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“Scene of the Crime” Scene of Interest Rise of the Ronin

“Scene of the Crime” is one of many Scene of Interest missions that you have to do for the Photographer in the Honcho Region. Here is how to find the Scene of Interest for the “Scene of the Crime” Mission.

First, you have to accept the mission from the Photographer at his Photographic Studio. There is a Veiled Edge Banner just at his shop.

Where is the Scene of the Crime Mission Area?

Head to the Tobe Region west of Yokohama. Activate the mission to spot a round yellow mission area just southeast in the Tobe Region map. As soon as you are close enough, the map will highlight two camera areas as shown in the screenshot below.

Map screenshot of the two photograph locations for the Scene of the Crime Mission | camzillasmomcom
Two photograph locations on the map.

Where is the Location for the Photograph?

To find the location for the photograph, open your mission menu and read the mission instructions:

Murderous thieves are stalking the Tobe village area at night. Their identity remains unknown, save for the detail that they are skilled swordsmen. Due compensation will be awarded to those who can provide photographic evidence that will identify the ringleader, dead or alive.
– Kanagawa Commissioner’s Office

So in this mission, you have to take two photographs of the hostiles patrolling the area. They can be dead or alive – no holding back is necessary.

There are two ways to do this mission. Stealthy or aggressively. If you do it in a stealthy way, there is a grapple point up to the roof at the location shown in the screenshot below. If you are detected, you have to take photographs of the dead bodies later.

| camzillasmomcom
| camzillasmomcom

How to take the Photograph?


The targets are both inside the main building. Get on top of the roof at the grapple point shown in the previous screenshots. Crawl inside through the window and take this photograph:

| camzillasmomcom


If you are being detected, everyone on the property will attack. You will have to fight them and take the photographs afterward.

Return to the Photographic Studio

Now all you need to do is return to the Photographic Studio in the Honcho Region to receive your reward.

Release: March 22nd, 2024
Developer: Team Ninja
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
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