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6: Gaipajama Walkthrough – Tintin: Cigars of the Pharaoh

Welcome to the walkthrough for Chapter 6: Gaipajama. In this guide, I’ll take you through each quest and puzzle in the sixth chapter of Tintin Reporter – Cigars of the Pharaoh. Tintin and Snowy have been separated while escaping the mental hospital. Tintin arrives in the Palace of the Maharajah of Gaipajama unharmed, worried about Snowy’s whereabouts.


Quest step:
Find a head and a body for the dummy

Tintin is convinced that whoever poisoned the Maharajahs, Zlotzky, and the Professor will repeat the act with the current Maharajah. He decides to create a dummy and place it in the Maharajah’s bed. To construct it, he locates a coconut from a nearby fruit bowl as the head, and the Mannequin positioned by a window serves as the body.

At that moment, the Prince of Gaipajama comes into the room and after a brief conversation, leaves again, as Tintin is too busy to play. Thanks to the visit of the young Prince, Tintin now knows how to open the secret doors by moving the specific tusk on the door. Interact with the left door and go inside the room. As you approach the desk to investigate, a snake will block your path.

A screenshot of Tintin discovering the snake | camzillasmomcom

Go back to the Mahajajah’s room and enter the Prince’s room, located next to it with an elephant head on the door. Tintin interacts with the young prince and inquires about the snake. The Prince proceeds to teach Tintin how to play the Punji to lull the snake to sleep.

Returning to the office with the snake, use the Punji and witness its success. The snake will go back into the pot. Tintin then proceeds to investigate the desk. There is another statue from the tomb. Just in this moment, someone enters the room and Tintin has to hide quickly underneath the desk. Listening in on a conversation between the Maharajah’s Secretary and the Grand Master.

A screenshot of Tintin putting the snake to sleep with a Punji | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Get out of the secretary’s room

The door will be locked by the Secretary upon his departure. Consequently, Tintin cannot access the Maharajah’s bedroom through the secret door. Take another look at the desk and collect the Kukri knife. Utilize it to unlock the chest and obtain the ear trumpet.

Go to the actual door and interact with it. Tintin will use the Ear Trumpet to listen for any presence in the corridor. If you can’t hear anything, increase the volume. You’ll hear approaching and fading footsteps. Once they’re no longer audible, leave the area with the indicated movement. Tintin will automatically return to the Maharajah’s bedroom

A screenshot of Tintin using the ear trumpet to listen on the door | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Stick the coconut on the mannequin

Back in the Maharajah’s bedroom, you can now interact with the mannequin and stick the coconut on the mannequin. Next, pick up the bottle with “Kohl” on the dresser unit with the mirror. Go back to the mannequin and paint a face. What is now missing is a beard. Interact with the red curtain in this room and Tintin will cut a beard, take the dummy, and put it in the bed.

A screenshot of the bottle of Kohl | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Solve the tree mechanism

In the upcoming sequence, the Fakir will vanish by passing through a door in the tree. The door necessitates a puzzle involving button presses to complete the symbol. This is similar to the Ankh puzzle inside the tomb. Upon pressing a button, adjacent pieces will also be filled out. Refer to the solution below for the correct button sequence.

A screenshot of the A puzzling tree solution | camzillasmomcom

5 – UP!

Quest step:
Find your way back to the upper floor

Tintin discovers an area with a circular pool and a screw mechanism at its center. The pool consists of three sections, with poles protruding from one section. Tintin must jump on each pole to make them vanish, causing the screw, actually an elevator, to descend.

A screenshot showing the solution on how to jump the poles | camzillasmomcom

You will encounter two new sets of poles. One will replace the previous set, and another set will appear on the left. The order in which you solve them doesn’t matter. Eventually, both sets need to be resolved. I began with the easier set. Here’s a clear way to jump those poles, starting from the outside ring:

A screenshot showing the solution on how to jump the second set of poles | camzillasmomcom

Now head over to the third set of poles – the one that looks more complicated – and solve it as shown in the three screenshots below:

A screenshot showing the first five jumps | camzillasmomcom
A screenshot showing the next three jumps | camzillasmomcom
A screenshot showing the last four jumps | camzillasmomcom

The fourth and last poles puzzle is across the whole pool. You can actually see that one path is blocked by a massive pole. So that’s where to start. See all jumps in the five screenshots below.

A screenshot showing the first five jumps | camzillasmomcom
A screenshot showing the next six jumps | camzillasmomcom
A screenshot showing the next six jumps | camzillasmomcom
A screenshot showing the next four jumps | camzillasmomcom
A screenshot showing the last six jumps | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
See where the man in the Kih-Oskh robe is going

Tintin is riding the elevator up and follows the only corridor into a wider area. Next is a sneak section. To follow the man in the robe and sneak past the watching guard, follow the mining cart until it goes off to the right. You then can go to the left, behind the cover as shown in the screenshot below.

A screenshot of Tintin hiding behind the mining cart Yellow arrows show the next hiding place | camzillasmomcom

The person in the robe will then go downstairs, while Tintin has to stay on this level. Sneak past the guard on the left. He sometimes shows an eye symbol, where he won’t see Tintin. That’s the time to sneak!

Side Note: Tintin will come back here to this exact location. Then, you have to climb up to the left from where Tintin is in the screenshot below. But I will mention it in due time.

A screenshot showing Tintin behind cover Yellow arrows indicate the next path | camzillasmomcom

At the other end, you can climb down to get to the ground level.

A screenshot that shows where Tintin can climb down to reach the ground floor | camzillasmomcom

Now you’re on the ground floor, waiting for the person in the robe and the guard to move right. Then head to a hiding spot towards the left and use it to sneak all the way to the right side of the room.

A screenshot showing the next steps of Tintin sneaking through a hidden area | camzillasmomcom

The only way forward now is going up the stairs. Tintin has now returned to the same spot as before! But now he has to climb up on the spot that is marked with an “X” in the screenshot.

A screenshot showing Tintin | camzillasmomcom's next path forward.


Quest step:
Uncover the truth behind the Flor Fina cigars

You now are above the next section of the hall. Follow the platform all around, avoiding the spotlight. You will then see how the person in the robe is leaving through a door, together with everyone else.

A screenshot showing the way forward in the cigar factory | camzillasmomcom

Now all alone, investigate the door at the back, look at the cart filling instructions on the wall, and at the mining cart. Taking the mining cart is your way out. Tintin has a plan.

A screenshot showing what areas need to be payed attention to A door a poster and a mining cart | camzillasmomcom

Now it’s time to go from desk to desk to discover the cigar box-making process and what they actually put into the cigars!

A screenshot showing a table where a cigar is produced | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Sneak into the adjacent room, get the wagon moving, craft a cover

Tintin has learned all about the cigars! Take another look at the cart poster and see how the cart must be filled to pass inspection from the controllers on the other side. Pay attention to the tables. One table has the Flor Fina label, and the other has the seal of guarantee. You’ll need those soon. Also, notice the pile of Flor Fina boxes on one table. There are only 13 boxes. Tintin needs two more for the plan to succeed.

You will find the two boxes and a pallet near the wall, as shown in the screenshot below.

A screenshot showing the location of the two cigar boxes and the pallet | camzillasmomcom

The two boxes are missing the Fior Fina sticker and a seal of guarantee. Head over to the tables to do that. Then, go back to the pile of 13 Flor Fina boxes. All that is now missing is the glue and how to move the cart.

You probably already have discovered that there is an office upstairs. When you go there now, you will see that there is a lock and you need to find something to open it. Climb back up to the platform where you snuck in. There is a crowbar hanging on the wall, just below a light.

A screenshot showing the location of the crowbar | camzillasmomcom

Head to the office and use the crowbar to open the door. Inside, you’ll find glue on the table along with the controls for the mining carts. Once Tintin picks up the glue, he’ll proceed to construct the ruse. Afterward, return to the office and press the left red button.

A screenshot showing the inside of the office with the glue and the mining cart controls highlighted | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Get past the windowed door

Follow the corridor until you reach the next cutscene. Look for a door with a window that only allows access to those wearing a robe. Tintin will obtain a robe during the cutscene. Approach the door and knock. It appears you will need one of the Statues of the Tomb. Return to the area where you entered with the robe and search the man on the floor – Doctor Finney. He has a small statue in his pocket. Simply take it.

A screenshot showing Doctor Finney on the floor with the statuette in his pocket | camzillasmomcom

Return to the door, show them the statue and you can pass.

As you enter the meeting room, start by interacting with the door, which is Tintin’s escape route. Then, engage in conversations with everyone present and examine the table. You’ll realize that your seat isn’t right next to the door and that you need to swap the seats to ensure that Tintin is seated by the door.

A screenshot showing the two seats that have to be swapped | camzillasmomcom

Talk to the group of three, then to Horus and Khnum. You will discover that the password for this meeting is Kih-Oskh and Gaipajama. Talk to Khnum alone after the conversation, then go talk to Horus while Khnum swaps the seats.

A screenshot showing Tintin talking to Khnum | camzillasmomcom

When asked about the password after the next cutscene, just answer “Kih-Osk and Gaipajama”.


Quest step:
Unmask the Kih-Oskh Brotherhood

After brave Tintin took care of all the brotherhood members alone, pull off their hoods one by one.

A screenshot showing all brotherhood members in robes | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Chase the fakir!

Oh no! The Fakir got away! Chase him until you get to the room with the guards where you have to check all the doors to discover where he went. Just have a look at the screenshot below. I have marked the door for you. It’s the door at the far right.

A screenshot showing the location of the open door | camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Catch up with the villains’ car

Next is a car chase through the Himalayas. Just keep staying on the gas. You will catch up eventually.

A screenshot showing a part of the car chase | camzillasmomcom

13 – ROCK

Quest step:
Throw a rock onto the fakir’s head.

In this part, you play as Snowy, and each section is timed. Snowy has to prevent Tintin from being poisoned. In every step to prevent this, Snowy has to find and trow a rock down to the group until he finally hits the Fakir. General advice: Follow the rocks with the white paint. Here’s how to do it:

At the start, look left and follow the path with the white paint. You will have to jump a lot.

A screenshot of the first rocks Snowy has to jump on | camzillasmomcom

Inside the cave, look for the plank bridge above you. That’s what you have to cross. Start climbing to get there where I’ve drawn the arrows in the screenshot below.

| camzillasmomcom

Just across the bridge is the first rock. Interact with it to continue.

| camzillasmomcom

After the cutscene, look backward. The path continues inside the cave, up to the right.

| camzillasmomcom

The path up is marked with nice white paint. You will basically run into the second rock.

| camzillasmomcom

After the cutscene, turn around, looking into the cave. The path continues to the right.

| camzillasmomcom

Climb up there and then look back down. There is a white smeary path that you have to take next.

| camzillasmomcom

On the other side of this little tunnel is a white smear on the wall. Follow it and climb up following the white paint.

| camzillasmomcom

At the very top of this climb is another white smear on the right wall. Follow it to the other side and you will reach the third rock. This time a branch!

| camzillasmomcom

After yet another cutscene, turn around and follow the white paint across the gap.

| camzillasmomcom

Follow the white smear to a wooden plank bridge. Up there is the last rock.

| camzillasmomcom


Quest step:
Save the Prince!

All that’s left to beat this adventure is to chase the Grand Master, catch him, and save the Prince. – The chase is a bit too long for my taste!

| camzillasmomcom

Release: November 7th, 2023
Developer: Pendulo Studios
Publisher: Microids
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