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Al-Anqa – Investigation Walkthrough – Assassin’s Creed Mirage

This is the complete walkthrough of the Al-Anqa Investigation. Walkthrough with all clues found that you need to complete this case for the Hidden Ones. This investigation is one of 2 starter cases that lead to a middleman or woman before we get to assassinate the head of the order in the middle of the investigation tab.

Release: October 5th, 2023
Developer: Ubisoft Bordeaux
Publisher: Ubisoft
Official Website:


Travel to the KARKH BUREAU in the district with the same name to meet Rebekah. Roshan is already waiting there for you and asks you to walk with her to THE BAZAAR. She will tell you that merchants are being harassed as a first case clue and you should investigate.

“Investigate the threats in the Bazaar.”

This Investigation starts with the sub-case THE BAZAAR. It’s the only case revealed, the main case’s name is unknown at the beginning. Here are all the main missions and cases you will collect during the investigation:



“The bazaar is the heart of commerce, filled with corruption”.

As soon as Roshan leaves, the case AN OLD FRIEND from a different Investigation is unlocked. Also, it is clear, that those two Investigations have a leader somewhere and that Basim has to find a way into the Grand Auction. 

You can now enter the Bazaar. Use Assassin’s Focus in the Bazaar – notice that the key information of the case is in bright orange. There are a total of three groups of merchants that are highlighted. Two of them are only complaining about harrassed merchants but there is one merchant surrounded by a group of guards. This is the one that you need to go to. On the table is a letter. Read it and you get the second clue that “the perfume merchant requested more time to pay her debt of coin”.

Now you can talk to the guard and free the merchant. You can bribe him with a Power Favor Token or assassinate them. This will give you the third clue “She is being extorted for her stocks of perfume”. Freeing and speaking to her will give you the last clue “A delayed shipment meant missing merchants” and a new lead in the investigation.


“Merchants are missing. They were last seen around Baghdad”.

Open your world map and you will see that the map marker points somewhere in the wilderness to the south of Baghdad. At some stage, the marker will disappear in the Hud and you can use Eagle Vision to focus in on your quest objective. You will get a new quest marker right at the water of the oasis ahead. Speak to the merchant there.

He accepts your help and you start Investigating the Merchant’s campsite. Use Assassin’s Focus again to find the bright orange people ahead. There are two people and something on the floor, which will turn out to be a horse head. Why would someone do that? Investigate the horse head. This will give you a clue for the investigations. Also, speak to the man next to the horse’s head. He’s the owner and is very troubled about the situation. Next, speak to the other highlighted man – the jittering merchant – and he will tell you the clue that he may have seen someone in the dark.

To finish the investigation, look for the note next to the chest in the camp. It’s on the ground floor on the other side of the jittering merchant. Go back to the merchant to talk to him.

The next step is to escort the merchants back to Karkh gate. It is easier to call your mount to do so. On the way to the gate, there is an ambush waiting. Of course, you will be attacked! Defeat the enemies and you get another clue for the main investigation. Continue your escort the merchant the last stage to the Pomegranate Gate, where you can speak to the lead merchant again. 

Finishing this case will reveal Al-Anqa to be The Tax Collector who conveniently lives in the Tax Collector’s Mansion, which is the next and last case. Since he’s inside the mansion when you arrive, you can also assassinate him there.


“Al-Anqa lives in a mansion west of Karkh”.

Head to Al-Anqa’s Mansion in the west of Karkh. The location is visible on the map, marked with a quest marker.

There is only one clue that we’re missing in this case, but you have to pick up three items in and around the mansion to get it. Scan the mansion for guards with the Assassin Focus ability. As you clear the guards in the garden around the house and get to the back of the mansion, you will notice that the backdoor is locked. Using Assassin’s Focus, you will see that there is one guard that is carrying a key. Retrieving this key is important for finishing this investigation.

For the case of the Tax Collector’s Mansion, look for a note outside the house next to a treasure chest. This is the first clue you can collect out of three. It’s on the same level as the previously mentioned locked door.

Now you can enter the mansion through the backdoor – if you have the key as suggested. After you’ve entered, look around for the second clue. It’s on top of a table in the same room on the ground floor.

Al-Anqa will be in the room upstairs. You can easily assassinate him there. On a table nearby is the last clue in this area that will give you another clue for the person who pulls the strings in Karkh – Al-Anqa’s boss: “A familiar scent lingers on the letter.”

With all clues collected and Al-Anqa assassinated, this Investigation is now closed. A clue will be contributed to the unknown leader case. If you haven’t done the second starter case in Karkh yet, it’s time to do that now, otherwise, it’s time for the Order leader in Karkh!