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Camera Obscura – Scene of Interest – Rise of the Ronin

“Camera Obscura” is one of many Scene of Interest missions that you have to do for the Photographer in the Honcho Region. Here is how to find the Scene of Interest for the “Camera Obscura” Mission.

First, you have to accept the mission from the Photographer at his Photographic Studio. There is a Veiled Edge Banner just at his shop.

Where is the Camera Obscura Mission Area?

Head to the Maita Region in the southwest corner of the Rise of the Ronin – Yokohama map. Activate the mission to spot a round yellow mission area east of the Maita Region.

Screenshot of the Maita Region on the map The mission area of Camera Obscura is circled in yellow | camzillasmomcom
Mission Area in a yellow circle.

Where is the Location for the Photograph?

To find the location for the photograph, open your mission menu and read the mission instructions:

Expulsionist ronin are gathering in one of the ghost villages in Maita to discuss their conspiracies away from the eyes of the law. Please provide photographic evidence so that I may report this to the commissioner. Rumour has it that the ronin mark the site where they meet by four dice and two chickens.
– Maita Landowner

Head towards the deserted village. As you near it, you will receive various camera items as mission objectives. Explore these areas to pinpoint the meeting spot.

They are meeting an a white storehouse – the kind of building you usually find Treasure Chest in. Climb up to the window at the location shown in the screenshots below:

Screenshot of the photograph | camzillasmomcom's location.
Screenshot of the player standing in front of the window looking at the meeting point | camzillasmomcom

How to take the Photograph?

Stand close to the barred window shown in the screenshot. Activate your camera and center the focus on the red circle, mirroring the one in the screenshot below.

A screenshot of how the photograph has to be taken | camzillasmomcom

Return to the Photographic Studio

Now all you need to do is return to the Photographic Studio in the Honcho Region to receive your reward.

Release: March 22nd, 2024
Developer: Team Ninja
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
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