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Kanagawa Region – Collectibles Guide – Rise of the Ronin

Situated in the northern part of the Yokohama map, the Kanagawa Region in the Rise of the Ronin Video Game stands out as a compact area. It showcases two Veiled Edge Banner save points – one at the border near Sodegaura and the other at the northern edge of the Yokohama World Map. Completing the region to 100% entails collecting a total of 14 items. Upon achieving this goal, you will be rewarded with the regional item “Unpressed Sake,” which can be found at your Longhouse in the Miyozaki district of Yokohama.

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Kanagawa – Collectibles Overview Map

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Overview Map – All Collectibles in Kanagawa

Raising a Veiled Edge Banner gives you the power to teleport to it from any location. Simply select a Banner on the map to instantly travel there. However, you cannot raise a banner in an unstable or Public Order area until order is restored.

Interacting with a Veiled Edge Banner not only restores your health but also replenishes your medical supplies and sub-weapons. Keep in mind that defeated enemies may reappear as a consequence.

Should your health drop or you need to restart the game, you will return to the last Veiled Edge Banner you interacted with or the most recent checkpoint you crossed.

Southern Border Banner

Located at the border of the Sodegaura Region stands a Veiled Edge Banner adorned with delicate statues, gracefully positioned by the roadside.

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Northern Border

The second Veiled Edge Banner is located at the northern border of the entire Yokohama map.

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Areas with disruptive individuals will cause public disorder, marked by a red dot on the in-game map. There is always danger ahead here! Removing these individuals from such spots enhances your bond with the community, allowing locals to move about freely and unlocking exclusive rewards. The use of Veiled Edge Banners is restricted until peace is reinstated.

Restore Order at the Big Estate

The disruptive Public Order Event takes place just north of the southern border, near the Veiled Edge Banner. Within this vast estate, you’ll encounter the elusive Fugitive Saizo Izuna. The area poses a challenge level of 13, housing a total of 12 enemies, including 4 “formidable foes,” among whom the fugitive is prominent. Spare no lives and defeat them all to restore peace and normal life.

Outside the estate, a white storehouse is guarded by a formidable sentinel, with a small chest lying within. Additionally, there is a locked storehouse on the premises, accessible only with a key held by the fugitive Saizo Izuna. Subdue him to unlock the storehouse and claim the treasure chest it holds.

The location of the Public Order Event on the World Map | camzillasmomcom

Fugitives who have escaped the shogunate are dispersed across Japan. Apprehending them will earn rewards from government officials. Refer to the map to locate the fugitives once you have established sufficient regional connections.

At Large: Sea Spectre Katsumi – Lv. 9

The Level 9 Fugitive, Sea Spectre Katsumi, can be located southeast of the southern Veiled Edge Banner, true to his name, near the seaside. Descend to the beach beneath the cliffs where Sea Spectre Katsumi stands by the Shrine collectible inside a small cave. He’s an impressive person, wearing a mask and wielding two claws as weapons.

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Screenshot of the fugitive standing inside the cave | camzillasmomcom

At Large: Saizo Izuna – Lv. 13

The Level 13 Fugitive, Saizo Izuna is part of the criminals that took over the estate north of the southern Veiled Edge Banner. As the strongest person in the group, you can find him in the main building at the top of the hillside grounds, accompanied by another bandit. He also carries the key for the nearby locked storehouse that holds a Treasure Chest collectible.

The location of the Public Order Event and the Fugitive Saizo Izuna | camzillasmomcom

Landmarks are unique features of a landscape or town that are prominent and easily recognizable from a distance. In Rise of the Ronin, you can discover these landmarks as points of interest by visiting them. For more information on a found landmark, explore the Areas section of the Encyclopaedia to delve into its history if you desire to delve deeper into the exploration.

Kanagawa Post Landmark

Follow the road eastward from the southern Veiled Edge Banner until you reach the Kanagawa Post settlement. Like in most cases, once you are in proximity, Kanagawa Post will be added as a collectible.

The landmark collectible on the ingame map | camzillasmomcom

Historic Background Information:

“A post in Yokohama, Kanagawa, and the third of the fifty-three stations of the Tokaido Road. Most people stopping for the night are either heading to Edo from the Miura peninsula or making a pilgrimage to Mount Fuji or other nearby mountains.”

Hongakuji Temple

Located at the heart of the Kanagawa region, the Hongakuji Temple can be reached by following the main road and turning west towards the temple entrance.

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Historic Background Information:

“Soto-Buddhist temple in Yokohama, Kanagawa. The site of the US Consulate, an institution tasked with protecting the rights of American nationals living abroad in Japan, its main gate was once painted by the consular corps. During the Namamugi Incident, it famously harbored British citizens who had been wounded by the blades of Satsuma retainers.”

Kanagawa Battery

In the northeast of the region, you can find a big round structure just by the sea. Another point of interest: this is the Kanagawa Battery Landmark.

The location of the Kanagawa Battery on the map | camzillasmomcom

Historic Background Information:

“Stronghold in Yokohama, Kanagawa. Placed opposite the port as a warning to the Western powers, it was designed by Kaishu Katsu. A five-point fortress built using Western masonry techniques, its bat-like shape has earned it the nickname “Bat Battery”

To locate the shrine, head south from the Southern Veiled Edge Banner, towards the beach beneath the towering cliffs. Nestled within a seaside cave at water level, you’ll encounter the elusive Sea Spectre, Katsumi, guarding its entrance. Respect the shrine and pray to get a Skill point.

Screenshot of the map showing the location of the Shrine | camzillasmomcom

Explore different locations to find and engage with cats to earn rewards from Usugumo Dayu in the Pleasure District. Approach dozing calico cats with care, as they are highly alert and can startle easily by sudden sounds. Once you’ve formed a strong connection with a particular area, you can utilize the map menu to locate the cats within that region.

Southern Tower Cat

One of the cats managed to get on top of the tower that is standing in front of the southern Kanagawa Village entrance gate.

The tower features a grapple point on its lower roof, inaccessible from ground level. Take a moment to explore the house directly across the road from the tower. Ascend this house to its highest point.

From this position, you can smoothly glide toward the tower’s grapple point to access the first rooftop. Refer to the image below for the starting point of the glide and the location of the tower’s grapple point.

On the tower’s rooftop, ascend a ladder to save the cat perched at the summit. This marks the completion of the first of two cat rescue missions.

The tower location with the cat at the top | camzillasmomcom
Player standing on the Gliding Start Point with the grapple point ahead highlighted | camzillasmomcom

Northern Waterfall

The second of the cats can be found at the northern border just by the waterfall.

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Treasure Chest collectibles are strewn across Japan, sometimes hidden, and appear like sizable containers filled with valuable gear or items.

Public Order Event Estate Storehouse

In Rise of the Ronin, a locked storehouse signals a Treasure Chest to be found. This principle holds true at the Public Order estate, where the storehouse adjacent to the main building necessitates a key for entry.

The key is held by the elusive Saizo Izuna, located within the main building. Defeating him not only adds his head to your collection but also grants access to a vital Treasure Chest.

Treasure Chest Location on the map | camzillasmomcom

Northern Kanagawa Building

South of the northern Veiled Edge Banner lies a partially demolished structure. Apart from entering the house through the front entrance, you can also locate the breach in the wall, depicted in the screenshot below, to enter a crouched position and discover the Treasure Chest within the initial chamber – if that makes more sense to you.

Location of the chest on the map | camzillasmomcom
The hole in the wall that can be used to access the house | camzillasmomcom

Northern Storehouse

Located east of the northern Veiled Edge Banner lies another well-known storehouse with a securely locked entrance. Once again, true to form, an open window can be spotted on the highest level. To gain entry, ascend the rooftops of adjacent buildings, following the visual guide below, to access the storehouse and claim the Treasure Chest.

Storehouse location on the map | camzillasmomcom
How to get inside the storehouse | camzillasmomcom