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Sodegaura Region – Collectibles Guide – Rise of the Ronin

Discover hidden collectibles in the Sodegaura Region of ‘Rise of the Ronin 2024.’ Activate one Veiled Edge Banner, restore Public Order, pray at the Shrine, find Cats, Treasure Chests, and take one specific photograph. Achieve a 100% Collection Rate in the Sodegaura Region to receive “Shell” deliveries at your Longhouse.

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Overview Map of the Sodegaura Region with all the collectibles revealed | camzillasmomcom
Overview Map – All Collectibles in Sodegaura

Veiled Edge Banner collectibles serve as save and fast-travel points in Rise of the Ronin. They are sometimes, but not always located in significant and busy areas.

Center Sodegaura

The only Veiled Edge Banner in Sodegaura is at the center of the map just by the road. Can’t miss it.

Screenshot of the Veiled Edge Banner on the map | camzillasmomcom
The Veiled Edge Banner on the map.

“Public Order” collectible events are locations in a region that enemies occupy. Free the area by killing all the enemies in the area. This will strengthen the bond with the villagers.

The only Public Order Event collectible in Sodegaura is at the settlement in the south of the map. There are five bandits at this location, one of them is a “formidable foe”.

Screenshot showing the location of the Public Order Event on the map | camzillasmomcom
Public Order location

The shrine is on the island far off the beach. To get there you can get on top of the Tower Roof and glide over to the island. Make sure to grapple onto the kites that are flying in the air to make it all the way to the island!

Once there you will notice that there used to be a bridge but over the years it collapsed. To get across to pray at the shrine, use the grapple point at the platform high up. From there you can glide over to the shrine.

Screenshot of the ingame map showing the shrine | camzillasmomcom's location.
Shrine on the map
Screenshot of the player looking at the island The path that has to be taken is highlighted in the screenshot with red arrows | camzillasmomcom
The Shrine on the island

The cat collectible is a real cat, not some kind of statue that you have to find. As you travel around the region, listen closely. You may hear a meowing from a cat. This means you are very close. Reach the Cat and pet it.

Tower Roof

The lone cat in the Sodegaura Region is perched on the roof of the sole tower. Access it using a grapple point.

Screenshot of the ingame map showing the location of the cat in the Sodegaura Region | camzillasmomcom
Location of the cat.
Screenshot of the player standing on the roof in front of the cat | camzillasmomcom
On top of the roof.

Treasure Chests are big unmissable chests that have to be found in the region.

Southern Settlement

After you’ve restored Public Order in the southern settlement, look for this Treasure Chest in one of the houses.

Screenshot of the treasure chest | camzillasmomcom's location on the map.
Treasure Chest on the map
The highlighted treasure chest inside one of the houses | camzillasmomcom
Inside the house

On the Ship

After praying at the Shrine, make sure you glide over to the ship that anchors nearby. There is a Treasure Chest on board.

Screenshot of the ingame map showing the Treasure Chest location | camzillasmomcom
Treasure Chest Location
A screenshot of the anchored ship with the Treasure Chest on board | camzillasmomcom
The Chest on board of the ship

Picturesque Scene

Photography Details:

Take a photograph of the small boat washed up on the shore.

There are two boats on the beach. Take a photograph of them while you’re there.

Screenshot of the ingame map showing the photography location in the Sodegaura Region | camzillasmomcom
Photograph location
A screenshot of how the photograph has to be taken | camzillasmomcom
How to take the photograph

Scene of Interest: Canine Catcher