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Chapter 12 - To Nourish a Viper - Complete Walkthrough


Go back to Genda Law, then go back to the Detective Agency to sleep on the couch.


Go to Game Center Charles in the north of town and from there to the Earth Angel restaurant south of Charles.
Then go back to the Tatami Room from Chapter 1. It's nearby.
Fight the RK.


There are two rooms here. One with a safe and a combination. Take the other door now.
Light up the room: The switch is behind you next to the door.
Look for a way to proceed: Look at the door with the passcode.

Go back to the room with the safe and talk to the man on the floor.

8010 is the code for the SAFE
0508 is the code for the DOOR

Go through the door and to the window.
Time to climb up. Follow the marker. The goal is up.
After going back in through the window, you notice that the door is locked.
You'll go back out. Go to the left of the window. Here you can climb up.
At the top you can go to the right and down again on the other side.
Here, you'll learn about Pipe Descent.
Then climb all the way up to the marker and Fight the RK.
Pull your friends up with the rope.

Infiltrate the building

Follow the yellow arrow sign to the right. Here's a rail you can cross and you'll see already the red square to reach.
But first, avoid the spotlight before you get to the first red square. Throw a coin and take care of the thug.
Avoid the next spotlight and reach the next red square to throw a coin and deal with the thug.
The last red square is the end.

Jump over to the building and continue infiltration with the same principle as above.
Go downstairs and enter the Tatami room.
Defeat the RK.
Return to the Detective Agency to sleep on the couch.


Take a Taxi to Yokohama 99.
Enter the office. Then spend some time until you get a phone call.
Go to the Liumang Hideout marked on the map.
Follow Tesso, put on a disguise. You'll exit at Fukutoku Park
From there, go to Sawa's Apartment Building
Defeat RK

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