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Hodogaya Region – Collectibles Guide – Rise of the Ronin

Located in the northwestern region of the Yokohama map, the Hodogaya Region within the Rise of the Ronin Video Game stretches from south to north. It features three Veiled Edge Banner save points due to its significant size. To achieve 100% Region Completion, you must collect a total of 15 items. Upon completion, you will receive the regional item “Gardenia Fruit” at your Longhouse in the Miyozaki district of Yokohama.

Overview Map

Below is an overview map of all collectibles that you have to complete in this region.

Hodogaya Region Overview Map | camzillasmomcom

Veiled Edge Banners in the World

Raising a Veiled Edge Banner grants you the ability to teleport to it from any location. Simply choose a Banner on the map to journey there instantly. However, you cannot raise a banner in an unstable or Public Order area until order is restored.

By interacting with a Veiled Edge Banner, you not only restore your health but also replenish your medical supplies and sub-weapons. Bear in mind that defeated enemies may reappear as a consequence.

If your health depletes or you need to restart the game, you will be returned to the last Veiled Edge Banner you interacted with or the most recent checkpoint you crossed.

Hodogaya Post

The Veiled Edge Banner can be hoisted at the northern entrance to the settlement located in the southern region of the map.

The Veiled Edge Banner in the north of the southern settlement | camzillasmomcom

Center Village

A Veiled Edge Banner marks the site of the Public Order Event in the heart of the regional map. Situated to the north of the village center, this scene offers a breathtaking vista.

The Veiled Edge Banner in the north of the center village | camzillasmomcom

Northern Border Banner

The last Banner of the three can be raised in the north of the regional world map, near the border to Shibo.

The location of the last Veiled Edge Banner | camzillasmomcom

Public Order Events

Areas where troublemakers congregate will disrupt public order, indicated by a red dot on the in-game map. Eliminating troublemakers in such areas strengthens your connection with the locality, enabling residents to move freely and unlocking special rewards. Veiled Edge Banners cannot be utilized until peace is restored.

Thugs in the Center Village

The central village is grappling with a thug problem! Nine troublemakers have seized control, including two particularly formidable foes. Encircling the village is a wooden fence, with the main entrance serving as the primary access point. There are openings in the fence that provide potential entry points.

In typical Public Order/Unruly Areas scenarios, the adversaries are represented by red dots on the game’s upper HUD. This allows you to choose whether to sneak or confront them in order to restore order – whatever makes sense in the current scenario. In the heart of the village rests a tightly sealed storehouse. The key is held by their leader, a most formidable and imposing of the bandits, donned in a mask and armed with two menacing metal claws.

The Public Order event as displayed in the in game map | camzillasmomcom


Fugitives who have fled the shogunate are scattered throughout Japan. Subduing them will merit rewards from government authorities. Consult the map to pinpoint the fugitives’ whereabouts once your regional rapport reaches a certain level.

At Large: Shirodayu Shiramine – Level 12 Fugitive

Located just west of the Hodogaya Post Landmark in the southern region, you’ll stumble upon the first of the two fugitives. Venture through the area to unveil a modest, partially demolished house with a barricaded entrance. Positioned in front of this dwelling is Shirodayu Shiramine, a figure anticipating your move.

The location of the fugitive Shirodayu Shiramine | camzillasmomcom

Defeat him to receive the “Bayonet: Kiheitai Style Novice” Combat style.

The Fugitive standing in front of the house | camzillasmomcom

At Large: Green-Eyed Sanzaemon

Located in the far western region of the northern Veiled Edge Banner on the world map, lies the whereabouts of the second of the two fugitives in the area.

The location of the fugitive Green Eyed Sanzaemon | camzillasmomcom

Search for a serene pond enveloped by trees. At its shores, the fugitive meditates, embodying tranquility. Disrupting the peace seems regrettable, yet inevitable. Defeat him to receive the “Oxtail Blade: Kiheitai Style Novice” Combat style.

The Fugitive meditating at the pond | camzillasmomcom


Landmarks are distinctive elements of a landscape or town that stand out and are easily identifiable from afar. In Rise of the Ronin, you can uncover these landmarks simply by visiting them. For additional details about a discovered landmark, delve into the Encyclopaedia’s Areas section to learn more about the place’s history, if you wish to explore further.

Hodogaya Post Landmark

Within the in-game regional map, the landmark can be located in the southern region. Upon arrival at this unique settlement, the completion of this landmark will be acknowledged.

| camzillasmomcom

Historic Background Information:

“A post in Hodogaya, Kanagawa, and the fourth of the fifty-three stations of the Tokaido Road. In 1601, Ieyasu Tokugawa put Seibei Karube in charge of building the post as a daimyo lodging, local government office, and wholesaler. Successive owners of the inn assumed Karube’s name and administrative roles. The tenth-generation Seibei Karube was instrumental in the building of a road to Yokohama after it had opened its port to foreign trade.”


By engaging with shrines across different regions, you not only gain Skill Points but also deepen your connection to each area, unlocking diverse blessings along the way.

Far off from Civilization

This Shrine can be found far to the west of the center village, nestled in the untouched wilderness where nature reigns supreme.

Shrine | camzillasmomcom's location on the map

As you venture along the winding dirt path towards it, flanked by the traditional shrine lamps, you’ll notice the grand red gates beckoning you closer. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that this shrine, once a beacon of serenity, now stands as a testament to the passage of time, its once vibrant colors faded and the surrounding greenery reclaiming its space.

The player standing in front of the shrine in the middle of nature | camzillasmomcom


Search for and interact with cats located in various areas to receive rewards from Usugumo Dayu in the Pleasure District. Approach napping calico cats cautiously, as they are extremely alert and can be frightened away by sudden noises. If you have established a strong bond with a specific region, you can access the map menu to pinpoint the cats’ whereabouts within that area.

On Top of a Roof

Cats are known for their innate climbing instincts, a characteristic that holds true even for this particular cat collectible. It makes sense that it happens here too. As you gaze upon the intricacies of the world map, start your journey by heading north from the central point of the Veiled Edge Banner.

Cat | camzillasmomcom's location on the world map

Before long, your eyes will be drawn to a quaint house surrounded by clucking chickens, where an enchanting sight awaits – a charming black and white feline perched gracefully on the rooftop, exuding an air of curiosity and elegance. To access it, ascend the rear roof of the residence.

The cat on top of the roof | camzillasmomcom

Sleeping Calico Cat

Departing from the southern settlement in the area, proceed towards the west. You’ll come across two houses, one of which hosts a Calico Cat peacefully napping on its porch.

Location of the cat on the map | camzillasmomcom

Exercise caution! Calico Cats tend to be timid and may flee if you approach them too quickly!

The Calico Cat sleeping at the house porch | camzillasmomcom

Southern River Cat

The third cat, situated by the river in the southern region, eagerly awaits a cuddle.

Location of the cat in the world map | camzillasmomcom
Screenshot showing the cat by the river | camzillasmomcom

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chest collectibles are scattered and occasionally concealed throughout Japan, resembling large containers holding valuable gear or items.

Storehouse in the Center Village

In the village hosting the Public Order Event Collectible, there stands a locked storehouse that demands a key for entry. Danger ahead! Among the nine thugs inhabiting this locale, the most striking person – tall, formidable, sporting a mask, and wielding two metal claws – is the possessor of the key. To gain entry to the storehouse, one must overcome and vanquish this imposing individual.

Screenshot of the ingame map showing the Storehouse locked door | camzillasmomcom
The white storehouse inside the village | camzillasmomcom

Fugitive’s Hiding Place

One of the two fugitives is currently hiding in the western part of Hodogaya Post Landmark, situated in the southern region of the area. As you approach, you’ll notice him standing in front of a barricaded, half-destroyed house.

Treasure Chest Location on the world map | camzillasmomcom

Inside this very housing, the treasure chest collectible is tucked away, waiting to be discovered. To gain access to the treasure chest, equip your Sub-weapon “Fire Pipe” and utilize its fiery power to burn through the barricade obstructing your path. By doing so, you’ll unveil the hidden treasure within.

Using the Fire Pipe Sub Weapon at the barricade | camzillasmomcom

A Mansion’s Storehouse

From the southern settlement, take the stone road westward and ascend a staircase.

Location of the last Treasure Chest | camzillasmomcom

Atop the hill lies a charming mansion, housing an even more beautiful locked storehouse containing a Treasure Chest.

The Mansion | camzillasmomcom's storehouse

In many storehouses throughout Rise of the Ronin, the door is typically secured from within, leaving an accessible open window on the top floor. The storehouse here is no exception. This one, however, presents a unique challenge. While the immediate solution might seem to involve scaling the adjacent mansion to access the window, no visible path leads to the mansion’s roof. Instead, ascend the mountain situated behind the mansion. From there, you can gracefully descend and glide onto the roof.

Screenshot of the gliding startpoint to reach the roof | camzillasmomcom

From here, the Treasure Chest inside the storehouse is just a jump away. Don’t forget to destroy all the pottery in the storehouse. There may be other types of Treasure hiding there!

The open window is now reachable | camzillasmomcom


Earn rewards from a photography studio by capturing scenic views. Utilize your camera to take photos. Store the camera in one of your loadout slots and activate it using the designated button. Locate the photography studio on the map for reference.

Giant Ginkgo Tree

The essential photo op in the area lies just to the west of the northern Veiled Edge Tower.

Location of the Photography Scene on the world map | camzillasmomcom

On the rocky platform sits an object resembling either a grave or a monument, surrounded by a cluster of flat, intricately carved stones.

The stones next to the tree trunk | camzillasmomcom

Photo Hint:

Stand next to the small stone monument under the pine tree and take a photograph of the giant ginkgo tree.

How to take the Photograph

As indicated in the photo hint, stand near the monument and focus on the tree’s trunk. Retrieve your camera and adjust your position until the central circle turns red, mirroring the image provided below.

This is an image of how the photograph has to be taken | camzillasmomcom

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