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5: Indian Jungle Walkthrough – Tintin: Cigars of the Pharaoh

Welcome to the walkthrough for Chapter 5: Indian Jungle. In this guide, I’ll take you through each quest and puzzle in the fifth chapter of Tintin Reporter – Cigars of the Pharaoh. Tintin and Snowy escaped Abudin and crashlanded in the Indian Jungle, where they found Professor Sarcophagus.


Quest step:
Socialize with the other attendees, Find Snowy

There are five people in the house that you can talk to. In the lounge on the ground floor, you’ll find Mr. Zlotzky and Mr. and Mrs. Snowball sitting on the couch. Walk through the dining hall to reach the balcony where the Major is located. Upstairs, you’ll find Doctor Finney. Before heading upstairs, be sure to read the newspaper on the entrance hall table and take a look at the dagger on the wall. Finally, when you go upstairs, Snowy will be sleeping on the couch.

A screenshot of sleeping Snowy | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Find something to cover Sarcophagus

After having a conversation with Doctor Finney about Sarcophagus’ condition, the professor seems to feel cold. Look for a blanket on top of a woven round stool. You will see in a cutscene, that a cigar band will fall from the blanket back onto the basket.

A screenshot of the location of the cigar band | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Find a link to the Cigars plot

It is time to return to the ground floor and engage in conversations with all individuals present in both the lounge and on the balcony. Verify the contents of one ashtray situated on the balcony and another within the lounge. Subsequently, venture towards the adjacent room, which was previously inaccessible during the prior segment of the quest. It has since become accessible and is revealed to be the room occupied by Mr. Zlotzky. Within this room, examine the ashtray positioned atop the fireplace.

Talk to Mr. Zlotzky. He appears nervous and prevents you from entering the bedroom. Leave him alone and go back to the dining room. Start a conversation with Khitmagar, the servant. You’ll discover that they’re about to serve a spicy starter, but Mr. Zlotzky will receive a non-spicy version due to his intolerance. That’s why they label his food.

A screenshot showing Khitmagar the servant | camzillasmomcom

Return to Zlotzky’s bedroom and interact with the empty plate on his table. There is a chicken stick marker for his food on the plate and Tintin will take it.

Now, go back to the dining room and talk to Khitmagar. Tell him that you would prefer a non-spicy starter like Zlotzky and he will leave to tell the kitchen. Then, interact with the starters next to the door. Tintin will put the marker into one of the spicy ones and take the plate. Serve this plate to Zlotzky in his bedroom.

A screenshot of the table where all the starters are ready to be served | camzillasmomcom

Mr. Zlotzky will quickly go to drink water. Now, you can go to the bedroom and take out a puzzle container from under the bed. The container has five sides with pictures of animals, Chinese characters that match those animals, and pictures of different items like a Chinese coin or a mountain. Fortunately, it also comes with a note.

To open the box, ensure that each picture aligns with the corresponding item or meaning on the neighboring side. Taking a look at the first screenshot below (which displays the solution), we have the symbol of a Chinese coin on the left, bordering the bull symbol on the other side. According to the paper, align the coin with the bull. The fire aligns with the horse, while on the right, we have the mountains together with the monkey and the wave with the mouse.

A screenshot of the solution to the first side of the puzzle container | camzillasmomcom

In the solution below, the right side is already aligned with the bull and the horse. So we have the pig and the Capricorn to the left. They both have to align with their Chinese symbols. So let’s turn the side and go to the left from here to do so.

A screenshot of the solution to the second side of the puzzle container | camzillasmomcom

As mentioned, this side has only Chinese symbols for the animals. Look in the note to get the correct one. The screenshot below shows the solution. The Symbols for mouse and Capricorn align to the right. Now we have the symbol for mouse and chicken to the left that we have to take care of. Let’s turn the side to the left.

A screenshot of the solution to the third side of the puzzle container | camzillasmomcom

The screenshot below shows the solution to the fourth side of the puzzle box. We have the mouse and the chicken aligned to the right. We now just have to align the tiger and the rabbit with the Chinese characters on the fifth and last side.

A screenshot of the solution to the fourth side of the puzzle container | camzillasmomcom

With the solution of the fifth side below, the box will open.

A screenshot of the solution to the fifth side of the puzzle container | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Find the source of the noise.

Go upstairs to check for the professor. Close the window. The professor is gone.

A screenshot of Tintin closing the window | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Attend Mrs. Snowball downstairs.

Quickly go downstairs to catch Mrs. Snowball in the lounge. She will claim that she saw a ghost.

A screenshot of Tintin catching Mrs Snowball | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Find out who is behind the supernatural issues

When you reach the entrance hall, you will see that the entrance door is open. Proceed to Mr. Zlotzky’s room and observe the footprints leading to the bedroom. Examine the footprints for further investigation. Afterward, return to the entrance door and exit outside. In the jungle, you will witness Professor Sarcophagus making a hasty retreat with the white blanket. The group decides to postpone the search for him until morning.

A screenshot of Tintin discovering the footprints | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Escape from Sarcophagus

The following day, in the jungle, Tintin discovers the professor’s hat and is subsequently attacked by him. The professor, who is determined to harm Tintin, gives chase. The pursuit lasts a considerable amount of time and concludes with Tintin safely disarming the professor.

A screenshot of Tintin running away from Professor Sarcophagus | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Help the professor find “the eyes”

The professor keeps mentioning “the eyes,” prompting Tintin to release him and trail behind. In the jungle, Sarcophagus will search for the symbol of Kih-Oskh. Sometimes it may be concealed or the path unclear. Tintin must assist the professor in progressing discreetly. In the first section, the professor will pause at a symbol sketched on a raised path but won’t proceed. Look for nearby stones on the ground to shoot down a coconut and divert the professor’s attention from the symbol.

A screenshot of Tintin throwing a stone at a coconut | camzillasmomcom

This part was buggy for me because the professor kept investigating the coconut and nothing happened. I just chose to take the path up to the left of the symbol and once I was up there, the professor disappeared in the coconut location and appeared further up and continued his path…

A screenshot marking the path in the jungle | camzillasmomcom

In the upcoming section, there is an overpass with a hanging plant. The professor wants to pass through but is scared, mistaking it for a snake. Simply climb on top of the overpass and interact with the plant to make it drop down.

A screenshot of the overpass with Tintin about to interact with the plant | camzillasmomcom

After the initial shock, the professor remains unsure about the next steps. To proceed, follow the path beyond the underpass, away from sight. Look for a symbol on a tree, hidden beneath a leaf. Remove the leaf to reveal the symbol and allow the professor to continue.

A screenshot of the symbol covered by a leaf | camzillasmomcom

Sarcophagus will then proceed to enter some ruins where he encounters another obstacle. On the ground level, search for a symbol that indicates the exit from the ruins. It is crucial to remain cautious and avoid detection. Refer to the screenshot below to identify the symbol that needs to be interacted with.

A screenshot of the symbol in the ruins | camzillasmomcom

The next part is the trickiest in this chase puzzle. In this area, there’s a staircase that you need to get the professor to ascend. To do this, you have to make him walk counterclockwise instead of clockwise. He initially starts walking clockwise, so to change it, you must make him walk underneath the stairs by altering the symbol’s direction below them like this:

A screenshot that shows how to set the symbol below the stairs | camzillasmomcom

There are two symbols – swaps near the base of the stairs. Adjust the symbol that is opposite the stairs to match the one in the screenshot below. The Professor will follow the path shown in the screenshot and walk counterclockwise.

A screenshot that shows how to set the symbol opposite the stairs | camzillasmomcom

Make sure the symbol just by the stairs is visible, as shown below. As soon as Tintin follows Professor Sarcophagus up the stairs, he’ll find out who “the eyes” are.

A screenshot that shows how to set the symbol at the stairs | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Throw a coconut onto the fakir’s head

Tintin and the Professor have been hypnotized by the Fakir. Now it’s up to Snowy to save the day. Snowy needs to drop 3 coconuts on each person’s head, starting with the professor. Follow the mission marker to find a coconut tree. Climb it by walking on the tree trunk, as shown in the screenshot.

A screenshot of the path that Snowy has to take to get to the coconut | camzillasmomcom

Follow the path and the mission marker all the way up to the top of the tree where you can interact with the coconut.

A screenshot that shows the coconut that Snowy can drop | camzillasmomcom

Next, we have Tintin. From where you are now, head to the little plateau on the right side of Tintin’s patrol area. You’ll find the starting point for climbing in the small dead end I’ve highlighted in the screenshot below.

A screenshot that highlights the starting point of the climb for the next coconut | camzillasmomcom

In this alley, you can jump up to get to the plateau on the left with the dead end behind you. Look for white paint markers. They indicate climb points.

A screenshot that shows how Snowy has to climb | camzillasmomcom

From up there you can cross over to a horizontal tree trunk to reach the second coconut. Interact with it to drop it on Tintin.

A screenshot that shows how to reach the second coconut | camzillasmomcom

Now it’s the Fakir’s turn. From your last, second coconut position you can jump over to the tree by the Fakir and climb it as shown in the screenshot.

A screenshot that shows how to reach the third coconut | camzillasmomcom

Now it’s the Fakir’s turn. From your last, second coconut position you can jump over to the tree by the Fakir and climb it as shown in the screenshot. At the top, you have to jump over a gap and from there cross over again to reach the coconut. There is a quest marker that should show you where the coconut is. Interact with the coconut to drop it on the Fakir.

A screenshot that shows how to reach the third coconut | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Drive to the hospital in time

After the conversation with Mr. Zlotzky, you have to drive to the hospital before time runs out. I’ve found that Mr. Zlotzky is more accurate in telling directions than the Professor. If you’re unsure of the direction you’re driving, just look at the bar at the top of the screen. Is your car there more to the right or to the left?

Also, there are road signs – a yellow arrow – that frequently show the way. Asphalted roads are a good indication, too. There is plenty of time to get there.

A screenshot that shoes a road sign in the driving sequence | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Talk to the patients

There are five people that you have to talk to or see before the doctor returns.

Talk to Napoleon, the Narcissistic Inmate, the Racing Car Driver, and the sleeping man in the back alley. Then, talk to the gardener who knows a lot about the other inmates. Especially about the racing car driver.

Again, speak to Napoleon to “Leave your position as Napoleon’s ride” and then the Narcissistic Patient to “Reasure the distinguished man”.

| camzillasmomcom

Return to the racing car driver and have a mock race with him. It is unnecessary to let him win. He will grant you three questions afterward. Ask him about the cigars, the secret meeting, and the opium trafficking. Now you just have to thank the gardener for his help.

| camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Escape from the hospital

This bit is a chase again. To figure out which direction you have to go, just tell the Narcissistic Patient that he’s beautiful. That will give you a rough direction. Also, the way the camera moves is giving a great hint. To find Snowy, you have to be chased to the third floor of the hospital, run through the outside balcony, and after the balcony down the stairs to the second floor again. Then, Tintin will shout: “Snowy!”

| camzillasmomcom

You will jump out of the window, and use the Sleeping Patient’s belly as a trampoline to get across the hospital walls. Outside, the chase continues until they reach the train. Tintin gets on it, but Snowy does not…

| camzillasmomcom


Release: November 7th, 2023
Developer: Pendulo Studios
Publisher: Microids
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