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Harbormaster Investigation Walkthrough Assassin’s Creed

This is the complete walkthrough of the Harbormaster Investigation in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. The Investigation starts with the sub-case of “An Old Friend” that you pick up when visiting the Bazaar in Karkh for the first time. This is one of two cases to find the head of the order in Baghdad.

Release: October 5th, 2023
Developer: Ubisoft Bordeaux
Publisher: Ubisoft
Official Website:


When Basim ibn Ishaq arrives at Karkh for the first time, he’ll meet with Roshan at the Bureau and go to the Bazaar. Here, you get the choice of either investigating the Bazaar as the heart of corruption or first visiting An Old Friend, who might know more.

There are two sub-cases before you can get to Al-Kullulu, The Harbormaster. Unusually, there will be a third sub-case revealed after you killed The Harbormaster:



“My friend might have information about the seizing of goods.”

There is only one of two clues missing in this case. Basim’s old friend is in the north of the Bazaar. Follow the quest marker to the location and a cutscene will start.

Kong might have information about the seizing of goods, but he first wants me to retrieve Kong’s tea leaves. Who would deny a request of an old friend? Well, I don’t really have a choice: The mission marker guides you east, not far from Kong’s stall to a small warehouse – a restricted area. Inside the well-guarded house are the stolen goods, Kong’s tea.

Climb up to a roof next to the storage house and you will see a door on one side on the second floor. It is barred. As in most cases when there is a barred door, there also must be a window where you can throw a knife through. Look around at the outside of the house. On the second floor of the building is also such a window. But this time, instead of opening a door, use a throwing knife on the oil flasks to kill the guard and blow open this window at the same time.

You can now climb into the house. Here, on the second floor is a shelf you can pull towards you. The two boxes of tea are hidden behind this shelf. Before you pick it up to carry it back to Kong, make sure you open the door first. Now you can grab a box, exit the house, and jump over to the adjacent roof to escape with the goods.

As soon as you arrive at Kong, a cutscene starts and he will share with you the information about a Confiscated Warehouse and that the Order Member for this investigation is called “The Harbormaster.”


“Kong mentions someone confiscating his wares and requires my help.”

Open your investigation menu and make sure you have this investigation activated. You now have to find the Confiscation Warehouse. There are the following hints:
1 – It is near the east gate of Karkh, which leads out of Baghdad
2 – It is near some cranes that can be seen from a high vantage point.

3 – The merchant outside Kong’s stall is calling you over (when exiting Kong’s).

The merchant outside Kong’s will tell you the location straight away if you give him one Merchant Favour Token.

If you don’t fancy paying the merchant for a location you can find yourself in the city streets of Baghdad, open up your map, and head over to the east gate of Karkh – Tabik Gate – that leads out of Baghdad – north of it is the Confiscation Warehouse – see screenshot below.

You can sneak inside through a hole in the perimeter wall. Use the long grass all around the camp for cover. Once inside, you have to find information about the harbormaster. Look for bright orange glowing items. East, inside the Confiscated Warehouse on ground level, is a camp with the first document to be found, a fragrant letter on the table. It reveals that the Harbormaster’s name is Al-Kullulu.

Near the main entrance inside the Confiscation Warehouse, there is a building with a barred door. There is a second-floor entrance that is guarded. Kill the nearby guards and sneak inside. Downstairs is a soldier standing in front of a table with a note. This is the second clue. When you pick it up, the center case in the investigation tab is now uncovered.

Exit on the ground floor and climb up to the neighboring building. On the roof, there is a zipline to an open window. Climb inside and you will find the final and third piece of evidence for this investigation. And you get the Harbormaster as an assassination target.


“The Harbormaster is at a blockade.”

There is only one of two clues missing in this main investigation. But the mission objective for this one is clear: Find and assassinate The Harbormaster.

Open up your game map. You now have a mission marker for the location of The Harbormaster. He’s on the northeast coast of the Karkh District. At some stage, you will lose the marker. Then you know that you have to get Eagle Vision and send your eagle up to focus on the location called THE HARBOR CAMP. The whole camp territory is a restricted area.

With Eagle Vision, you can mark all the guards but also see that The Harbormaster is standing on the roof in plain sight, facing the water at the back of the building.

There is also a guard with a key walking around in the courtyard. This is the key for the Harbormaster’s locked building door, if you choose to go this route.

At the main entrance, there is a group of people where you can stand in the middle for a social stealth. But there is no obvious use for this.

The obvious access point is the building by the water. It is nicely placed with a nice passage to The Harbormaster’s balcony. There is also a hole in the outer wall with just one guard, just down below in the screenshot.

The best access point for me was to use the ground-level hole in the outer wall and slide through. On the other side, you are relatively safe. There are a total of five guards. The first guard that you see can be assassinated easily. He’s also not visible after the kill.
Two of the remaining four can be eliminated by shooting down a bag from a crane. The other two I could pick one by one. Then, you can climb up the building to a small roof next to The Harbormaster’s balcony. I was able to assassinate him from the top of this building just by luring him with a whistle.

If you don’t want to kill the armed guards, you can still use smoke bombs. By the time they know what happened you already stand on the roof above the balcony.

After you’ve assassinated the Harbormaster, there will be another sub-case for The Harbormaster investigation revealed: Kong’s Stall. Kong, after all, promised to get you into the Grand Auction.


“Kong promised to get me into the Grand Auction.”

Return to Kong at the Bazaar area. If you don’t remember where that is, just follow the map marker in the hud or the world map. He will give you an invitation to the Grand Auction.

This will close The Harbormaster’s investigation. You now return to the Karkh Bureau to debrief with Rebekah. Basim now knows that the Order is looking for a rare hairpin and trying to buy it at the auction.