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Tomb of Kih-Oskh Walkthrough – Tintin: Cigars of the Pharaoh

Welcome to the complete walkthrough of the Tomb of Kih-Oskh. In this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you how to solve every quest and puzzle in the second chapter of Tintin Reporter – Cigars of the Pharaoh. Tintin follows Professor Sarcophagus to the Tomb of Kih-Oskh, where the Professor vanishes abruptly. Now, Tintin and Snowy embark on a quest to locate him.


Quest step:
Find the missing Egyptologists

Snowy and Tintin enter an ancient Egyptian tomb to begin the main quest named “The Curse of Kih-Oskh”. As Tintin, proceed down the corridor and reach a room where a large beetle resides on the floor. Notice the presence of two Ankh signs on the left and right sides.


Quest step:
Solve the ancient enigmas

The Ankh on the left will reveal a snake puzzle. The puzzle is simple to solve. Some pieces glow while others don’t. The glowing pieces are already in the right position and don’t need to be moved. There are two parking slots at the top where you can temporarily place the pieces that don’t fit yet. Rotate the snake and move the pieces from the parking slots into the empty positions to check if they glow. If they do, move another non-glowing piece into the parking slot. Repeat this process until the snake is complete and in the correct position.

You will receive an orange stone.

The snake puzzle | camzillasmomcom

Interact with the other Ankh on the opposite side of the wall to unlock a puzzle reminiscent of those parking lot games. Your task is to maneuver the long green bar into the Ankh slot, as depicted in the accompanying screenshot. Successfully completing this challenge will reward you with a blue stone.

The puzzle solution with the green bar and the ankh | camzillasmomcom

To unlock the door, you’ll find the final puzzle in the center of the room—an intricately designed beetle. Press its wings in the correct order to match the tune it plays. Adjust the volume if needed. Refer to the instructions below for wing-pushing guidance.

The first beetle puzzle solution | camzillasmomcom

It will spread its wings further and play a different tune. Press the wings in this manner:

The second beetle puzzle solution | camzillasmomcom

Once more, the beetle unfurls new wings. Here’s how to press them and unlock the melody:
Solving this puzzle unlocks a purple stone.

The third beetle puzzle solution | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Find the missing Egyptologists

After Tintin and Snowy flee the room with the beetle, Snowy discovers a black beetle and starts chasing it inside the tomb. You need to follow Snowy throughout the tomb until you reunite in a room with a closed door, two light beams, and four statues.

Chasing Snowy through the tomb | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Open the door to the next room

The closed door in this room has two symbols: a round symbol and a vertical wavy symbol. Two of the statues in here carry these symbols on their staffs and face the closed door. The other two statues without symbols on their staffs are positioned facing away from the closed door.

To start, let’s refer to the screenshot below for the initial statue positions. We need to move the two statues on the left to the right and the two statues on the right to the left.

The puzzle room with the four statues in the starting positions | camzillasmomcom

Additionally, statues without symbols on the staff should be moved closer to the front (near the door), while statues with symbols should be positioned further back (away from the door). Arrange the statues according to the provided screenshot: Tintin facing the open door, the statue with the round symbol on the left, and the statue with the wavy symbol on the right. Once done, you can proceed to the next chamber.

The room with the four statues showing the solution postions | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Activate the Kih-Oskh statue

You currently have three stones in your inventory. Before exploring this room, check out a small statue on the left side of the entrance to “The Weighing of the Soul”. Tintin will discover a fourth stone there – a white one.

In the center of the room stands a statue with a round symbol and a vertical wave. The statue holds scales and there is an explanation at the back of the room. To proceed, locate a feather in the blue room and a heart in the red room. Let’s start by going to the blue room!

The statue with the scale | camzillasmomcom

When you enter the blue room, you’ll see a large statue and rails on the floor. One rail piece can be moved, but it has two unusual indentations. Tintin needs to find the tools to move this rail piece. In the center of the room, there’s a piece of pillar on the blue rail, with sand coming down from the ceiling.

The location of where the sand is running down the ceiling | camzillasmomcom

There is now an altar with an ark – a chest that opens when you place something on the pressure plate in front of it on the floor. Search the area for the tools resembling oars to move the rail piece. You need to find two of them. One is right by the altar, and the other is leaning on a pillar.

One of the oars next to the altar | camzillasmomcom

Use the two “oars” on the rail piece to move it. The original plan was to move the statue onto the pressure plate in front of the chest, but unfortunately, it’s blocked by that pillar piece. Instead, move the statue to the left and climb up.

Tintin climbing up the statue | camzillasmomcom

At the end of the path, you’ll find an empty cart on wheels. Push it down to the level of the statue and move it to the area where sand is flowing from the ceiling. Fill the cart with sand and then push it onto the pressure plate to open the chest.

Moving the cart full of sand onto the pressure plate | camzillasmomcom

As Tintin looks inside the chest, he’ll discover another puzzle. This time, he needs to arrange puzzle pieces in the shape of a pyramid. Remember that the pieces can be rotated. Check out the puzzle solution in the screenshot below. Once solved, Tintin can retrieve the feather.

Pyramid puzzle solution | camzillasmomcom

After obtaining the feather, Tintin needs to proceed to the red room to retrieve the heart. The chest is locked and must be opened beforehand. Retrieve the torch from behind the chest.

The red room with the altar and the torch at the back | camzillasmomcom

Take the torch and exit the room, turning left. You’ll find a bowl with oil that you can light up using the torch. Don’t forget to examine the mural behind the bowl. It depicts four individuals with three stones: Blue, Yellow, White, and Purple. These are the same stones that you currently possess. Return to the room and place these stones in the statues just like they appear in the mural.

Once you’ve placed the stones, it’s crucial to light the bowls in the exact order shown on the mural: Blue, Yellow, White, Purple. This action will open the chest, allowing Tintin to retrieve the heart. Hurry back to the statue!

The oil bowl with the mural at the back | camzillasmomcom

To proceed, interact with both sides of the scale at the scales statue. Place the feather and the heart accordingly. At the back of the statue, arrange three items to form a symbol matching the one held by the statue. Ensure the outside dot is positioned at the bottom and the inside dot at the top. Additionally, adjust the rotation of the vertical wave line if needed. Following these steps will open a staircase leading downwards.

The center statue with the scales and the symbol in the middle | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Follow the light all the way down

The objective of the next room is to reach the bottom of the cave. Take the torch from the wall and walk towards the hole in the wall. This is where you will resume playing as Snowy. In this Labyrinth, follow the light to the other end of the cave to reunite with Tintin.

The passage that is meant for Snowy | camzillasmomcom

To assist Tintin, walk to the end of the platform on the other side and lower a bridge. As Snowy, you may need to run and jump occasionally to reach the destination. Refer to the screenshot below for a view of the bridge ahead. Simply jump down onto it.

The bridge that will help Tintin cross over | camzillasmomcom

To play as Tintin again, follow the path on the opposite side to the Ankh, as indicated below. Your task is to light it up. It’s not too challenging when you understand the principle: when you click a piece, it will also light up all the neighboring pieces. Simply click the four pieces shown in the solution below to illuminate the Ankh.

The solution how to light the Ankh | camzillasmomcom

A door behind the Ankh opens, and Tintin proceeds along the path until he reaches the bottom of the cave with the light puzzle. Now, he needs to “Activate the mechanism in the center of the cave.” Before moving the pillars, locate the broken pillar and examine the pieces on the floor. Next, find the top mirror piece in the corner of the cave, as shown in the screenshot below. You can place this piece on top of the broken pillar to restore its functionality.

A screenshot showing the top mirror piece located in the corner of the cave ready to be placed on top of the broken pillar to restore its functionality in the light puzzle | camzillasmomcom

Now you can move the pillars on the right side to get the light to the left as shown in the screenshot below.

A screenshot demonstrating the movement of pillars on the right side to redirect the light towards the left side in the puzzle | camzillasmomcom

To guide the light to the center pillar, move the pillars this way, keeping in mind that only one pillar can direct the light upwards. The solution is shown in the screenshot below.

A screenshot showcasing the correct arrangement of pillars with one pillar directing the light upwards to guide it towards the center pillar in the puzzle | camzillasmomcom

Head to the center and solve the door puzzle with four statues, each representing a different color. The objective is to illuminate all the symbols of the statues, centered where the heart would be. To move the lights, adjust the levers up or down. Remember, there is only one blue lever.

Here’s what I did: First, I moved all the lights to the legs. Then, I moved the blue lever up to the heart position. After that, I moved the second lever up, keeping all in the heart position except the red. Next, I moved the blue lever up again, and finally, I moved the blue lever back down.

A screenshot displaying the door puzzle with four statues each representing a different color | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Find a way out of the sarcophagus room.

Tintin is about to enter a room filled with mummies of archeologists who desecrated the Tomb of Kih-Oskh. Inside, there are four items to find between the sarcophagus: 2 Ankhs, 1 Crook, and 1 Flail. Be sure to look carefully!

A screenshot revealing the location of an Ankh inside a sarcophagus The sarcophagus is adorned with intricate carvings and the Ankh can be seen resting inside gleaming in golden hues | camzillasmomcom

Follow the wax drippings to the mural at the end of the hall. It depicts two people holding a total of 2 Anks, 1 Crook, and 1 Flail!

Interact with the statues and position the tools as shown on the mural. The left statue holds the Ankh in the left hand and the Crook in the right. The second statue holds the Ankh in the right hand and the Flail in the left. Now, interact with the statue’s mechanism to align the arms in the same positions as on the mural.

A screenshot showing the statue on the left moved into the correct position using the mechanism at its base | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Unveil the secret of the tomb

Tintin can now enter the room behind the mural. It’s a storage room. Look for the wooden box and find the crowbar in the room (see screenshot below). Use the crowbar to open the box.

A screenshot showing the location of the crowbar to open the wooden box | camzillasmomcom

Tintin and Snowy are then put to sleep. In Tintin’s dream, he unknowingly chases Snowy while riding a flying beetle, and suddenly finds himself transported to a new location: The Red Sea and Arabia


Release: November 7th, 2023
Developer: Pendulo Studios
Publisher: Microids
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