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Chapter 3: Arabia Walkthrough – Tintin: Cigars of the Pharaoh

Welcome to the walkthrough for Chapter 3: Arabia. In this guide, I’ll take you through each quest and puzzle in the third chapter of Tintin Reporter – Cigars of the Pharaoh. Tintin gets poisoned and falls asleep in Chapter 2, then wakes up somewhere in the Red Sea. Let’s dive in step-by-step!


Quest step:
Find someone who’s good at drawing

Tintin wakes up on a ship headed for Arabia, beside the friendly Sheik Patrash Pasha. During their conversation, it becomes evident that Tintin needs to go to Abudin to uncover the mystery behind the cigars. To reach his destination, he must traverse the desert. The Sheik kindly offers Tintin his horse, Altair, in exchange for an autographed portrait of Tintin and Snowy.

First, let’s explore the ship. There are a few things to do before we can obtain an autographed portrait. The ship has two decks that Tintin can access – the upper deck with the Sheik and the man on the rudder, and the lower deck. Go down to the lower deck and talk to the salesperson, Oliveira da Figueira. He will have two items that are important to you: the book and the compass. However, let’s leave him for now.

A screenshot of Oliveira | camzillasmomcom's sales inventory with highlighted items for future use.

Keep exploring the deck. You’ll find a cook, a cat, and at the front, the Captain. Strike up a conversation and you’ll learn that the Captain can sketch your portrait. However, he lost his paper and pencil in a recent storm, so you’ll need to find replacements for him. The cook and the sailor then start a weird game involving a coconut.

A screenshot of the captain requesting paper and pencil | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Put an end to the coconut game

The captain says this is the only coconut on board, so Tintin needs to get rid of it. Keep searching on deck. The cook and the sailor have closed all the Scuppers (the openings on the deck where water can escape) except one. Take a look. It’s on the left, right by the stairs. If the ship turns a little, not only water but also coconuts could escape through there.

A screenshot of the scupper on deck that is not plugged | camzillasmomcom

The salesman has a compass with reverse polarity in his collection, but he won’t give it away for free. To get the compass, go up the stairs to the upper deck. You’ll find some tea on the table next to the Sheikh. Pour a cup and give it to Oliveira da Figueira. In return, he will offer one of his items for free. The book is too precious for now, so take the compass and show it to the man on the rudder at the upper deck. In the following cutscene, you will see the coconut fall into the ocean.

A screenshot of the man on the rudder | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Find paper and pencil

The cook and sailor have finished playing. Please go to the lower deck and retrieve the umbrella from where the sailor left it. Then, give the umbrella to the salesman and receive the logbook in exchange.

A screenshot of the umbrella lying on the lower deck floor highlighted with a circle | camzillasmomcom

Let’s go back to the cook and his pot. The pot has fallen, trapping the cook inside. You can grab a piece of coal from where the fire used to be. Return to the captain and give him the book and the coal. Now he can draw the portrait.

A screenshot of the cooking area where Tintin now can pick up a piece of coal | camzillasmomcom

The next part is not a quest. Tintin is riding with Altair on land and ends up interrupting a film set having a conversation with Roberto Rastapopoulos. Tintin will find out that Abudin is too dangerous at the moment and he would need a map to get there. So he’s heading back to the ship to ask for directions and/or a map.


Quest step:
Find a map leading to Abudin

Tintin goes back to the ship and discovers it empty. The door to the cargo hold is open and, at that very moment, Snowy notices the cat rushing down into the hold. Tintin pursues and decides to investigate. He opens all the boxes and finds not only many coconuts but also weapons! This reveals that the captain is smuggling arms.

A screenshot of one of the boxes that can be opened down in the cargo hold | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Defuse the TNT stick, Free Tintin from his ropes

The captain captures Tintin and ties him up. Since the coast guard is approaching the ship, the captain decides to destroy it with dynamite. However, the sailor misunderstands the order and mistakenly throws a stick of dynamite into the cargo hold. With Tintin incapacitated, it’s now your turn to play as Snowy. Quickly locate the TNT stick, bring it to Tintin, and toss it into the water barrel. Look for the white markings on the boxes next to Tintin to find your way up to the water barrel.

A screenshot of Snowy about to through the TNT stick into the water barrel | camzillasmomcom

To free Tintin from his ropes, find the harpoon on top of the table and carry it to him. More the controller sticks accordingly to free Tintin.

| camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Unblock the bilge’s trapdoor

Tintin is now free but must find a map to Abudin. Since he is trapped in the cargo hold, the only way is through the bilge’s trapdoor in the center of the room. Interact with it and he will move away the cargo that blocks it.

A screenshot showing the bilge | camzillasmomcom's trapdoor.

Tin is now deeper inside the ship. Additionally, Thomson and Thompson have come aboard and are searching for him on deck. They are using lanterns to illuminate the area. Avoid being seen by the light! You should be able to reach a corridor at the end by carefully navigating around the moving light. Wait for the light to be in the position shown in the screenshot below, then proceed straight ahead to the next area without hesitation.

Follow the way to a door in the ceiling. It is jammed but Snowy can go up through a broken floor board.

A screenshot showing Tin navigating through the ship | camzillasmomcom's deck, avoiding the lantern light from Thomson and Thompson. Tin carefully moves towards a corridor at the end, waiting for the light to align with the suggested position before proceeding.


Quest step:
Pounce on the cook’s cat

As Snowy, your objective is to catch the cat. It might take a moment to figure out, but you need to approach the cat from a specific angle. By doing so, it will follow a predetermined path back to the door where Tintin is trapped. Here are the steps: The cat starts by sitting on the table. Jump up and chase it onto the boxes located on the far left.

A screenshot of the black cat sitting on the table | camzillasmomcom

The objective is to prevent the cat from escaping. Approaching it directly will cause it to flee over the wooden board and back onto the table. To prevent this, take the path just below the overhead board and approach the cat from behind. Refer to the screenshot below.

A screenshot showing the right path to take to attack the cat from behind | camzillasmomcom

The cat won’t go back to the table but will head to the boxes on the other side. Move up to the overhead wooden board to attack from above, as shown in the screenshot below. After that, it will run towards Tintin.

| camzillasmomcom

Continue to the shelf where you’ll find a crate of coconuts. Knocking down the crate will release Tintin.

A screenshot of the cat sitting next to a crate filled with coconuts | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Find a map leading to Abudin

Playing as Tintin again, you can pick up the map from the captain’s desk, where the cat just sat.

A screenshot of the map to Abudin lying on the captain | camzillasmomcom's table.


Quest step:
Escape from Thomson and Thompson

The cat, chased by Snowy, accidentally opens the door, and Thomson and Thompson storm inside. In the next sequence, you have to shoot the lamp above you to escape.

A screenshot of the lamp that needs to be shot | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Defuse the barrels before they explode

In this next step, the sailor has now set up four barrels of explosives to detonate the ship. You have to defuse all of them before time is running out. I went the path shown with the numbers in the screenshot below. But as long as you defuse and avoid Thomson and Thompson you can do it however you like. To avoid them, you can also jump across boxes.

Tintin will then escape and make his way to Abudin.

A screenshot of the overhead view showing all four barrels that need to be defused | camzillasmomcom


Release: November 7th, 2023
Developer: Pendulo Studios
Publisher: Microids
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