up to the second floor, there is a barred window that can be destroyed to get inside.

Get inside the small office. Just by the window is this book.

On the ground floor is another paper on the table. This document will clarify that the AL-RABISU – MASTERMIND IN THE SHADOWS Investigation is tied to the sub-case of The Order is building a dangerous machine. and that Al-Zarik is an Order member under Al-Rabisu.

After picking up the last document, you have to go to the marker up on the roof to wait for your main target to return. Then, assassinate her. Good luck!

This will conclude this investigation.

With the last clue collected with the assassination, we now have enough to start the sub-case THE GREAT WORK as the next objective from the Investigation: AL-RABISU.

Return to Tabid at the Abbasiyah Bureau to add more information to your investigations and continue with AL-RABISU.