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All Gear Chest Locations Karkh – Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Here’s the complete guide to opening up all six Assassin’s Creed Mirage Gear Chest locations. They contain either the Abbasid Knight Dagger, the Abbasid Knight Outfit, or Upgrade Schematics for one of them.

The Chests are always in named locations on the map – areas you will go to when playing the story missions – the investigations in the tab.


The first chest in this guide has the Abbasid Knight Dagger in it. It is in the very north of the Karkh district in a named area called Qasr Salih. You will visit this house while doing the “Bird Trap” Quest to Assassinate General Jasoor.

The Gear Chest on the world map in Qasr Salih | camzillasmomcom

To obtain the contents of this first gear chest, you must climb to the top of the main building, where it is protected by a Marksman. The rooftop floor is destructible. You’re going to need an oil jar to destroy it.

Don’t look far: One level below, on a balcony, is another guard, and near him are the oil jars. Pick one up and walk with it around the house so you can throw the explosive pot at the destructible floor like in the screenshot below.

The destructible floor on the rooftop of the main building | camzillasmomcom

Now you can enter the room with the open ceiling and loot the Gear Chest.


This Gear Chest with the Abbasid Knight Outfit is in the west of the Karkh district. You can collect it while doing the AL-ANQA investigation.

The Gear Chest on the world map at the Tax Collector | camzillasmomcom's Mansion.

This Gear Chest is on the top floor of the Tax Collector’s Mansion. It is in the same room as Al-Anqa, that you have to assassinate in the story.

The Gear Chest in the same room as the Tax Collector Order member | camzillasmomcom


The Monastery of the Virgins is a restricted area and well protected. The gear chest is on the ground floor, at the north wall. You can see it with assassin focus.

The Gear Chest on the world map at the Monastery of the Virgins | camzillasmomcom

Head over to the side of the building, not far from the hay cart, and use assassin focus. Here you can see the exact location of the chest on the ground floor and also climb up to the roof. From there, you can pick one soldier after the other to free access to the Gear Chest on the ground level.

Access point to get inside the building | camzillasmomcom

Go through the open door at ground level. There is a shelf you have to move away in the middle of the room to get to the gear chest. Pull it and drag it to the right. Now you can enter and loot the chest.

Movable shelf to get inside the gear chest room | camzillasmomcom


There is a Gear Chest to be found at the Bazaar.

The Gear Chest on the world map at the Bazaar | camzillasmomcom

As you follow the Bazaar chest marker, you will quickly see that the chest is behind a barred door on the upper floor.

The gear chest visible behind the barred door | camzillasmomcom

To open the Bazaar Gear Chest, you first have to play and finish the main quest AL-PAIRIKA Investigation for the Karkh Bureau. You then can come back later, re-enter these former Order member’s quarters through the front door, and easily loot the gear chest on the second floor.

The Gear Chest in assassin focus vision on the second floor | camzillasmomcom


The Gear Chest is at the Great Garrison in the east of the Karkh territory. You will go there during the AL-MARDIKHWAR Investigation – The assassination of the Warlord.

The Gear Chest on the world map at the Great Garrison | camzillasmomcom

With your assassin focus turned on, you can see the chest just at the top of the Great Garrison main gate.

The Gear Chest visible in the Garrison tower | camzillasmomcom

The best way to get the chest is to plan for a detour while doing the Warlord Investigation. If you are like me, to come back later: Remember, there are two secret entrances into the garrison. Take the one closer to the chest. Follow the inside of the stone wall towards the left, pass the inner side of the entrance gate and continue to follow the wall until you see a ladder that leads to the top of it.

Access point up to the garrison wall | camzillasmomcom

From up there you can enter the entrance gate tower. There is a movable shelf with a captain behind it. Destroy the pottery before you move the shelf and slide through to the other side.

In the next room, you will encounter a captain. Hide and climb up to the wooden beam to assassinate him from the top. Don’t forget to loot the chest!

Gear Chest access on the wall with movable shelf | camzillasmomcom


The Officers’ Club in the northern parts of the Karkh region is a restricted area. You will get there during the AL-MARDIKHWAR Investigation in the Officers’ Club

The Gear Chest on the world map at the Officers | camzillasmomcom' Club.

The easiest way to do this is to approach the building from the riverside. There you will see the gear chest with assassin focus. Just take care of the guards – there is plenty of tall grass available – and the last of the AC Mirage Karkh gear chests is yours.

Last Gear Chest visible in assassin vision | camzillasmomcom

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