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Chapter 4: Abudin Walkthrough – Tintin: Cigars of the Pharaoh

Welcome to the walkthrough for Chapter 4: Abudin. In this guide, I’ll take you through each quest and puzzle step-by-step in the fourth chapter of Tintin Reporter – Cigars of the Pharaoh. Tintin arrives in Abudin and gets straightaway enlisted into the army!


Quest step:
Enlist in Abudin’s forces

Follow the recruit ahead of you at a safe distance. If you accidentally bump into them, you’ll need to start over. When the Corporal gives you an instruction, respond with a respectful “Yes, Corporal!” Then you can proceed to retrieve the uniform. Remember, as an infantry recruit, take the uniform with the sign that features two crossed rifles. The same applies to the boots.

A screenshot showing Tintin picking up the infantry uniform | camzillasmomcom

Stay behind the recruit ahead of you, keeping a safe distance until Tintin can request “Permission to leave, Corporal”. You can give Tintin a name later. Next, find your way into the bunkhouse located to your right. The soldier at the door will point out the second bed on the opposite wall, near the open window. Once there, change into your uniform by interacting with the bed.

A screenshot showing Tintin | camzillasmomcom's bunk bed, where he can change into the infantry uniform.

Tintin then meets the bunkmates. The Hard-of-Hearing Soldier immediately approaches and informs you that the window will always be open, but there is a lot of noise from partygoers. Continue searching for more mates in the bunkroom. One is under the bed, searching for a sock. An Exemplary Soldier stands ready for training. In a corner, there is a soldier cuddling a teddy bear, known as the Teddy Bear Soldier. Finally, the Time-Obsessed Soldier sits on his bed, repeatedly reciting his time-plan. Once all five mates are met, a soldier opens the door and orders them to go to the instruction point.

A screenshot showing Tintin arriving at the Instruction point for the next part of the training | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Complete the obstacle course

You need to navigate through the obstacle training course, competing against other soldiers. Simply press the buttons or move the controller stick when prompted. If you fail, no worries – you can restart at the nearest checkpoint.

The training also includes a tutorial on grenade throwing. Aim the throw arch at one of the sandbags. When it turns yellow, you can throw the grenade successfully.

A screenshot showing how to successfully throw a grenade in the ingame tutorial | camzillasmomcom

Continue with the second part of the obstacle course until you get to the pole climbing. When you reach the top, Tintin will hear Snowy barking, alerting Tintin that Altair is in danger of being hurt by falling equipment. Tintin chooses to save Altair instead of finishing the course.

A screenshot of Tintin saving Altair the horse | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Find clues that relate Colonel Fuad’s forces to Kih-Oskh

As punishment, Tintin has to sweep sand. Instead, he decides to have a look in Colonel Fuad’s office to find some clues. You will find what you’re looking for at Colonel Fuad’s desk. Interact with the documents there and study the three contents.

A screenshot of Colonel Fuad | camzillasmomcom's desk in his office.


Quest step:
Find out where the smuggler’ ring is meeting.

To uncover hints about the Secret Hideout, head to the back of the room where there’s an empty wall. Direct your gaze upward and spot a poster that can be pulled down.

A screenshot of the poster that can be pulled down | camzillasmomcom

Grab the broom near the entrance and use it to reach the poster. If it’s still not high enough, check the left wall for a set of framed spearheads. Find one that you can put on top of the broomstick. Now interact with the poster to pull it down.

A screenshot of the framed spearheads on the wall | camzillasmomcom

It’s a map with a coordinate grid. There are three points connected. The first one is in Egypt, the second here in Abudin, and the third somewhere in India. Memorize the points in the grid or just stay here:
A1 – C3 – H1

A screenshot of the map with the coordinate grid showing the next destination to be somewhere in India | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Find the stash of cigars

To locate the stash of cigars, find the painting depicting Fuad with his mother. Pay attention to his mother’s necklace. Input the identical code at the bottom frame of the painting. Refer to the provided screenshot for the solution.

A screenshot showing the solution of the Fuad with his mother painting | camzillasmomcom

There is a safe hidden behind the painting. Fortunately, there is a clue with three letters. These letters match the coordinates on the map with the grid above: A1 – C3 – H1. Enter the numbers 1 – 1 – 3. The screenshot below displays the solution. Tintin finds hollow cigars inside.

A screenshot showing the code for the safe behind the painting | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Reach the main gate

Tintin is arrested and imprisoned. To everyone’s surprise, Thomson and Thompson assist him in making his escape and instruct him to meet them at the main gate. This entire quest revolves around the art of stealth. It can become confusing and dark, so allow me to guide you through the main passages. Firstly, you need to divert a guard’s attention at the jail entrance by tossing a stone at a lantern.

A screenshot showing how to throw the stone at the lantern to distract the guard | camzillasmomcom

Quietly enter through the entrance where the guard was before you distracted him. Stay on the left side and be cautious of the guard patrolling on the other side of the fence after your prison escape. Jump over a wooden box to evade him, then proceed to the other side undetected.

A screenshot of the guard and the wooden box | camzillasmomcom

Keep going straight ahead. There’ll be a short cutscene to guide you in the right direction. Check the screenshot below for Tintin’s location after the cutscene. I’ve marked it with an X to show where he needs to go next.

A screenshot of the next sneaking bit with an X marking the target area | camzillasmomcom

Move over to the gate but someone has closed the doors. You can climb over the fence by climbing the boxes standing right at the wall. On the other side are two guards. Distract them by throwing a stone at a lantern. Then you can pass the area – which looks like a cemetery.

A screenshot of Tintin throwing a stone at a lantern to distract the guards | camzillasmomcom

On the other side, you can climb into a building. Here, Tintin has to turn on and adjust the radio to get the soldier away from the other window. To do this, interact with the radio. It has some instructions attached to it but they’re quite confusing.

Here’s what you have to do please refer to the screenshot below. It shows the solution:
1 – Turn on the radio
2 – Set the switches below the on/off switch to a total of 13. – as on the screenshot.
3 – At the bottom left, plug the cable into 10A
4 – At the top left, switch to Channel 2
5 – Use the knobs in the center-left to adjust height and length to finalize.

After the cutscene, you can exit through the window.

A screenshot showing the step by step solution of the radio puzzle in the office | camzillasmomcom

The next step requires dealing with an irritating spotlight. Your objective is to disable it in order to divert the guards’ attention at the gate. Locate the boxes with arrows near the truck. You can climb up on those boxes, as shown in the screenshot below. Sneak all the way to the other side, avoiding the spotlight and the guards.

A screenshot highlighting where Tintin has to climb up to avoid the guards | camzillasmomcom

From there, you can simply throw a stone at the spotlight and break it. You can then sneak to the gate without issues.

A screenshot showing how Tintin is throwing a stone at the spotlight | camzillasmomcom

The gate is locked. Luckily, Tintin recalls an open window in the bunkroom. He can escape by taking the path to the left of the gate, being careful to avoid the guards. Keep an eye out for a wooden box that can be rolled over to the other side.

| camzillasmomcom

Continue on to climb into a warehouse.

A screenshot showing the entrance to the warehouse building The next part of the escape route | camzillasmomcom

Inside the room, there’s a challenging time puzzle to solve. Your goal: escape before time runs out. Find the keys on a table across the room. Use the broom to reach them. Get ready for a game of “Green Light – Red Light”. Move discreetly when the soldier isn’t looking, and stay still when he’s watching.

When you have the keys, use them on the door. Then, cross the courtyard to get inside the bunkroom.

A screenshot showing another Red Light Green Light puzzle to get the keys | camzillasmomcom

When you have the keys, use them on the door. Then, cross the courtyard to get inside the bunkroom.

To reach the open window next to his bunk bed, Tintin needs to avoid two things: the light coming in from the windows and the soldier sitting to the left. You can get relatively close to him without being spotted. Sneak past him when you see the eye sign on him.

As soon as you reach the window, the soldier with only one sock will start patrolling the hall. Continue to open the window when he has his back towards you and stop when he’s walking past again.

A screenshot showing Tintin in the bunkroom sneaking past the guards | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Escape from Abudin

This part of the Abudin chapter is a long chase through Abudin, where all the “Lazy Worms” soldiers will chase Tintin through town. Look for white paint that shows you the way when you’re not sure where to go.

Once you reach the airfield, tell the pilot something about a “Rabid Dog” and he will run away.

A screenshot of the chase in Abudin | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Cross the canyon to avoid enemy shots

The flying part is the most annoying functionality in this game so far. At the start, you have to reach the canyon entrance first. Don’t get frustrated if you get shot down a couple of times before you do. I have highlighted the canyon entrance in the screenshot below.

| camzillasmomcom

While flying through the canyon, look for round wind swirls like in the screenshot below. They will show you the way. After you’ve successfully escaped, Tintin will continue the adventure in the Indian Jungle.

| camzillasmomcom


Release: November 7th, 2023
Developer: Pendulo Studios
Publisher: Microids
Official Website: