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Tobe Region Collectibles Guide Rise of the Ronin

Discover hidden collectibles in the Tobe Region of ‘Rise of the Ronin 2024.’ Hunt Veiled Edge Banners, restore Public Order, pursue two fugitives, gaze at one Landmark, pray at the Shrine, and find Cats and Treasure Chests. Achieve a 100% Collection Rate in the Tobe Region to receive “Bulb” at your Longhouse.

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Veiled Edge Banner collectibles serve as save and fast-travel points in Rise of the Ronin. They are sometimes, but not always located in significant and busy areas. As soon as you resolve a “Public Order” Collectible, the Veiled Edge Banners are revealed on the map.

Big Estate

There is a big estate in the center of the Tobe Region. Resolving the Public Order Event will automatically unlock this Veiled Edge Banner.

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The Veiled Edge Banner on the map.

Abandoned Farm

In the southwestern corner of the map, at the border to the Ota Region, you’ll find an abandoned Farm with a Veiled Edge Banner.

The Veiled Edge Banner on the map screenshot | camzillasmomcom
The banner on the in-game map.

“Public Order” collectible events are locations in a region that enemies occupy. Free the area by killing all the enemies in the area. This will strengthen the bond with the villagers.

The largest estate in the Tobe Region is taken over by bandits during the “Public Order” event. Despite its size, there are only five enemies, one being a “formidable foe”. Beat them to unlock the Veiled Edge Banner.

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The Big Estate in the Center of the Map.

“Fugitive” Collectibles are quests where you track down and defeat a fugitive.

Unconfinable Ushimatsu

The fugitive “Unconfinable Ushimatsu” can be found in front of the Landmark: Iseyama Kotai Shrine.

Screenshot of the ingame map with the location of the Fugitive Unconfinable Ushimatsu highlighted | camzillasmomcom
The location on the map

Seisho Aburi

Seisho Aburi – Level 12 marks the final fugitive in the Tobe Region. Depending on your progress in capturing fugitives, this one may be inaccessible with the message “Continue with Mission.” Keep pursuing fugitives in the area and return later to apprehend Seisho Aburi.

He’s hiding inside one of the farmhouses in the south of the Tobe Region.

Screenshot of the ingame map showing the unlocked location of the fugitive Seisho Aburi | camzillasmomcom
The location on the map

Iseyama Kotai Shrine

The Iseyama Kotai Shrine Landmark is located in the northern part of the Tobe Region and is where you can find the Fugitive: Unconfinable Ushimatsu.

The location of the Iseyama Kotai Shrine on the map | camzillasmomcom
Iseyama Kotai Shrine Landmark on the map.

The Shrine can be found on top of a hill, south of the Veiled Edge Banner of the Big Estate. Renegades encircle it.

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The shrine on the map.
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Shrine on top of the hill.

The cat collectible is a real cat, not some kind of statue that you have to find. As you travel around the region, listen closely. You may hear a meowing from a cat. This means you are very close. Reach the Cat and pet it.

Southern Farm

There’s a large farm in the southern part of Tobe Region. The cat is perched on the tower. Use the grapple points and hook to reach the top.

Screenshot of the ingame map showing the location of the map | camzillasmomcom
Location of the cat.
Screenshot of the player looking up to the tower where one of the cats in the Tobe Region are | camzillasmomcom
The top of the tower.

Northwestern Tower

The second cat is on top of the tower in the northwest of the Tobe Region. You will go there in the Grassroots Mission: When Clouds of Vengeance Part. Be careful! It’s a Calico Cat. They are shy and will run away if you approach them too quickly. Crouch all the way to pet it.

Screenshot of the ingame map showing the exact location | camzillasmomcom
Location of the cat.
Screenshot of the player looking at the tower | camzillasmomcom
Cat sleeping on the second lower roof.

Treasure Chests are big unmissable chests that have to be found in the region.

Iseyama Kotai Shrine

The initial Treasure Chest in the Tobe Region is located near the Iseyama Kotai Shrine Landmark. Look for a white storehouse behind the Shrine. The door on the ground floor is locked from the inside. Approach from the Iseyama Kotai Shrine grounds and stand on the shrine’s outer wall to reach the wooden scaffolding of the storehouse. This path leads to an open window for entry. The Treasure Chest is on the top floor. Destroy all the pottery to find it.

Screenshot showing the Treasure Chest on the ingame map | camzillasmomcom
Treasure Chest on the map
Screenshot that shows the entry point of the Storehouse to reach the Treasure Chest | camzillasmomcom
Looking down at the entrance point

Abandoned Farm

In the southwestern corner of the map, near a Veiled Edge Banner is a barricaded, abandoned farmhouse. Use the Sub-Weapon: Fire Pipe to destroy the barricade to get to the Treasure Chest.

The treasure chests | camzillasmomcom' location on the map.
Farmhouse location on the map
A screenshot of the barricaded abandoned farmhouse | camzillasmomcom
Barricaded Farmhouse

Scene of the Crime