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The Raptor and the Demon Walkthrough Assassin’s Creed Mirage

This is the complete walkthrough the whole investigation that starts with the “The Raptor and the Demon” Quest and ends with the assassination of the Order leader in the middle: Al-Mardikhwar – The Warlord.

Release: October 5th, 2023
Developer: Ubisoft Bordeaux
Publisher: Ubisoft
Official Website:


After the assassination of the Order member Dogan bin Arslan – The Hunter at Jarjaraya Village southeast of Baghdad, you found out that Dogan was reporting to other Order members in a location called “The Officers’ Club”. That’s where you are headed first.

There are a total of four individual investigations for this main Order member: Al-Mardikhwar – The Warlord. It ends with his assassination.


Investigation Text
“Find the Order members meeting at the Officers’ Club”


“Find the Order members meeting at the Officers’ Club”.

Open up your world map and look where the quest marker is taking you. There is a fast travel synchronization point nearby that you can use.

The Officers’ Club itself is a named location on the map. As soon as you are close you can let Enkidu rise to use Eagle Vision. There is a door that you can focus on to get the next quest marker.

Quest marker to the Officer | camzillasmomcom's club.

There are a couple of ways to reach this entrance. My favorite is always to work my way from top to bottom. Here you can always use Eagle Vision to get another view of your surroundings if you are in a tight spot. 

The highlighted door is a locked door so you’re going to need a key to open it. Let Enkidu fly and find that key for you. It is on a balcony just below the top, terrace floor.

Balcony with the key for the locked door | camzillasmomcom

Retrieve the key and go back to the Officers’ room to enter. As soon as Basim enters, you will see a cutscene about two Order members, Al-Rukh and Al-A’eshma talking. One of them is the Raptor and the other one is the Demon. There is a third one, Al-Mardikhwar. This Investigation comes in a triple pack!

Escape the Officers’ Club after the cutscene and this Investigation will end.
Return to Fuladh at the Sharqiyah Bureau to discuss the findings. During the conversation, you will discuss all three of the newly identified order members. After the conversation, Al-Rukh (The Raptor) and Al-A’eshma (The Demon) are identified as targets and are available as quests in the Investigation tab.


“Assassinate General Jasoor”.

Al-Ruck is the Abbasid General Jasoor ibn Basil. His location is now marked on the world map, northwest of the Sharqiyah Bureau.

The target is another well-guarded house in a restricted area. There is a marksman at the top of the house that makes it impossible to scout the area with Eagle Vision.

Quest marker for the Bird Trap starting location | camzillasmomcom

There is an access point that I used in the east. Get onto a roof, you can get to the top of Al-Rukh’s house, and cross the roof of the outside fortification to get to the inner courtyard.

Best access point to Al Rukh | camzillasmomcom's house.

He is well-guarded inside the house. There is a captain guarding the locked front door. When you scan the area with assassin focus, you will see that there is a highlighted person with a key. This key is for the front door. You still can’t use Eagle Vision unless you take care of the marksman on the roof.

Assassin Focus showing the man with the key | camzillasmomcom

Instead of going for the key, I prefer to go in from the top and then through the balcony door from there. So, we spoke of the marksman? He is not only guarding the skies but also a destructible floor that leads to a treasure room. Oil Jars are just one floor below. Get one, walk around the building, where you easily get back to the rooftop to throw the jar on the floor.

Throwing an oil jar at the destructible floor | camzillasmomcom

You can now enter the house through the open roof floor to get to the treasure chamber. There are not only coins but also a Gear Chest with the Abbasid Knight Dagger inside. Al-Ruck is just one floor below. Exit this room through the barred door at the back.

With the Marksman gone, you can now use Eagle Vision to scan the house area. Apart from the key to the General’s front door, there is also a document highlighted with the magnifying glass. It’s a clue that you can pick up if you want to.

Highlighted objective in Eagle Vision | camzillasmomcom

Now, the easy way to get to the General is the balcony back door. From the treasure room above, just drop down one level. There is a balcony/terrace with high bushes. The door here leads straight to Al-Rukh.

Assassin Focus with Al Rukh in view | camzillasmomcom

After the fight, confirm the kill and you will pick up a clue that Al-Mardikhwar is at the Great Garrison.


“Investigate Sharqiyah Harbor for information on Admiral Nadir”.

Open up the Investigation menu tab and select the Al-A’eshma part of the investigation. This will give you a mission marker on the map for the “To Catch a Demon” quest to the Harbor Camp in the north of the Karkh district – just by the water. There is another member of the Order who is assassinated here: Al-Kullulu, The Harbormaster.

Quest marker for the To Catch a Demon starting location | camzillasmomcom

If you try to find your target with Eagle Vision, Enkidu will be shot down, but the Marksman is tagged now. I used a poisonous blowdart to get rid of him. The target is not in the Harbor Camp though, but in the courtyard right next to it.

There are three brightly orange highlighted items when you activate assassin focus: 1. A big box in the small, domed building in the center. 2. Some scrolls lying on a desk inside a ground floor room. Get the key from a man patrolling the area. 3. A body inside a small cage in a restricted area by the water. See the screenshot below. The numbers in the screenshot are the same as in the list above.

The three investigation items highlighted | camzillasmomcom

 These three items will give you the location of Admiral Nadir’s camp in the south, outside of Baghdad in a swampy area. 

Quest marker on map that leads to Nadir | camzillasmomcom's camp in the south.

The camp is protected by a Marksman at the highest point. You can only use Eagle Vision when he’s been taken care of. There are a couple of access points in the perimeter wall that you can use to get inside. My first choice is always the ones around tall grass.

Inside the camp, you have to find a way to lure Admiral Nadir out of the main building. It looks like you have to cause a bit of damage around the camp. There are a lot of oil jars to blow up.

If you finally got rid of the Marksman, Eagle Vision will show you the two opportunities in the screenshot below. If you read the note next to the big oil jars, you will get the opportunity to burn the prototype ship to lure the Admiral out. And the other one is a guard standing next to a model ship. The result will be the same: Burn the prototype ship. Just use a throwing knife at an explosive red pot on board. The Admiral will come running to the ship, where you can easily assassinate him.

The two opportunities highlighted in Eagle Vision | camzillasmomcom

After the job is done, return to the Sharqiyah Bureau to talk to Fuladh.


“Warlord Wasif Al-Turki is Order Member Al-Mardikhwar”.

All clues for the main investigation are collected and you get a quest marker on the map to meet Ali at the rooftops near Sharqiyah Gate.

Quest marker on the map that leads to the start of the Den of the Beast quest | camzillasmomcom


“Al-Mardikhwar, the Order leader behind the rebel executions in Sharquiyah, is revealed as the ruthless Warlord Wasif Al Turki. Wasif is a hidden power behind the throne, elevating and disposing of Caliphs as he wills. He conducts his murderous campaign from the Great Garrison, where he now holds rebel leader Beshi”.

Assassinate Al Mardikhwar briefing | camzillasmomcom

There is a Marksman in the Great Garrison entrance, so Eagle Vision does not work very well. But it works well enough to identify the first opportunity: Two civilians standing in front of the garrison. You have to eavesdrop to find out what they have to say. There is a bend-in bench nearby. Sit down and start the eavesdropping activity.

Eavesdropping on the highlighted civilians | camzillasmomcom

This will give you two new markers on the map for a Secret Entrance. One at the southern wall and one at the southern corner of the wall. Both of them are inside the restricted area that is right next to the Sharquiyah Gate. See both Secret Entrances highlighted in the screenshot below.

The two secret entrances highlighted | camzillasmomcom

The easiest way is to go to the Secret Entrance to the right, as shown in the screenshot above. You can easily reach the top of the wall from where I made the screenshot above and work yourself to the Secret Entrance. On the wall, there is a passage they blocked off in the past with a grated Iron Fence but it is broken and you can slide through to the other side.

Slide through passage in the Baghdad perimeter wall | camzillasmomcom

Before going through this Secret Entrance you can take care of the Marksman on top of the tower just next to the Secret Entrance, so you can use your eagle again. As soon as you get close to this entrance, Basim will point out, that there is a Steward loyal to Ali that could help you. This is the stealth opportunity, indicated by an assassin’s hood. You will see him cook on the other side of the Secret Entrance. Just activate the assassin focus and look for the bright orange glow.

Jump down into the hay and sneak over to the cook to speak to him. Tell him “Let’s go.”

Secret Entrance near the Baghdad perimeter wall | camzillasmomcom

Follow the steward stealthily. He will guide you to the Secret Entrance. On the way, don’t hesitate to take care of some of the guards that stand in your way.

Secret entrance to the imprisoned rebels | camzillasmomcom

After you go through the Secret Entrance, a cutscene starts and you will see Al-Mardikhwar killing Beshi. Ali arrives but it’s too late to save Beshi. Help Ali to fight the soldiers. 

He then wants to free the rebels imprisoned in the Inner Garrison. Follow him to the prison and interact with the prison door. This will give you the hint that the Warden holds the key to the rebels’ cells and he needs to be found for the key.

To find the warden, you need Eagle Vision. But unfortunately, there is a marksman at the top of the building. When you use assassin focus, you can see a highlighted person not far away, high up on the rooftop. Time to climb up to get the key! There is one spot you can climb up to near the hay cart. Someone has stacked wooden planks a bit too high and now they can be used to climb over the spiked fence. See the screenshot below.

Climb spot to get to the marksman and the warden | camzillasmomcom

Enkidu can now fly freely and scan the area. The warden with the key is just one level below where the Marksman stood. Get that key, free the rebels, and speak to Ali. 

To draw out Wasif’s guards to leave the order leader unprotected, you now have to light the marked beacon. It is easy to climb and has open access. This is just going to be a crude fight for the rebels, I just follow the map marker to the building where the Marksman previously stood to take care of Wasif.

Enter the building through the balcony and interact with the trap door.

Highlighted balcony location that leads to the trap door | camzillasmomcom

Wasif is inside, just down the corridor, sending his last guards out to fight. To assassinate him, you have to reach the point that is marked with the orange skull. Use the wooden beams and the chandelier to get there.

Highlighted assassination point | camzillasmomcom

Fight and escape the garrison with Ali to then once again return to the Bureau for the debriefing.