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Where the Kappa Roam - Side Case Walkthrough

Where to get this case:

There are 2 men fighting over a statue at North Sakura River St.
Kodama, the owner of the statues, wants you to track them down.


Open the Buzz Researcher App and search for KAPPA.
Statue 1: At South Sakura River

Statue 2: Kappa Wielding Runner
There is a guy running around with a statue. Talk to and chase him to get the Kappa.

Statue 3: Fisherman at the River
Help the fisherman reel in a Kappa. When displayed, move the left stick up and down a couple of times as displayed.
When it says "Reel with all your might" hit the "X" button to get the Kappa.

Statue 4: Garbage Pile
There is a Kappa on a trash pile at E Central Street.

Statue 4: Drone / Sports Field
There is a Kappa in the north west of the map at the Drone Racing Registration.

Statue 5: Listen to Conversation / Go to Benten Pawn
Listen to those two men talking at the cat spot near the river.
Listen to all of it. One of them has sold the Kappa in the near Pawn Shop.
Head over and buy it.

Statue 6: Yokohama 99
The last Kappa is at Yokohama 99.

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