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Treasurer Investigation Walkthrough Assassin’s Creed Mirage

This is the complete walkthrough of the treasurer investigation in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. After having defeated the Tax Collector and the Harbormaster around the Bazaar in the Karkh district, we now want to meet The Treasurer. They are one of four middlemen/-women of the Order of the Ancients in Assassin’s Creed Mirage that have to be assassinated before we can take care of the head of the order in Baghdad.

Release: October 5th, 2023
Developer: Ubisoft Bordeaux
Publisher: Ubisoft
Official Website:


After defeating the Treasurer’s two subordinates, it is clear, that the Order wants to take part in the Grand Auction at the Bazaar to buy a rare hairpin. After being given a briefing by Roshan, overlooking the Bazaar, I’m being sent out to do my job. Identifying and assassinating the Treasurer.

The Case starts directly with the Assassination Briefing.


“Sitting at the top of Karkh’s web of power is the Treasurer. In controlling taxes and extorting the merchants of Kark, The Treasurer is successfully funding the Order at the expense of the people’s livelihood. Coveting a rare hairpin from the East, the Treasurer seizes the imports of any foreign artifacts at the harbor, causing great distress for various businesses. Having hidden themselves successfully in the shadows, the Treasurer’s identity is known to few. It is time to draw back the veil.”

You will first have to find out the identity of the treasurer before you can assassinate them. With the investigation briefing, you get a couple of hints in the form of icons on what to look for:

Visit Kong at his Stall
Obtain the Ivory Coin’s brooch

Eavesdropping on two women
Visit the Foreign Merchant Stall
Buy information on “Ivory Coin”


This whole investigation is called “Gilded Butterflies” and to start off with this guide, you will have to fully rely on your assassin-focus ability for this main quest. Your Eagle Vision won’t give you any results.

Pass through the entrance of the Bazaar at ground level. Make sure to use your Assassin Focus at all times. First, you should see a person in bright orange. You’ll find out that it’s Kong from the Harbormaster Investigation. He wants you to steal back a saucer that Luca has stolen from him. The mission marker on the world map is updated and leads now to Luca’s stall.

Enter the stall and you should notice two things: A movable shelf and a destructible wall.

Move the shelf to the opposite side of the room and look up. There are some explosive pots – the well-known Oil Jars from other Assassin’s Creed game titles. Now you can climb up there and pick one of them up.

You can throw the oil jar at the breakable wall from up there. Just stand on the ledge and throw it like in the screenshot below.

Climb down and pull the shelf through the hole where the destructible wall was. Just follow the scrape markings on the floor. On the other side, place the shelf at the passage that goes back to Luca’s stall “official” entrance door – like in the screenshot below. The goal is to climb up to the beams to reach a hidden level above. Just when you come up you should see the saucer. Use Assassin Focus if you don’t. Unbar the door and return to Kong.

Kong will tell you that the Treasurer is wearing traditional Chinese attire.

Continue to scan the Bazaar with your assassin focus. Find another person close to Luca’s stall standing next to a staircase to the second floor of the Bazaar. It’s a merchant inviting you to visit his stall on the second floor.

Take the staircase up and look at the highlighted artifacts when he finishes talking. Inspect the tools next to the merchant.

Next, find the two women on the second floor of the Bazaar, sit on the nearby bench, and start the eavesdropping activity.

Follow the women and eavesdrop again by sitting on the nearby bench. Afterward, you can speak to the same woman. The key information is revealed that the Treasurer’s name is Ning and a woman.

It is now time for the Great Auction, the central building in the Bazaar. Sit down at the marker’s location to try to buy the item. In the cutscene, the target’s identity is revealed. A Chinese woman shows a lot of interest in who’s buying the hairpin. She’s the main target.

If you haven’t got enough money to auction it, you have to steal it from the man who bought it.

Go to the hand quest marker on the hud and the world map. You will end up on the balcony that you saw in the auction cutscene, where you can steal the Chinese hairpin.

Now you can talk to a guard near a gate – see screenshots below.

You can only enter with an Ivory Coin’s brooch to meet the Treasurer. Just turn around from the gate and you will see this orange glowing person – if you have assassin focus on. – He will wave and you can follow him to a merchant’s stall, where you can either buy information on “The Ivory Coin” for 1 Merchant Token or 150 coins.

I will now get a map marker for an orange paper indicator to “Obtain the Ivory Coin’s brooch from the Guild”. Follow the map marker and you will find that it leads high up to a balcony. On the ground floor, a guard is making sure that no one is passing through. Everything behind the guard is a restricted area.

Climb up the wooden beams to the upper floor, so you can get to the balcony on the second floor and enter through an open window. Inside, use your assassin focus to detect your target on the ground floor. There is a glowing book on top of a table.

Enter the next room with assassin focus turned on. On the ground floor, you will find two guards and an orange highlight. Take care of the guards and pick up the object on the pillow – the Dragon Brooch.

You will now get the objective to assassinate Ning, the Treasurer.
Return to the guard by the door (just follow the marker on the map) and give him the Dragon Brooch that you’ve just picked up. He will let you pass and a guard asks you to follow to the audience room. The treasurer is still busy so you will have to wait for her to finish.

As you enter the treasurer’s chambers, the map marker changes into an orange skull and you may now assassinate Ning, The Treasurer. In the following cutscene, she is so taken by the hairpin you brought, she will send away the guards and is now easy prey. In the cutscene, you get to assassinate her with the hidden blade.

Escape the Bazaar after it is done and return to Rebekah at the Karkh Bureau as indicated on the map and hud with a mission marker.